The Dewesoft team is pleased to announce the release of the new Dewesoft X3 SP2.

The new version of Dewesoft X includes several bugfixes and features, which improve the stability and expand the range of options. Here are some of the new improvements:

Remote Desktop Protocol added to Dewesoft NET

  • Until now the Dewesoft NET only worked with VNC. With Dewesoft X3 SP2, we have also added support for Windows remote desktop.

Added speed boost mode for multiple SIRIUS EtherCAT slices

  • This feature allows us to sample data with 200 kHz on any Sirius EtherCAT slice. To use this option, connect any SIRIUS from the EtherCAT chain with an additional USB cable.

Support for new hardware:

  • added support of KRYPTON-4xDO
  • Added device preview for KRYPTON-1xACC
  • Added support for CAN card Vector VN1611

User interface changes:

  • Added possibility to scale the graphs in IIR and FIR filter math
  • Possibility to add cursor on a 2D graph on the same point where cursor already exists (with right click context menu)
  • Added delta cursor in a 2D graph
  • 3D graph dB scaling added
  • Cursors are shown only if the mouse is hovering over a visual control
  • Reorganized FFT setup user interface panels

Filtering options:

  • Added support for custom HP filters on SIRIUS-LVv2 module
  • Software lowpass filters added for all Krypton devices

Other features:

  • Analog/digital tacho support in Combustion analyzer (experimental feature)
  • Added storing type info to NET transfer screen
  • Added option to enable Use relative event time by default in advanced settings
  • Added latitude/longitude description in channel properties
  • Number of decimal places can be edited for frequency in Order Tracking
  • Added option to enable "Always overwrite data files" in project settings
  • DS-CLOCK: Decode 2nd part of IRIG frame
  • Implemented DAQ license tool
  • Added numeric formatter
  • KRYPTON STG does not need reset after FW upgrade (since 1.86)
  • Add default SKF bandwidths to Envelope module
  • Added support for two pulse edge separation in counters on SIRIUSi-HS
  • Added option to enable Use relative event time by default in advanced settings
  • Don't show left/right side panel toggle buttons in full-screen mode

Dewesoft team thanks you for your great support in making Dewesoft X3 better with every version. Dewesoft X3 SP2 is a free upgrade for all existing Dewesoft users and can be downloaded from