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Wednesday, February 15, 2023 · 0 min read

Road2Rig Merges Real Drive Tests with Road Simulator Test Bench

In order to generate Road2Rig measurement data for the test bench, data are first collected from a vehicle in a real driving test on a regular road or prooving ground. This requires special measurement equipment that can cope with environmental conditions such as temperature and shock.

Then the task goes to the road simulator test bench, where the previously recorded measurement data - hopefully without compatibility problems - are played again. More specifically, a complex control system with extensive sensors replicates the operation on the road. Typically, to date, each analog channel has been individually converted by signal conditioning and the measuring technology for the control added. With the Dewesoft R8rt measuring system, both applications are now uniquely combined in one system.

The R8rt system is based on the proven SIRIUS DAQ series with dual-core ADC and 160dB dynamics for the highest resolution, galvanic isolation for safety and the signal quality and more front-ends to really capture all signals such as strain gages, forces, pressures, speeds, accelerations, etc. In addition to fatigue data, data from other sources, e.g. Kistler's KiRoad wheel force transducers, can be captured synchronously. The robustness for the driving operation ensures measurements accompanying in-house development at the shock, drop and vibration laboratory.

Full interoperability with EtherCAT Master from other manufacturers eradicates the need to once again convert all signals on the test bench to analog voltages, eliminating the requirement for an additional controller stage for signal conditioning. A single EtherCAT cable now fulfills this task. The same extensive high-precision analog front ends of the driving test, which offer much better signal quality than conventional PLC hardware, are subsequently used on the test bench as part of the control loop. The EtherCAT digital data transmission also makes the system reliable, reducing complexity and costs considerably - up to 1 km of routed cable can be saved on Road Load Data test benches.

Source: DEWESOFT: ROAD2RIG vereint Fahrversuch und Prüfstand