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Wednesday, February 15, 2023 · 0 min read

Dewesoft X3 SP3 Released

The Dewesoft team is pleased to announce the release of the new DEWESoft X3 SP3. The new version of DEWESoft X includes a great mix of stability and performance improvements on the already existing functionality, as well as an array of brand new features which enhance the user experience and make Dewesoft an even easier tool to use.

Listed below are some of the major changes as well as the minor, convenience features.

The “DS-GRID” table is now available in Math

One of the most important features of DEWESoft X3 SP3 is that users now get access to the “DS-GRID” in the standard Math module. Following the unification theme of X3, the Math module was one of the last final core tools that were still using the older Delphi grid. SP3 not only adds the “DS-GRID” to math but also to other complex math modules like Balancing, Combustion/Power grid analysis,... With the grid, you of course also get access to new columns, which you customize to your liking.

DS grid

New 2D/3D table visual control

While 2D and 3D graph provide an interactive graphics visualization of your data, the new 2D / 3D table offers an easy access to numeric values of multidimensional data at any given point in time. You can display either matrices or multiple vectors (as long as they share the same axis), copy values to the clipboard, automatically color cells with out-of-bound values, ... all while conveniently sliding back and forth in time through your measurement.

2D - 3D table

Improved NET interface (cross trigger, RDP)

The NET interface is now greatly improved with the implementation of cross triggers that allow the triggers from any measurement unit to be used on any other unit. A big improvement is also the addition of the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) as an option to remotely connect to slave measurement units which are even faster and more reliable than VNC.

Improved NET interface

KRYPTON offline setup

Offline KRYPTON setup is now available in addition to SIRIUS and DEWE-43A, which allows the simulation of Krypton measurement instruments to build setups without having the need for actual hardware.

Offline Krypton setup

Lord-microstrain wireless sensors support

LORD Microstrain plugin was developed, allowing LORD Microstrain wireless sensors to be used with Dewesoft X software directly, without any additional interfaces or adapters.

OPC-UA client/server

The newly developed OPC UA Server and Client plugins allow Dewesoft to send and receive data from other OPC UA devices and therefore greatly improving the range and possibilities of integration with other devices and systems.

OPC UA client

Dewesoft X3 user manual

Updated DEWESoft X3 user’s manual will make working with software much easier as it covers the updated interface and a lot of newer modules, which were missing in the previous version.

X3 manual

Sequencer improvements

  • Added play command for replaying data files with the sequencer

  • Added an option to check if a channel exists and has data using the sequencer

  • Added a stop sequence action

  • Added a summary report at the end of test cases in the sequencer

Other major developments

  • Added Frequency domain integration and derivation math function

  • Implemented native DBC export/import without any DLLs

  • Updated several existing wiring diagrams (KRYPTON LV, LVv2, STG, STGv2 RTD,...)

  • Added multiple new wiring diagrams and device previews (DSI adapters , Krypton TH, Krypton 3x/6xSTG with L2B10f connector)

New device support

  • Added support for the KRYPTON-CPU

  • Added Support for the Vector CAN VN1610

Other feature

  • Search added to offline module selection

  • Added grid search in math instrument channel list and sublist

  • Added channel search in multi-input math

  • Added RPM/Hz selection to angle sensor math

  • Channels with datatype Int64 are now exported as Int64 in FullSpeed export

  • Added optional relative time format without days

  • Speed optimization for XY recorder

  • Added support for IEPE calibration in low-frequency ranges

  • The possibility of adding notice event in the fullscreen mode

  • Exit Dewesoft action added to the user input visual control

  • Added the shortcut for entering settings

  • Filter output channels now have the same unit as their input by default

  • Added the option to copy colors from input channels to additional channels

  • Finalized Krypton GPS synchronization for standalone mode

Dewesoft thanks you for your great support in making DEWESoft X3 better with every version. DEWESoft X3 SP3 is a free upgrade for all existing Dewesoft users and can be downloaded in the Download center.

Note that this release of the DEWESoft X software is now also available in the Spanish language.