At this year’s “5 Minutes for Measurement” event at the University of Ljubljana Dewesoft handed over measuring equipment to be used by students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Last week Dewesoft participated at the traditional annual event “5 Minutes for Measurement” (in Slovenian: 5 minut za merjenje) organized by the Laboratory of Metrology and Quality at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. At this event, students, researchers and companies working in the field of metrology present their work.

Dewesoft took part already at last year’s event, but this year was very special to us since we handed over to the faculty measuring equipment, which will be used by every student at the laboratory exercises within the study program.

The company strives for continuous growth, both business-wise and in terms of personal growth. Dewesoft employees create high added value through their knowledge in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, mathematics and other sciences - and a lot of this knowledge was acquired during the schooling period.

Therefore, cooperation with educational and research institutions, especially those in the immediate vicinity of HQ, where development takes place, is of utmost importance for Dewesoft. Universities, institutes and research centres represent a treasury of knowledge and experience, and on the other hand, fresh engineers express youthful enthusiasm and the desire for new challenges.

Dewesoft believes that cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is an investment for both parties. The relationship will be upgraded in the coming years in the form of bachelor’s/master/doctoral theses, internships, projects, seminars and, eventually, with new colleagues who are now still attending university.