The Best of the Best competition is annually organized by the American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham. Companies present their best practices in three categories – Innovation, Motivation, and Collaboration at three events. This year Dewesoft was the winner of the category Motivation.

poster of Best of the Best competition

In the competition, Dewesoft CEO Andrej Orožen among others presented the ownership model which benefits both the employees and the company:

With this model, we want to set a growth plan for a Slovenian-owned company. Jure and I have created a truly motivational ownership model that will attract co-workers over the years. And I am convinced that we will succeed.

Dewesoft only allows the shares of the company to be bought by its co-creators, the employees, and only with money from their bonus salaries. The model, which works since 2016, aims to ensure that ownership stays with the people actively taking part in the company operations. Today more than half the employees are part owners.

Andrej Orožen said: 

Dewesoft is people. This means that our employees are truly the heart of the company. Work unites us. Even if we are separated by departments, every indispensable member of the team wants to do their job perfectly.

Dewesoft is a high-tech company and, for example, participating in testing the equipment you have developed yourself is greatly motivational for employees as well as working on technology that is changing the world the next day and about which the media is writing.

We also care about working conditions, pleasant jobs and even excellent cuisine. We have stated the difference between food and great food. We strive to make the work as stress-free as possible," said Andrej Orožen, and concluded: We promote a responsible attitude towards capital and emphasizing the importance of Slovenian ownership - this is important for both the state and the local community.

In addition to Dewesoft, the Hrastnik Glassworks and the NIL Competence Center were in the final of the category of Motivation as well.

Two women and two men standing infront of screen with Andrej Orožen

Dewesoft is also among the finalists in the Collaboration category presenting Katapult. Among the winners of the categories Innovation, Motivation, and Connectivity, a joint winner will be chosen in December to travel to the US.

You can watch the presentations and the selection in the Motivation category here.