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Monday, November 21, 2022 · 0 min read

New Global Sales Leadership Announcement

After more than thirty successful years in the data acquisition business, including the last 12 years working very closely with us at Dewesoft, Herbert Wernigg is stepping down as our Vice President of Sales. Herbert has been instrumental in facilitating the growth that Dewesoft has achieved over the last dozen years. The successes that we have in the future will stand on the foundation that Herbert made - this we will never forget!

Herbert Wernigg

At Dewesoft, we have always insisted on hiring the best possible people for every position. The reason is simple: people make all the difference. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Sean Campbell has become our new CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) starting today, 21 November 2022. Sean has a proven track record working at the highest executive levels with significant companies like Safran/Zodiac, Heim, and Trenton Systems. He has deep insight and experience with how to scale a business for continuous profitable growth and plans to drive DEWESoft’s Commercial offerings to the next level.

Sean Campbell

Starting in 1999, Sean served as Vice President of Sales at the Heim Data Systems division of Zodiac Aerospace. In 2006, he became Vice President of Sales and Service at Zodiac, where he served for two years. He was then promoted to President & CEO of Zodiac Data Systems in 2008, serving successfully in that role for nearly ten years. 

Due to his long experience in the Military, Aerospace, and Defense industry, he once before joined Dewesoft, becoming our Worldwide VP of Aerospace Sales. 

However, within the last two years, he was responsible for all aspects of sales, marketing operations, and new business development as the CCO of Trenton Systems - a US manufacturer of high-performance computing solutions for aerospace and defense programs. He now returns to us as our Chief Commercial Officer, and we are happy to welcome him back to the team.

Sean will focus on growth and help our sales managers in various countries around the globe to build on and increase our footprint. He will manage both our field and inside sales teams, Business Development efforts, and Commercial offerings. We are pleased to welcome Sean and wish him a long and successful career at Dewesoft.