Dewesoft’s data acquisition software Dewesoft X3 SP12 release is especially relevant to users in the automotive industry while also adding substantial upgrades to existing functionality and introducing a couple of new helper modules.

The XCP slave module opens up a new communication channel to third-party software while the ability to export files to the ASAM ODS format will definitely help to integrate the acquired data into data management systems. Additionally, the time reference curve has also been enhanced with quite a few features requested by Dewesoft users.

XCP Slave

The new XCP slave module can transfer data within Dewesoft X3 over the XCP protocol. It communicates via TCP/IP and is able to transfer multiple channels at speeds up to 1 million samples per second. The module works with Dewesoft’s and other XCP masters such as ETAS’ INCA and Vector’s CANape.

The module implements XCP version 1.4 while remaining backward compatible down to version 1.0. The latest version of the protocol includes advanced time correlation and packed mode data transfer features. This enables easier and more accurate synchronization between multiple slaves and higher data transfer rates.

In addition to being able to transfer Dewesoft’s synchronous and asynchronous scalar channels, array channels are also supported. The whole configuration can be easily imported to an XCP master with the use of an A2L file, generated by the XCP slave module. 

The XCP slave is a paid functionality that requires a valid license. More information can be found in the Dewesoft X online manual.

XCP Slave module user interfaceXCP Slave module user interface

In addition to the software functionality, we have also developed an XCP slave module that will be able to run in real-time on a new generation of Dewesoft DAQ devices. This will allow high-speed data transfer over the XCP interface directly from the device.

Export to ASAM ODS

In Dewesoft X another file format has been added to its already extensive list of possible export types, this time ASAM ODS with the *.atfx file extension. The ODS standard is predominantly used in the automotive industry to set up a test data management system on top of test systems that supply measured or calculated data from testing activities.

ASAM ODS export Settings inside Dewesoft X
ASAM ODS export settings

The Dewesoft X ODS export functionality is free of charge and currently only supports creating files locally using the base data model.

PCB strain rate

The PCB strain rate math module calculates the strain rate on printed circuit boards (PCBs) according to the IPC/JEDEC-9704A strain gage testing guideline. The calculated parameters of the module, such as the min/max principal strain and the min/max principal strain rate go together with the XY recorder, as can be seen in the image below.

Maximum principal strain rate vs the maximum principal strainMaximum principal strain rate vs the maximum principal strain

The functionality is available free of charge to all users and further information can be found in Dewesoft X online manual.

Time reference curve update

The time reference curve has been restructured and enhanced with new features. The curve can now be repeated continuously, multiple input channels can be selected in the same setup window and the boundaries, either single curve or envelope, are automatically checked. Verifying multiple signals within a designated area, especially for standards such as MIL-STD-704F, now requires just a couple of clicks.

Time reference curve setup window

The two previous reference options (single value-based and dual value-based) have been moved to separate math modules called Scaling and Lookup table and will be enhanced in a future release. To guarantee backward compatibility, any setup files that were created with the previous iteration of the reference curve will still work in the same manner.

Trigger action module

Trigger action is a helper module in Dewesoft X that can be used to perform the following functions:

  • Arm / Start storing
  • Disarm / Stop storing
  • Make new multifile
  • Reset relative time

Trigger action setup inside Dewesoft X data acquisition softwareTrigger action setup

Its main purpose is to allow users to trigger some of Dewesoft X DAQ software core actions via channels, such as digital channels originating from physical buttons in a control room. The “Make new multifile” command can also be forwarded through the NET interface in order to equally partition Dewesoft X data files across the network of measurement units.

Additional information about the free trigger action module is available in the online manual.


Other notable features include: 

  • NTP synchronization for a combination of USB and EtherCAT DAQ devices (ECAT-SYNC-JUNCTION support of NTP in, IRIG out)
  • Send screenshot over email using Notifier functionality
  • Support of multiple streams in the IRIG 106 Chapter 10  module
  • Export to Famos improvements

Dewesoft X3 SP12 is a free upgrade for all existing Dewesoft customers and compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download it from our download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.