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Monday, February 20, 2023 · 0 min read

Formula Student: Playground for Measurement Technologies

Formula Student: playground for measurement technologies

The countdown has already begun with presentations of the first cars: In just a few weeks, from 7 to 11 July, the starting signal for the "Formula Student" will be given in the Netherlands. The student design competition not only arouses cross-border interest but is also the playground for new Dewesoft measurement technologies.

The task faced by the Formula Student participants can be summed up in one sentence: Build, finance, and market a single-seater race car and compete against the other teams. A total of 100 international teams are registered for the Hockenheim-Ring competition - 40 for the "Formula Student Electric" and 60 for the "Formula Student Combustion".

The situation in Austria is not much different, with the "Formula Student" taking place a few days before the German Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. Behind the racing series is pretty much everyone, who has rank and name in the automotive industry: Nowhere else are future engineers brought so close to practical experience in technology - and everything that goes with it.

Dewesoft measurement technology ensures a background noise

The student racing series is not only about fishing for the employees of tomorrow, but the "Formula Student" has also developed into a "playground" for technologies - as is the case with Dewesoft: Within the scope of the competition, Dewesoft conducts noise measurements based on the official guidelines for combustion engines.

For measurement, a data acquisition system, sensors, and software are used - disturbing frequencies are eliminated with the help of a filter. The setup convinces through simplicity: For the measurement, only the number of engine cylinders has to be selected and the cylinder stroke has to be entered. Two indicators show if noise levels are exceeded.

"Our technologies have been used successfully in Formula Student for several years," stresses Dewesoft founder Herbert Wernigg. They are also used in the premier class of motorsport: "Even in Formula 1 there is hardly a team that can do without our know-how."

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