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Wednesday, February 14, 2024 · 0 min read

New Portable Displays: DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15

For applications that do not require full ruggedness and shockproof display solutions, we offer DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15. These affordable displays offer the perfect combination of price and performance.

DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 touchscreen monitors

Built for various project needs – DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 touchscreen monitors are slim, compact, and suitable to be mounted or embedded inside the vehicle or aircraft, or simply used on the field as a portable screen on the go. The touchscreen monitors provide excellent system compatibility, sensitivity, and intuitive operation.

DS-DISP-15 portable display with DewesoftX measurement screen

The DS-DISP-15 and DS-DISP-13 include mounting accessories for mounting inside the car. The display also includes all the connection cables necessary for the operation.

Main features

  • 13 or 15-inch versions

  • Full HD 1080p resolution

  • 10-point multi-touch operation compatible with a stylus, gloves, and wet or sweaty fingers

  • USB powered

  • HDMI and USB-C inputs compatible with our DAQs and data loggers

  • Additional USB-A ports for mouse and keyboard or other USB accessories

  • Compact and light

  • Mounting and connection accessories included

Industry-leading dual video Interfaces - HDMI & USB Type-C Input

The ports are converged on the I/O block at the back of the monitor, including a standard HDMI-A port, which is suitable for universal commercial, industrial computers, laptops, etc. In view of the new generation computers rolling out, the DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 monitors also offer the USB-C interface, which supports both Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 audio and video signal input. The industry-leading interface can perfectly adapt to multiple devices.

DS-DISP-15 input ports showing HDMI and USB type C input ports

Additional USB-A ports

When connecting the displays via the USB-C port, you can use an additional USB-A port on the monitor for connecting additional USB accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive, microphone, web camera, etc.

Projected capacitive touch panel

DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 displays offer smooth and sensitive multi-touch support on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Adopting the industry-leading mainstream capacitive touch technology to provide excellent touch accuracy and sensing speed, T1 series touch monitors deliver touch signals through a USB port and support Windows 11/10 plug & play, 10-point multi-touch recognition without installing any drivers. Not only is it user-friendly, but it is highly compatible with all kinds of industrial computers and industrial control equipment, making it suitable for human-machine interfaces and bringing the smoothest touchscreen experience!

Flexible power options

DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP15 connection scheme

Applicable to 12V & 5V

Support 5V 1.6A voltage input. When extending USB power and touch cable for a long distance, use the 12V adapter to improve voltage attenuation!

Built-in USB Gain IC

The displays adopt a USB gain IC to strengthen the touch signal transmitted via USB and effectively remedies the signal attenuation due to the extension of the cable length, enabling the USB cable to be extended up to 7.5 meters.

Anti-Jamming Technology

Displays adopt the new version of IC with high noise immunity to prevent the touch signal from being interrupted by power noise, maintaining the touch's accuracy and stability.