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Wednesday, February 15, 2023 · 0 min read

NASA Uses Dewesoft Knowhow to Reach for the Stars

Dewesoft data acquisition products are regularly used for space exploration. In particular, the United Stated Space Agency NASA relies on Dewesoft technology - even in the latest large-scale projects.

Space Launch System - SLS

Almost 100 meters in length and up to 130 tons. Given the colossal proportions, nothing points to soaring heights - and yet the Space Launch System (SLS) is to become NASA's ticket to the Moon and Mars. Mission EM-1, the first flight of the Space Launch System, is scheduled for 2020.

Journey to the moon

More specifically, SLS will send an Orion capsule on its journey to the moon. NASA uses Dewesoft know-how to reach for the stars: Relevant data streams are recorded with our measuring technologies - these are the basis for further analysis. Concrete information cannot be provided as strictest secrecy agreements are part of the cooperation.

Tested in space

However, it is no secret that the US space agency has been relying on our know-how in the past. For example, Dewesoft software has become the centerpiece of NASA's ARES I-X rocket flight test. Specifically, data streams from Development Flight Instrumentation (DFI) and the Operational Flight Instrumentation Data Stream (OFI) from the ARES I-X rocket were successfully processed using our systems. More than 2,000 parameters were recorded in the run-up to a Dewesoft mission launched in the previous year - by a single measuring unit.

Dewesoft has mushroomed here… the data was being reviewed by up 50 to 60 different centers, along with NASA personnel as high as the manager of the entire Space Shuttle program.

NASA / Kennedy Space Center

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