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Wednesday, February 15, 2023 · 0 min read

Green Future with Dewesoft Metrology

Electric motors, inverters, batteries and battery charging tests are common electric vehicle testing applications from Dewesoft. Our solutions enable a comprehensive analysis of all types of electric and hybrid powertrains.

It is becoming more and more important and a new study on life cycle assessment confirms that e-mobility has great future potential.

"Cradle-to-Grave" analysis is currently being discussed in the automotive industry with regard to the eco-balance. This refers to the so-called "life cycle assessment" and the question "How much" CO2 does a vehicle generate in production, during the use livecycle, and recycling?

While combustion engine supporters hitherto criticized the environmental friendliness of production, especially the recycling of electric vehicles, a new study by a German car manufacturer forcefully rejects this. This study shows that the investigated diesel vehicle generates an average emission of 140 g CO2 / km over the whole life cycle, the electric version of the same car comes to a value of 119 g CO2 / km. 

E-mobility: production is critical for CO 2 emissions

The main difference - unlike a gas burner, the bulk of emissions from a battery vehicle is in production. It is of crucial importance for the CO2 emissions, whether the driving energy is obtained from fossil or regenerative sources, the study authors emphasize. During the exploitation phase, however, CO2 emissions from sources depend on energy generation. They decrease all the more, the more regenerative energies are available.

Dewesoft offers e-mobility solutions 

The increasing importance of e-mobility - also due to studies such as this - has also affected the world of metrology.

Advanced and user-friendly solutions for all aspects of the development, validation, and production of electrical and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly important

Martin Frolec, Dewesoft Germany CEO

Dewesoft therefore already offers tests of electric motors and inverters as well as battery and battery charging tests. Mr. Frolec points out a number of benefits in this regard through the use of Dewesoft Power Analyzers for e-mobility developers:

  • Flexible application: The "Power Analyzer" can be used specifically for the development of batteries (efficiency analysis, cell characterization, long-term tests, crash tests, short circuit analysis, overheating / overload tests, aging tests, etc.) as well as for monitoring applications (data logging, transient recording, charge-discharge analysis, etc.).

  •  Extensive analysis: With our "Power Analyzer"; we have the high-end device in the market for high-precision power measurement. Flexible hardware combined with powerful software and the integration of additional signals such as temperature, pressure, vibration, speed, torque, GPS, video and more allow wide-ranging analyses on any machinery such as electric motors.

  • Comprehensive performance calculations: Our system calculates over 100 performance parameters, such as P, Q, S, PF, cos phi, and many others. In addition, it offers comprehensive recording functions for raw data, oscilloscope, FFT, harmonics. All of these calculations can be done either online or during post-processing.

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