Primož Rome

Monday, February 20, 2023 · 0 min read

The New R4-HUB Option for the R4 DAQ Systems

If you prefer to connect the R4 data acquisition system to your existing PC setup, we offer an R4-HUB data acquisition system which instead of built-in SBOX computer includes a USB hub.

SIRIUS R4 HUB data acqusition system

With the included USB 2.0 cable the R4-HUB DAQ system can be connected to any PC with a USB port - for storing, visualizing and analyzing the data from R4 analog channels.

The R4-HUB DAQ system also includes some additional extension ports like one USB and two synchronization ports, which allow the R4-HUB DAQ system to be extended by additional data acquisition devices like SIRIUS modular DAQ slices.

R4-HUB enables operation with 32 SIRIUS Dual-Core measurement channels running at a maximum sampling rate of 200 kS/sec while 32 SIRIUS High-Speed measurement channels can run with the sampling rate up to 450 kS/sec.

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