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Before any new vehicle – whether a car, race car, tank, ship, or a motorcycle, driven by gas, diesel, EV/HEV, or alternative fuels - can be launched to the market, it has to be thoroughly tested. Proving grounds or test tracks serve the automotive industry for on-road and off-road vehicle testing. 

In the development process, the performance of a vehicle is put to test in a variety of environments and driving situations. Usually, test cases focus on the dynamic properties of vehicles. Safety is a priority and vehicles are often tested under extreme conditions and speeds.

Until the 1920s, automotive testing was done on city streets and country roads. Proving grounds move vehicle testing from the public roads to controlled, secure, and safe testing environments while simulating a wide range of road types and events, all reflecting or relating to the customers' usage of the vehicle.

World Map Of Automotive Proving Grounds

What Is a Proving Ground

Proving ground is an area where the performance of a vehicle is put to the test. Proving grounds generally spread over large areas and roads (usually several kilometers) and facilities to assess the working of various systems and parts of the vehicle.

Mostly, proving grounds are situated far from populated areas. They maintain maximum possible diversity in drive conditions.

Big automobile OEMs in the auto industry such as General Motors, FCA, Daimler, and several others usually have their in-house proving grounds and test centers to test their own vehicles. But there are several privately owned proving grounds where everyone can reserve their seat for testing.

Types of Proving Grounds

There are several different types of proving grounds, depending on the type of vehicle being tested. We can classify proving grounds as:

  • Aeronautical Applications
  • Military Applications
  • Automobile Testing (vehicle testing)
  • Marine Performance Testing
  • Aerospace Applications (For test-firing missiles and drones)

This article will focus on Automobile Testing and Proving Grounds.

Vehicle Development and Testing

Proving grounds enable and support the engineering tasks of validation or verification, inspection, and certification or homologation, and are an efficient means of qualifying the durability of vehicles and their components.

These test facilities are used to expose industry prototypes to the conditions that the final product will experience either in extremes or during its whole life-time. They achieve this by accelerating damage accumulation rates, so failures are detectable in a short period of time.

Nardò technical center - A Porsche engineering company

Proving grounds are used by manufacturers of the automotive and automotive supplier industry, companies of technical monitoring, providers of engineering services, institutes and universities, as well as providers of driver safety training. Most automakers own and manage one or more proving grounds, but such services are also supplied by independent companies.

Proving grounds often encompass large and remote areas. They have a range of tracks and facilities to assess the functions of various systems of the automobile in the maximum possible diversity in drive conditions, including testing and development in:

All proving grounds uphold a high level of discretion and security due to protect the commercial interests of their customers. Generally, public access is not permitted and the facilities are hidden from outside view.

Autonomous or Driverless Cars

All modern vehicles are now being equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The development of such systems requires complex testing, including the ability to control and calculate relative positions between multiple vehicles and objects in real-time.

The next step is an autonomous vehicle that can guide itself without any human conduction. Computers take over actual driving, known as driverless cars, driving robots, self-driving cars, ADAS targets, or autonomous vehicles (AV). 

ADAS targets on the proving ground

Their testing has to ensure that they can drive the roads and keep people inside them as well as that outside safe. The human driver is getting out of the control loop, and new algorithms, e.g. machine learning, are introduced.

The advent of such autonomous vehicles (AVs) or connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) require new proving grounds specially dedicated to self-driving cars. Traditional test tracks are transformed and adopted for highly automated or autonomous vehicle tests. 

AD functions require much more intense testing and validation procedure than traditional vehicle functions. This demands a complete and consistent verification of the functional specifications. Simulations are becoming more and more relevant and proving grounds are used for verification of the simulation results.

These new testing and validation methods require redesigned and dedicated proving grounds - proving grounds that are similar enough to the real world to do a satisfactory form of testing. Vehicle dynamics testing in itself is no longer enough. Testing of vehicle environment perception capabilities and of vehicle interaction to other vehicles and the infrastructure is in demand, and communication technologies have to be tested as well. 

Proving Ground Test Tracks and Facilities

Proving grounds for automobiles most often include:

  • High-speed tracks specially made for performance testing of automobiles at high speeds.
  • Slow lane tracks designed to evaluate the performance of the vehicle during city driving and low-traction driving.
  • Off-road tracks ranging from second-class roads to wild terrains.
  • Custom tracks, specially made to impose special conditions for which a vehicle is designed.

However, no proving ground or test track is designed the same way. The most general principle adopted is to design the track to suit specific company demands, fit local conditions, and to conform to national rules.

Handling Courses

Ride handling proving ground

Providing a variety of different curve radii, curve slopes, climbing gradients, and downhill slopes for testing the vehicle’s handling in extreme curvy situations.

  • Vehicle behavior
  • Vehicle maneuverability
  • Technical settings under controlled no-traffic circumstances

Comfort Roads or Ride Tracks

Comfort road tracks simulate public road surfaces with conditions that may vary from slightly indiscrete to very severe

  • Comfort and vibration evaluation 
  • Durability verification
  • Assessment of vehicle suspension

High-speed or Highway Tracks

Speed track proving ground

These are often long (more than 10 km) and have smooth and banked turns and parabolic curves with an inclination of up to 50 degrees, and installations which can generate side wind. Testing is carried out at speeds of up to above 200 km/h (124 mph) depending on the car. While the vehicle is driving the tracks, these data can be obtained.

Slow Tracks

These may have potholes, pits, speed breakers, water pits, ambient fog, etc., Cars traveling on these tracks travel at about 10-30kmph. Tests on slow tracks yield the following data:

  • Endurance of body structure
  • Performance of suspension at low speeds
  • Vehicle’s performance in a corrosive environment.

Rough Road

Rough road track proving ground

Rough road tracks are used to test suspension and electronics providing different road surfaces. Off-road often cross terrain ranging from mud to hill rocks.

Steep or Uphill Tracks

BOSCH Boxberg uphill proving ground

Tracks with different gradients – varying from 5% to up to 30% for the testing of traction control systems and for tests on downhill braking.

Off-road tracks

Off-road dirt proving ground track

Tracks are used to test off-road vehicles with all-wheel drive and differential locking.

  • Traction
  • High-grade performance
  • Suspension performance
  • Steering stability

Noise tracks

Test tracks used for evaluating the external noise of vehicles. The shape, flatness, and sound absorption properties of the track affect how the sound propagates away from the vehicle. The ISO 10844 standard specifies the design of noise test tracks to minimize the variation of vehicle noise measurements made at different testing locations.

Braking tracks

Tracks with various road surfaces and friction coefficients for simulating all conceivable road conditions – some are floodable. The coefficient of friction of the track varies with different road paving.

  • ABS and tires development and homologation
  • Road driving under low grip conditions

Winter tracks

Winter ice and snow track proving ground

In some countries, e.g. Sweden and Norway, special tracks or proving grounds are made for testing vehicle prototypes, components, or tires in cold climate conditions.

  • Performance on snow and ice surfaces
  • Whirling snow handling

Most often proving grounds will also provide services such as engine dynamometers, low-temperature chambers, kinematics, and compliance rigs, or climatic chambers.

Data Acquisition and Sensors

Vehicle data acquisition (DAQ) systems are used in the vehicle testing environment for measurements of vehicle performance, vehicle dynamics, vehicle durability, combustion, electric and hybrid engine testing, components testing, and more. 

Such systems typically measure a wide range of parameters like temperature, pressure, velocity, voltage, current, power, loads, and strains, consumption, and emissions, while monitoring the vehicle data bus such as Controller Area Network (CAN, CAN FD) channels.

During testing, sensors are attached to various critical portions of the vehicle, such as:

  • Aerodynamic forces and crash forces - capacitive and resistive pressure gauges attached externally on bonnet and tail.
  • Dynamic loads – accelerometers and vibrometers at suspension linkage (or) wheel hub.
  • Engine revolutions - tachos mounted on the crankshaft or camshaft.
  • Current and power – AC/DC current clamps and transducers on batteries or cabling.
  • Tire loads – pressure sensors in the tire.
  • Structural loads – strain gauges on body and frame.
  • Sounds - microphones mounted onboard or situated along the drive path 
  • Vehicle statistics – onboard sensors.

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List Of Automotive Proving Grounds With Basic Information

Name Contact Services

Australia flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Australia

Australian Automotive Research Centre 445 Gum Flats Road

+61 3 5288 7306
Proving ground
research & development
product launches
Holden Proving Ground Bass Hwy
Lang Lang VIC 3984

+61 1800 033 349
High-speed circular tack
Ride and handling road
Rough tracks
Hill route
Twist course

Austria flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Austria

ALP.LAB GMBH Inffeldgasse 25F/5
8010 Graz

+43 316 873 32941
[email protected]
ADAS testing
Virtual world testing
Digitrans Office

Proving Ground St.Valentin
Proving Ground St.Valentin
DigiTrans GmbH
Weindlau 50,
4432 Ernsthofen

Digitrans Office
DigiTrans GmbH
Hamerlingstraße 42
4020 Linz

43 732 60 46 59
[email protected]
Use Cases for automated driving (Commercial vehicles)
Sensor Benchmarking in harsh weather and road conditions
Automated cargo handling (Hub Zone)
Real traffic Scenarios ( City Zone)
Euro NCAP ADAS tests
Edge case determination and analysis
Outdoor ISO noise measurements
Off-road tests and durability tests

Austria flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Argentina

Bosch Winter proving ground Tolhuin Ruta Nacional
N° 3 km 2950, Tolhuin
Patagonian winter proving ground
Tracks for testing motorcycles, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles

Brasil flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Belgium

Ford Lommel Proving Ground Oude Diestersebaan 135
3920 Lommel

+32 11 50 68 00 
Durability tracks
Corrosion facilities
Funct. Performance tracks
Brake tracks
Root Cause Investigations Tracks
Ride & Handling tracks
NVH tracks

Brasil flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Brasil

Cruz Alta Proving Ground Indaiatuba
State of São Paulo

+55 19 3934-4297
Development and validation
Different types of pavement
Climate and traffic
Emission analysis laboratory
Vehicle safety laboratory
Noise and vibration laboratory
Structural testing laboratory
Air conditioning ventilation
Cooling development laboratory
Electronics lab
Accelerated durability
Level straight
External noise and side Acceleration
Urban traffic
Internal noise
Vehicle dynamics testing area
Bridgestone São Pedro Feld tracks
Baking and hydroplaning lane
Vehicle dynamics track, vibration, and roughness track
Noise and comfort surface applications
Braking and hydroplaning lane
Aquaplaning evaluations
CTR - Centro Tecnológico Randon Estrada Arziro Galafassi
Linha Palmeiro
Farroupilha - RS

+55 54 3239 1000

[email protected]
Data analysis 
Confidential area
State-of-the-art technology
Dirt road
Pass-by noise level
High-speed track
Circular track with bumps
Circular track
Durability tests
Ford's Tatui Proving Ground (TPG) Rodovia Antônio Romano Schincariol (SP 127) Km 124,5
Bairro Pederneiras - Tatuí - São Paulo
High-speed track
Special surface/low-speed track
Handling course
Salt bath
Environmental exposure area
Performance, ride, and handling
environmental simulation
corrosion testing
Mercedes Benz Iracemapolis Proving Ground Santo Antonio, Iracemápolis - State of São Paulo, 13495-000 Vehicle safety
Energy efficiency
High-speed testing
Vehicle dynamics
Noise measurements 
FCA Fiat Chrysler Automóveis Brasil Ltda. Campo de Provas de GoiAna - GPG Rodovia ROD. BR-101 NORTE, KM 13 AO KM 15

[email protected]
Speed track
Comfort track
Visibility track
Test track
IVECO SETE LAGOAS Proving ground Rodovia Mg 238 Km 74
Sete Lagoas
Minas Gerais

+55 3779-2000
Testing for commercial, transport, and defense vehicles
 Resistance and durability tests
Brake testing
Noise testing
Accelerated structural fatigue track
MAN  Resende Proving Ground Rua Volkswagen 100
Bairro Polo Industrial
Rio de Janeiro

+55 (24) 33811081
Testing for trucks and buses
Ramps with inclines of 20%, 40%, and 60%
Noise level testing
Driving on off-road terrain
Tests on roads and under severe weather conditions

Canafda flag  Automotive Proving Grounds in Canada

Magna Steyr 337 Magna Drive

+1 905 726 2462
Body exteriors & structures
Power & vision
Seating systems complete vehicles
PMG Technologies 100 du Landais street
J7C 5C9

450 430 7981
Certification and homologation
Complimentary services 
Filming and promotional events
Intelligent mobility

Canafda flag Automotive Proving Grounds in China

Bosch Winter proving ground Yakeshi   Test tracks on the lake and land area
Office space and garage areas
Testing motorcycles, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles
Bosch Summer proving ground Donghai   Test tracks, buildings and facilities for testing motorcycles, passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Czech Republic flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Czech Republic

AUREL CZ Development and Innovation Center Břehyně Břehyně 983
472 01 Doksy [email protected]
Project management & Engineering
Data analysis and evaluation
ADAS Tests
High-speed track, Misuse obstacles, Dynamic-area, Sloped roads, Water channel, Climaboxes, Electric car chargers and certified or custom-made obstacles
Car preparation for crash tests
Pedestrian protection laboratory
Virtual reality
3D measurements
Experimental sensors
Constructions and Simulations
Data management
AUREL CZ s.r.o. Nádražní 25
293 01 Mladá Boleslav [email protected]

Finland flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Finland

Arctic Driving Center Ainonkatu 4-6

+358 400 341 671

[email protected]
Testing in cold conditions 
Durability testing 
BEV and PHEV services
Asta Zero Alakorkalontie 18

+358 16 321 0000

[email protected]
Customized testing environment 
Durability testing
Test World Millbrook proving ground Testitie 1

+358 (0)44 778 8800

[email protected]
Tires testing
Vehicle testing
Lapland Proving Ground Oy 99300

+358 400 800 996

[email protected]
Maintenance and preparation of the tracks
Safety and security services
Durability testing
Ivalo Paldojarventie 463
99800 IVALO
Test tracks for snow and ice tests
Tire mounting and changes, secure buildings, track preparation
Braking and acceleration testing

France flag Automotive Proving Grounds in France

Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel +33 (0)1 64 68 82 76

[email protected]
Energy & environment 
Health & comfort 
Digital technologies 
Urban development
Major structures
Life cycle assessment 
Solar energy
Energy management
Sustainable water management Energy performance
Energy renovation
Heat transfer
Acoustics and vibration
Socio-environmental crisis Management
Indoor air quality
Fire safety
TRANSPOLIS 620 Route des Fromentaux 
Infrastructure safety
Vehicle testing
Urban mobility lab
UTAC CERAM Avenue Georges Boillot  

+33 (0)1 69 80 17 00
Regulation & homologation
Testing & expertise
Proving grounds
Training & consulting
Centre de Technologie de Ladoux Rue Orange
63118 Cébazat
High speed track
Dry handling track
Dry dynamic platform
Wet handling track
Wet dynamic skidpad
Wet handling rings
Noise test
Barcelonnette   Mountain road
Altitude: 1,800 to 2,400 m
Area for maneuvers
Equipment for tire mounting
Bosch Juvincourt proving ground Route départementale 1044
02190 Juvincourt et Damary

Phone: +33 (0) 3 23 25 12 00
Fax: +33 (0) 3 23 25 12 01
Test tracks, facilities, and services for testing motorcycles, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles
Driver training
Handling course
Off-road tracks
NVH track
Pipe tracks
Parking tracks
ESP curves

Germany flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Germany

ACTS GmbH & Co. Kurfürst-Eppstein-Ring 11 

+49 6093 9942 0

[email protected]
Crash testing
Endurance & function 
Dummy services
ATC - Aldenhoven Testing Center 
RWTH Aachen University GmbH
Industriepark Emil Mayrisch

+49 2464 9798310

[email protected]
Oval circuit
Rough road
Vehicle dynamic area
Sensor duct
Hill section
Multi-functional area 
Parking area 
Braking test track
Handling track
ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg GmbH Johann-Bunte-Straße 176 

+49 (0) 4961 975 0
Test tracking
Engineering services
Driving seminars
Safety & security
mm-labs Stammheimer Straße 10

+49 7154 827 0
Project management
Nürburgring Otto-Flimm-Straße

+49 (0) 2691 302-630

[email protected]
Co-pilot rides
Drift training
Formula training
Opel proving grounds Dudenhofen Am Opelprüffeld 3
High-speed circuit
Full electrification of the control and measurement
Bosch Boxberg proving ground Robert-Bosch-Straße 25
97944 Boxberg-Windischbuch

Phone: +49 (0)7930/600-210
Fax: +49 (0)7930/600-212
Test tracks and facilities
Vehicle testing for motorcycles, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles
Driver safety training
High-speed oval
Driving dynamics area
Brake-measurements tracks
Uphill tracks
ISO noise-measurement track
DEKRA Automobil Test Center Senftenbergerstrasse 30
D-01998 Klettwitz

Fax: +49 35754 7345-500
Complete vehicle
Automated and connected driving
Security pasivo
Vehicle endurance test

Hungary flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Hungary

AVL ZalaZONE Proving Ground ZalaZONE Tér 1.
8900 Zalaegerszeg    

+36 30 8893359

[email protected]
Dynamic platform
Brake measurement track
High Speed Handling course
Motorway section
Smart City (Autonomous driving)
AB Dynamics EuroNCAP Equipment
Engineering services
Conference Center (up to 300 persons)
Electric charging stations
Fuel station within PG

Australia flag Automotive Proving Grounds in India

Global Automotive Research Centre (GARC) Plot E1, SIPCOT Industrial Growth Centre
Mathur Post
Sriperumputhur Taluk
Kanchipuram – 602 105
Tamil Nadu

+91 44 27143500

[email protected]
Testing and research center for automotive certification and testing
Vehicle evaluation laboratory
Certification lab 
Fatigue lab
Advanced, passive safety lab
Powertrain laboratory
Infotronic & CAD/CAE
End of the live vehicle (recycling unit)
National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project NBCC Place
South Tower
3rd Floor
Bhishma Pitamah Marg
Pragati Vihar
Lodhi Road
New Delhi - 110003

+91 11 4921 5555

[email protected]
Testing centers

Italy flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Italy

Nardò Technical Center
A Porsche Engineering
Localita Fattizze
Santa Chiara di Nardo (LE)

+39 0833 877 111

[email protected]
Development process Competence testing
Balocco Cascina Bella Luigina
Balocco VC

+39 0161 873111
Road testing track
Club and racing events

Italy flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Japan

Bosch Summer and winter proving ground Shiobara   Internal engineering development
Testing motorcycles, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles
Bosch Summer and winter proving ground Memanbetsu   Testing motorcycles, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles

New Zeland flag Automotive Proving Grounds in New Zealand

Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground PO Box 350

+64 3 443 0344

[email protected]
BAS & brake system development 
ESC, ESP, VSC & Chassis Handling development
AWD chassis and electronic Traction control development EPS & steering system development
HV/EV/PHEV motor control & Electrical system development
High-speed snow dust ingress testing/cooling test 
NVH development
R&H and chassis development
HVAC and sub-system development
Engine calibration and drive train development
Icing durability and chassis Component strength testing
Tire development and Certification testing (ASTM, UN/ECE)

South Africa flag Automotive Proving Grounds in South Africa

Gerotek Test Facilities 370 Nossob St

+27 12 428 1911

[email protected]
Research and development
Defense disposal solutions
AB logistic

Spain flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Spain

IDIADA proving ground PO Box 20
Santa Oliva

+34 977 166 000

[email protected]
Engineering services
Homologation and Product Certification
Proving ground
Centro de Experiencias de Almería 04100 Nijar-Almería Dust test tracks
Gravel test tracks
Compacted earth surface test track 
Asphalt test loop
3 km winding test track
Handling asphalt test track
Off-road circuit
Noise measurements tracks
Test tracks for comfort & vibration

Sweden flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Sweden

Arctic Falls AB Box 30
942 21

+46 929 47 47 00

[email protected]
Various proving grounds
Vehicle testing
Tire testing in a cold climate
AstaZero Hällered Göksholmen 1
SE-504 91

+46 (0)10-516 61 40
Safety test 
Research and development
Vehicle dynamics
Driver behavior
V2V and V2I
Functional reliability
Communications technology
Colmis Proving Ground STORKÅLMIS 11
930 90

+46 (0)961 720 100

[email protected]
Land and ice tracks
Icemakers Maskinvägen 11
SE-938 32

+46 961 329 00

[email protected]
Test tracks
Endurance testing
Cold chambers 
Testing facilities
Charging infrastructure 
Event facilities
Rajd Systech Box 107
SE-941 23

+46 911 152 00
Safety solutions for proving ground management to the global automotive testing industry
Standard and customized solutions
Autoliv Test Center Wallentinsvägen 22
447 37 Vårgårda
+46 322 626279
[email protected]
Dynamic Testing
Full Scale Testing
Sled Testing
Electric Vehicle Battery Testing


Bosch Winter test center Vaitoudden Box 79
SE-93894 Arjeplog

+46 961 811-000
Winter testing of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
Driver safety training
Test tracks on the frozen lake
Urban driving course
Traction hills
ABS track
µ-split curve
Packed snow

Switzerland flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Switzerland

Wabco Giacomettistrasse 1
Bern 31
Truck solutions
Trailer solutions
Bus solutions
Car solutions
Off-highway solution
fFeet solutions

Taiwan flag Automotive Proving Grounds in Taiwan

Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) No.6, Lugong S. 7th Rd. 
Changhua County

+886 4 781 1222

[email protected]
Vehicle & energy
Proving ground
Domestic certification
Homologation service 
Vehicle performance testing
Emission & fuel economy testing
Automotive light testing 
Electromagnetic compatibility testing
Crash testing, fatigue, and durability 
Vehicle specification testing
Safety testing
Component testing
CAE Center

UK flag Automotive Proving Grounds in the United Kingdom

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground Bath Ln
Lutterworth LE17 5QS
FVR9+8G Gilmorton

0116 279 9300

[email protected]
Various proving grounds
Vehicle testing
Tire testing in a cold climate
MIRA Watling Street

+44 (0)24 7635 5000
Mobility campus and proving grounds
Vehicle development and Attribute engineering
Electrification and powertrain and emissions
Connected and autonomous vehicles
Vehicle resilience
Safety systems engineering
Body and interiors
Unmanned ground vehicles
Millbrook MK45 2JQ

+44 1525 404242

[email protected]
Propulsion systems
Interior systems
Special vehicles
Type approval
Tack and facilities

USA flag Automotive Proving Grounds in the United States

AET 1420 County Road 1 SW
PO Box 458
MN 56623


[email protected]
A low-temperature test facility 
Track driving programs
American Center for Mobility 2701 Airport Dr
MI 48198

ACM Freeway Loop
Willow run bypass tunnel
Planet M boulevard
Urban arterial
ITS and mobility infrastructure
Testing support equipment 
Intertek services 
Evaluating standards 
Engineering support services
Vehicle evaluation and validation
Vehicle garages
ADAS testing
Cooper Tire and Vehicle Test Center 701 Lima Ave.
OH 45840


[email protected]
Tire testing
Fowlerville Proving Ground
FT Techno of America
1750 Smith Road
MI 48836


[email protected]
Low μ
Dynamic pad
Oval track
NVH & special surfaces 
Wavy & gavel road 
Brake hills
ADAS pad
ADAS city
Vehicle evaluation
Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation 1020 Lotus
VA 24520

(434) 766-6644
Provides accurate and affordable models to support virtual development for the transportation industry
tire testing services
vehicle development & verification
[email protected]
Urban, rural settings 
Underpasses, overpasss 
Tunnels and railroad 
Multiple lane types including One-way, two way
Merge and round-about
Shared and separated bike lanes 
Remotely programmable Trafic signals
GS Engineering Inc. 47500 US Hwy 41
MI 49931

906 482 1235
Endurance/Durability Testing
Performance Testing
Functional Performance
Vehicle Stability
Brake System Testing
Development Testing
NVH - Noise, Vibration, and Harshness
Powertrain Testing
Strain and Torque Measurement
Suspension Testing and Tuning
Thermal Signature and Imaging
Tire and Run Flat Evaluation
Autonomous Sensor Development Platform
Michigan Technical Resource Park 8000 Yankee Rd.
Ottawa Lake
Michigan 49267

(419) 367-7066

[email protected]
On and off-road vehicle testing
Vehicle & product Development
Technical labor services
Navistar 32104 State Road 2
New Carlisle
IN 46552

+1 (574) 654-4034

[email protected]
Bake testing
Structural durability testing Specialized vehicle testing
Instrumentation & data acquisition
Nevada Automotive Test Center P.O. Box 234
Carson City
NV 89702


[email protected]
Custom solutions
Ride Solutions PO Box 234
West Yellowstone
MT 59758

Snow traction testing
Tire calculation
Vehicle/tire handling 
Track lease/test support 
Private winter driving instruction
Snow drag races
Smithers Winter Test Center Brimley, MI

North America: +1 (330) 762-7441
Europe: +44 (0) 1372 802000
Asia Pacific: +86 512 6253 5569
Test by industry-standard and capability
Winter testing
Ice track
Transportation Research Center 10820 OH-347
East Liberty
OH 43319

(937) 666-2011
Durability testing
Dynamic and Performance testing 
Active and passive safety
Emissions laboratory
Chrysler Arizona Proving Grounds 1 Proving Ground Rd
AZ 86438

+1 888-614-4328
Development and validation testing of new vehicles
Vehicle dynamics facility
Wet traction surfaces
Corrosion/humidity chambers
Variety of concrete test surface
Variety of gravel and dirt roads
Water ingestion test area
Vehicle corrosion test chambers - humidity and dying 
Special test Roads/surfaces for vehicle durability testing
Water leak test facility
ABS testing
Caterpillar Peoria Proving Ground     28194 Caterpillar Ln 
IL 61571
Milford Proving Ground 3300 General Motors Rd
MI 48380

VDTA (vehicle dynamics test area)
Oval tack
Circle tack
Tight curves
Vehicle safety & crashworthiness
City of Pittsburgh and the Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute V578+FC, Wingate,
PA 16823

Vehicle durability-testing
Appurtenance testing
Crash testing
Autonomous vehicles proving ground
ADAS testing
Texas AV Proving Grounds Partnership (979) 317-2823
[email protected]
ADAS testing
U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center Maryland 21005 Research and development
Testing and evaluation Facilities for military
Weapons and equipment
ADAS testing
Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) & GoMentum Station Willow Pass Rd
Concord, CA 94519


Structured scenario tests
Scenario testing equipment rental
RTK-corrected GPS service across GoMentum
Digital Twin Simulator
ADAS testing
San Diego Association of Governments (619) 606-3485
[email protected]
Testing with a driver
Driverless testing
ADAS testing
Automated vehicle
Real-world environments
Iowa City Area Development Group [email protected] National Advanced Driving Simulator
ADAS testing
On-Road Testing
Closed Course Testing
Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Corridor
University of Wisconsin-Madison [email protected] ADAS testing
Crash-testing facilities
Driverless vehicle proving ground
North Carolina Turnpike Authority   Testing of automated vehicle technologies
ADAS testing
Laurens Proving Ground 2240 Highway 39
Mountville S.C. 29370
Special tracks and surfaces for tire and suspension system testing
Driver training
Tests in the fields of handling, noise, comfort, adherence, and endurance
Utah Motorsports Campus 512 Sheep Lane
Grantsville, UT 84074

(435) 277-8000
[email protected]
Major, international-standard road course
Paved paddock
Pit lane garages & rental garage units for race teams
Multiple-configuration karting/supermoto track
Dirt track and stadium for off-road truck racing
Bosch Winter proving ground Baudette #2 Airport Road
Baudette, MN 56623, USA

Phone: +1 218 634-5000
Fax: +1 218 634-1416
Winter testing of motorcycles, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles
Traction hills
Vehicle dynamics area
Packed snow
Handling course
Polished ice
Cold chamber
Bosch Flat Rock proving ground Flat Rock Proving Ground
3701 Newburg Road
Flat Rock, MI 48134

Phone: +1 734/789-2700
Fax: +1 734/789-2772
Test tracks for testing motorcycles, passenger cars, and light commercial vehicles
Spaces and services for rent
High-speed bank
Vehicle-dynamics area
Hydroplane area
ABS area
ESP area
Hill grade tracks
Special surfaces