The Dewesoft team is pleased to announce the release of DewesoftX 2021.2. The new version includes the following upgrades:

As usual, the DewesoftX 2021.2 is a FREE update for all existing Dewesoft users. You can download the latest version from our Download Center.

Dewesoft’s new Modal Analysis module supports advanced calculations using the LSCF algorithm and allows you to perform assessments of structures. For maximum ease of use, the Modal Analysis module automatically detects the measured frequency response functions and shows the curve fitted results in a dedicated new widget - the stabilization diagram. Here you also have the ability to show the complex mode indicator function (CMIF) along with any other vector channel of your choice.

Selected poles on stabilization diagram with animation of different mode shapes

Damping ratios, frequencies, and mode shapes calculated for the selected poles in the stabilization diagram are easily displayed in a dedicated table. Also, from the resulting mode shapes the Modal Analysis module supports the calculation of the AutoMAC matrix that can be conveniently shown on a 3D graph or in a table.

AutoMAC matrix with a table that shows natural frequencies with damping ratiosAutoMAC matrix with a table that shows natural frequencies with damping ratios

Synthesized FRFs from selected modes can be effortlessly compared to measured FRFs and the ability to show the animation of different mode shapes - all together, a very powerful and complete modal solution.

Power Module Upgrade - Added GPU Support

With the ability to sample the data at 15 MS/s, the SIRIUS® XHS has introduced a move into a whole new world of measurement possibilities with the need for performing calculations at breakneck speeds. To help with that, the power analyzer module of DewesoftX can now harness the computing power of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

The architecture of the GPU enables massive parallelization of the computation load and can perform magnitudes of task orders faster than the CPU. Leveraging the GPU’s capability enables real-time execution of all power module calculations at high sampling rates, e.g. a mid-high range laptop with an Nvidia GPU will easily run 3 three-phase power modules at 5 MS/s. At the same time, the GPU acceleration relieves the CPU, enabling it to carry on with other tasks in DewesoftX.

GPU support in Dewesoft’s Power moduleGPU support in Dewesoft’s Power module

Nvidia GPU with CUDA support as well as an additional Dewesoft CUDA installer are required to use this functionality.

Please refer to our online manual for GPU processing setup.

CEA Update - New Knocking Detection Algorithm

The combustion analysis module is updated with many new features, but the highlight update is the new knocking detection algorithm. Up to now, Dewesoft’s combustion analyzer was dominant in diesel engine measurements that ranged from the smallest passenger vehicles to the biggest two-stroke ship engines in the world. With this update, also the combustion analysis on gasoline engines will have a very accurate knocking algorithm to detect pre-ignition events. 

Knocking module settingsKnocking module settings

Other CAE module improvements include

  • Angle detection on every additional channel together with:
    • Signal multiplexing (using a single current clamp for multiple injection/ignition signals)
    • Duration in angle or time output and counting duration and number of all events
  • Zero level correction for every additional channel to a known value
  • 2-stroke specific calculations such as Blowback, scavenging pressures, etc.
  • Filtered Pmax detection with filtered curve output
  • TDC detection in measure mode (inputs can be on different slices) and TDC with delayed combustion

Output values from knocking module together with knocking curves Output values from knocking module together with knocking curves 

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Learn more:

You can also watch our latest CAE webinar where our application engineer explains all the new features in the Dewesoft combustion analyzer

Amplifier Status Information in Measure Mode

Information about the status of certain Dewesoft amplifiers is now available in the form of Dewesoft channels, accessible in the System monitor module, allowing you to display it in measure mode or further manipulate it using mathematics.

Amplifier status in the channel setupAmplifier status in the channel setup

Among the supported are the STG and ACC amplifiers of all Dewesoft product lines (SIRIUS, KRYPTON, IOLITE), allowing you to track the sensor’s connection status as well as the amplifier’s voltage and power outputs. 

Amplifier properties in the form of Dewesoft channels
Amplifier properties in the form of Dewesoft channels

Other Updates

  • Mathematic channels can be added directly to the measurement screen (not while storing) by right-clicking on a channel and selecting the add math option.
  • Importing single or multiple displays from existing setup or data files is now possible, using either channel names or channel indexes as the linking property.
  • The Control channel writer module allows you to automatically change the values of control channels without the need of using the sequencer.
  • Widget descriptions have been added to the add widgets screen, making them easier to find and identify.
  • Soft synchronization of GigE cameras was greatly improved, so a DS-CAM600 running at 600 fps can now be synchronized within one frame even without triggering, allowing you to connect systems with an external PPS signal.