The Dewesoft team is pleased to announce the release of DewesoftX 2021.1. This new software version brings great new features such as:

The new release is a FREE upgrade for all existing DewesoftX users. Download the DewesoftX upgrade installer.

Linked Processing Markers 

Dewesoft’s processing markers, supporting easy X and Y axis cuts that are output as dedicated Dewesoft channels and can be exported or individually analyzed, have been expanded. 

Processing marker interactivity inside Dewesoft X DAQ softwareProcessing marker interactivity

When extracting X and Y-axis markers from the same 3D graph, the markers are automatically linked on the 2D graph displaying the axis cuts. Moving a marker on the 3D graph immediately updates the data of the 2D cuts and vice versa. 

The update also includes a brand new marker table linked to the cut channels, which can be used to adjust the marker settings and their position.

DewesoftX processing markers

Map Display Widget Improvements

Several improvements and new features have been added to Dewesoft’s Map display widget, which is now officially replacing the previous GPS widget. Using DewesoftX 2021.1, the GPS widget will be automatically replaced with the Map widget in the existing setup and data files, with the option to switch back to using the old GPS widget.

Car models are available out of the box for quick and easy 3D visualization. Every visual object can be ‘clamped’ to the ground, regardless of its altitude data, which enables the simple positioning of the object to the map ground. For the better track preview, tracks have been improved with the option to define their individual properties, like the type of track sled, custom track width, and also an option to choose between more custom track colors like jet, spring, summer, and so on.

The Lidar device integration in DewesoftX added the Lidar intensity coloring to the Map widget. Lidar intensity coloring is applied only on the Lidar navigation channels, where it defines the return strength of a Lidar laser beam.

DewesoftX map widget lidar intensity coloringLidar intensity coloring


The new NMEA GNSS decoder module was made to allow input of any GNSS receiver that can transmit data in the NMEA format. The major difference between the previous module is that the synchronization is now done using the absolute time in the NMEA sentence, whereas with the older version, a physical PSS pulse had to be present. This way it is now possible to get synchronized GPS data from a device that is connected over Bluetooth (for example DS-RTK-BASE) or any 3rd party GNSS device.

NMEA GNSS decoder settingsNMEA GNSS decoder settings

The module allows the use of multiple GPS sources connected over several serial ports. Custom configuration presets are also supported, allowing you to set up multiple devices much quicker. The command preset for the DS-VGPS-HS device is already built into the module.

GigE Vision 2.0 Cameras Support

The GigE camera module has been updated to support the GigE Vision 2.0. This opens a wide list of cameras that can now be connected and used with DewesoftX. Any camera using the standard is directly supported within DewesoftX. The new standard also allows JPEG compression, whereas this was previously only possible with DS-CAM-600 cameras.

GiGE Vision Logo

In addition, PTP synchronization (PTPv2) is supported with the new standard, which means that cameras using PTPv2 can be synchronized with the SIRIUS XHS data acquisition systems as the clock master or clock slave without an additional synchronization cable. 

Other Upgrades

Export Data to WinPlot Format

The WinPlot export is the latest in the line of supported data formats to which DewesoftX can export its recorded data. 

WinPlot software UIWinPlot software

WinPlot is a powerful desktop graphical analysis tool that allows the user to generate displays of unrestricted amounts of data. It was developed to fulfill the need for fast and easily managed graphical displays of NASA test articles and facilities. The WinPlot features include seamless displays of real-time and post-test data with time and event-time synchronization of data from multiple sources.

Click here to see a complete list of supported data export formats.

XCP Master Redesign

The XCP master module has been redesigned to support speeds up to 1MHz and array/matrix data types.

Display Widget Development Online Training Course

For everyone using C++ development for DewesoftX software, we have added a brand new training course. The C++ Widget Plugin PRO training course is now available, demonstrating how to create custom display widgets for DewesoftX. 

DewesoftX Visual Studio plugin

This online course is already the 6th online course in the series for DewesoftX developers:

Dewesoft online PRO training courses are free for everyone.

Chanel Reset Functions

The channel reset function can reset a single or a group of channels to their default properties.

Channel reset function inside DewesoftX software

DewesoftX 2021.1 is a free upgrade for all existing Dewesoft customers and compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download it from our download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.