Primož Rome

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 · 0 min read

New IOLITE DAQ Modules For Digital Counters and DIO

4-channel SuperCounter DAQ module - IOLITE-4xCNT

IOLITE-4xCNT is a 4-channel counter module.


Each channel is capable of 3x digital inputs, 1x event counter, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle, and precise frequency and angle measurement using patented SuperCounter® technology

Supported counter modes are counting, waveform timing, encoder, and gear-tooth sensor.

Additionally, IOLITE-4xCNT also offers a sensor supply (+5 V/100 mA, +12 V/50 mA).

The input connector of IOLITE-4xCNT is a Lemo 1B 7-pin (EEG.1B.307.CLNY) or optionally terminal block input connector (OMNIMATE Signal SL Series SL 2.50/09/90G).

Counter inputs are a perfect choice for applications like balancing, order tracking, and torsional vibrations.

You can check full technical specifications on the IOLITE tech specs page.

Digital input/output DAQ module - IOLITE-8xDI-4xDO

IOLITE-8xDI-4xDO is a perfect digital input/output combo module for industrial applications.


The module offers 8 digital input and 4 digital output channels. Digital IN and OUT banks are isolated from each other and can be powered by separate external power supplies.

Additionally, non-isolated supply voltage with a current limit of 2 A can be used from PWR OUT pins.

The input connector of IOLITE-8xDI-4xDO is a terminal block OMNIMATE Signal SL Series.

IOLITE-8xDI-4xDO is your choice for more demanding industrial applications such as valve control, with a maximum sink current of 0.5 A and maximum switching voltage of 50 V.

The modules are compatible with all IOLITE chassis and system options:

OBSIDIAN®Data logger and embedded data acquisition system
IOLITE® ModularModular Industrial Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems

You can check the full technical specifications on the IOLITE tech specs page.