Primož Rome

Friday, January 28, 2022 · 16 min read

New SIRIUS MIC200 Amplifier for the Direct Input of Externally Polarized Microphones

SIRIUS product line now includes an amplifier with the direct input for 200 V externally polarized microphones.


SIRIUS MIC200 amplifier introduces the support for standard externally polarized microphones to the innovative Dewesoft measurement environment. SIRIUS MIC200 is the perfect tool for highly advanced measurements with support for any externally polarized microphones in a plug-and-play manner through a dedicated 7-pin LEMO connection. The new amplifier is based on  the SIRUS DualCoreADC® technology.

Main features

  • High dynamic capabilities (-160 dB)

  • High acquisition rate (200 kS/s)

  • Multi-brand microphone support

  • TEDS support (Class 2)

  • Preamplifier excitation (± 14 V)

  • Reference test signal input

The main benefit of external polarizing is freedom in the choice of microphones. It opens access to a broader selection and more models are available, which again gives flexibility in advanced R&D measurements. External polarization is an advantage whenever:

  • high temporal stability is required

  • high temperatures are expected (120-150 °C)

  • high amplitudes are expected 

  • higher frequencies need to be measured

  • high grade of accuracy and lower noise floor is required

SIRIUS MIC200 is designed for channel-to-channel isolation. Currently, the product is available as an 8-channel MIC200 slice or as a combination of 4 MIC200 channels and 4 ACC/ACC+ channels.

SIRIUS MIC200 connector pin-out (7-pin LEMO)

SIRIUS MIC200 pinout
  • Connector type LEMO L1B7f

  • Connector on the SIRIUS module: EGG.1B.307.CLL

  • Mating cable connector: FGG.1B.307.CLAD5

1Test signalCalibration output
2GNDSignal ground
3200 VPolarization Voltage 200V
4In+Signal input
6Exc+Excitation +
7Exc-Excitation -
SIRIUS MIC200 front panel
SIRIUS MIC200 back panel

SIRIUS MIC200 technical specifications

For full specification about SIRIUS MIC200 amplifier, please check the SIRIUS technical specifications page.

SIRIUSi-4xMIC200-4xACC modular data acquisition system with 4-channels for 200 V prepolarized microphones and 4 IEPE/Voltage channels