This application note shows how Dewesoft products provide an effective solution for multi-physics validation of farm tractors. The mobile measurement instruments and easy-to-setup software are used for online field monitoring and multi-physics data acquisition with more than 200 channels.


The client, a large tractor manufacturer, is in the business of developing and producing farming machinery for the markets across the globe. With a multitude of use conditions for their machines all over the world, the engineering department needs more accurate multi-physics data for real field conditions as related to life profile specifications, numerical simulations, and test bench input data.

To avoid multiple test campaigns, the client decided to simultaneously acquire multi-physics signals from over 200 channels using only one data acquisition system. If the tractor is far from the development plant, the client can access the machine for remote control and data transfer by GSM or Wifi connection.

Measurement setup

The architecture is based on rugged IP67 data acquisition modules such as SIRIUS waterproof and KRYPTON based on EtherCAT® protocol technology. This protocol allows us to use only one cable between data acquisition modules for data transfer, power supply, and clock synchronization.

The complete measurement setup also involves versatile DEWE-43A USB data acquisition systems. The EtherCAT® and USB data acquisition devices work together, are perfectly synchronized and connected to the SBOX fanless control/storing unit.

Data acquisition systems

Dewesoft Modules Function
KRYPTON 16xTH Temperature
KRYPTON 6xSTG Strain gauges and universal conditioning
SIRIUSiwe 6xSTG High-speed strain gauges and universal conditioning
SIRIUSiwe 8xLV High-speed voltage
DEWE-43A Universal conditioning and CAN bus
SBOXfe with 10Hz GPS GNSS & Wifi receiver Control unit and storing
EtherCAT® SYNC Junction Clock synchronization

Type of channels/sensors

Type of channels Applications
> 200 analog channels Strain, hydraulic pressure, temperature, voltage, noise, and vibration…
CAN bus channels Engine, transmission, gearbox parameters…
Counters Tachometer, rpm measurement
Video Webcam monitoring


dewesoft data acquisition system installed into tractor

dewesoft data acquisition system infront of tractor with a man inside

Wireless communication device

Any Windows compatible GSM 4G modem with USB or ethernet port.


Software Function
Dewesoft X Data acquisition setup and post-processing
DSA dynamic signal analysis upgrade Noise and vibration analysis
ODE online data export plugin Export selective data online from a Dewesoft measurement in progress
Data Manager plugin Copy and store Dewesoft files automatically on FTP server or local drive
Any windows sharing desktop software For internet remote control/access to SBOX control unit
Big data search engine (optional) Data search on request parameters



With simple GSM/internet connection, the user can access Dewesoft control units inside the vehicle for monitoring or selecting data to transfer. The measurement screen below is an example of Dewesoft X2 software capabilities to easily set up several different kinds of analysis representation: time signal, frequency spectrum, CAN bus parameters, level meter, GPS track (colored channels and map overlay) and video synchronization.

screenshot of results of tractor measuring

man staring into the monitor with the measuring results in office


  • Time data recording and post-processing (statistics, filters, maths functions…)
  • Extensive trigger features for the start/stop of the measurement
  • Export in multiple file formats or video, custom reports
  • Selective data transfer during acquisition
  • Simple access/remote control with desktop software
  • Data management


This off-road measurement configuration permitted the customer to combine different kinds of measurements with the same rugged data acquisition system. With various displays and calculations, the user was able to analyze multi-physics phenomena for any internal engineering clients or to export data in an appropriate file format for third-party post-processing software.

Based on the Windows platform, the Dewesoft control unit is able to communicate/interface with a common GSM 4G modem. With appropriate software solutions such as Dewesoft X and Windows software, data is sent from the machine to the customer control center over large distances. This allows the engineers in the control center to see real-time measurement values and video of the vehicle in real-time.