Primož Rome

Monday, February 27, 2023 · 0 min read

Upgrade of the Sound Intensity Measurement

At Dewesoft, we constantly improve our measurement solutions to provide the most value to users. This Sound Intensity solution update offers a new set of powerful functionalities:

Dual direction sweep

In compliance with ISO 9614-2, this method is a strong tool for time-effective sound power ratings of devices. It is not limited by the size of the device under test or tied to any special environment - measurements can be done in-situ.

Sound intensity dual derection sweep

Offline calculation

The sound intensity can be calculated in post-analysis when raw sound pressure signals from both microphones have been stored. Simply go to offline math, enter the environmental conditions and the desired frequency range - and recalculate the values.

Trigger channels

Automatize the process by using triggers to start and stop the measurement. Connect and assign the trigger channel from the robotic arm - and the measurement is synced with its movement.

Sound intensity trigger channels

Power transformers - post-analysis extension

The walk-around measurement method for power transformers is extended with the ability to recalculate the points from the continuous measurement. Measure with the continuous walk-around - and get a detailed insight of a noise map in post-analysis at the same time.

Sound intensity power transforers post analysis

To have more information on how to use the software and its functionalities, download the complete user manual for Sound Intensity.

The Sound Intensity software module/plugin is available for download on our website.

You can sign up for a FREE evaluation version.