Matic Lebar

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 · 0 min read

Introducing IOLITEir-8xRTDp

The IOLITEir-8xRTDp is a new version of the 8-channel IOLITE temperature module. It is a channel-to-channel isolated DAQ device especially suitable for cryogenic temperature measurements using resistance temperature detectors (RTD).

In extremely low-temperature environments, such as cooling applications with liquid nitrogen, the Seebeck effect is often unavoidable. The phenomenon produces a voltage difference when the two conductors have a large temperature difference, in this case, the sensor and the measurement device. The generated voltage adds an error to the measurement. The IOLITEir-8xRTDp eliminates this DC offset error by using pulsed excitation, creating an AC coupling and, therefore, ensuring the accuracy of the temperature reading. 

The IOLITEir-8xRTDp module

The standard, DC excitation type is also available on the module as well as a voltage input mode with ranges of ±1 V and ±100 mV. The excitation mode (DC or AC) can be configured individually for each channel using the software. The input connector of the IOLITEir-8xRTDp is 6-pin 0B Series Lemo connector and the module uses a 24-bit ADC with sampling rates up to 100 S/s per channel. 

As with all standard IOLITE modules, the IOLITEir-8xRTDp is equipped with two EtherCAT buses, making it suitable for collecting data via DewesoftX while providing it to a real-time control system in parallel.  It can be mounted in all standard rack chassis (IOLITE-R12, IOLITE-R8, IOLITE-R8r).