As of the end of August, Chief Operation Officer Tilen Sotler will take over as executive director of the company, while the current executive director and co-founder Andrej Orožen will take over a position as advisor to the director.

"I am grateful for the support and trust. Exciting years are ahead,” says the new CEO, Tilen Solter. “Dewesoft is taking on extraordinary challenges. Challenges that will influence and transform the global measurement market”. 

Tilen explains: “The company has been part of my extended family for 18 years. My special passions are management, business, high-tech products, and working with people. Dewesoft provides an environment where I can realize all of this daily".

After 22 years in management, the current CEO and co-founder Andrej Orožen will now be an advisor to the director. Andrej Orožen says: "Tilen is the leader of the new generation with which Dewesoft will continue to grow."

Since 2000, the company's turnover has grown above 50 million euros with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. Today, more than 300 people are working at Dewesoft.

Dewesoft measuring solutions are used in the most advanced research and development facilities to make self-driving cars, space exploration, cutting-edge medical equipment, energy efficiency, and everything in between.

Growth always brings new challenges. Dewesoft wants to make the management transition as natural as possible for business operations and all employees.

Dr. Jure Knez, president and co-founder, says: "Maintaining our pace of growth is not easy. The greatest achievement of any company is if the founders and managers raise new generations who can not just lead the company forward but take it to an even higher level." 

Dewesoft leadership

About Dewesoft

Dewesoft is a multinational company developing highly innovative measurement systems widely used in a wide range of industries: automotive, aviation, aerospace, transport, and energy.

Dewesoft solutions support customers that push technological boundaries like NASA, SpaceX, Tesla, Volvo, Audi, Lufthansa, BMW, Harley Davidson, Rimac Group, Akrapovič, and Pipistrel.

Headquartered in Trbovlje, Slovenia Dewesoft was founded in the year 2000. Today, Dewesoft and its 17 subsidiaries around the world employ a diverse staff, including software developers, electronics and mechanical engineers, customer support engineers, web service developers, etc.

Dewesoft is partially owned by its employees - currently, more than 80 employees are co-owners. The founders believe that co-ownership guarantees the long-term success of the company and its people.

Some Dewesoft Awards:

  • 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2009 NASA Tech Brief award for the DEWE-43 portable DAQ System
  • 2009 Silver award for the fastest growing company in Slovenia
  • 2012 Golden award for the fastest growing company in Slovenia
  • 2013  Slovenian Chamber of commerce award
  • 2018 KRYPTON-1 is Product of the month at NASA TECH BRIEFS
  • 2020 Exporter of the year