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Thursday, December 12, 2019 · 0 min read

DEWE-world is Merging and Getting Stronger

Dewesoft is growing very fast again – setting the record with a 30% growth of order income and delivery in 2019 compared to the year before. To keep fulfilling the market requests for new products and technologies Dewesoft acquired two Austrian companies, TVE Elektronische Systeme GMBH in Vienna and DEWEnet Instruments GMBH in Graz.

TVE is developing and manufacturing analog amplifiers, signal conditioning, and total DAQ devices - even the soldering of the components on boards is done in-house.

“This growth shows the great trust of the customers in our solutions and technology”, says Dr. Jure Knez, president and co-founder of Dewesoft, “and together the three companies form a perfect union with long years of knowledge in sales, marketing, product development, and assembly”.

TVE has more than 35 years of experience in the development, production, testing, and calibration of precision signal conditioners and total DAQ devices for companies like DEWETRON, DEWEnet, Gantner Instruments, and others.

TVE and DEWEnet jointly developed the CANlog product line - CAN-based data acquisition devices in multichannel waterproof enclosures as well as in single module distributed chassis. With its vast experience in sales and marketing DEWEnet provided a worldwide sales network for CANlog products.

“We will continue to serve customers by delivering CANlog products”, Jure Knez comments. ”But as the most important outcome of the merge, Dewesoft will expand its lines of IOLITE and KRYPTON data acquisition devices with new data interfaces and signal conditioning. Our planned time to market for a wide range of IOLITE amplifiers will be shortened.”

The development manager at TVE, Herbert Piribauer says: “The merger is a good match! It means upgrading and sharing of technology – and for us in Vienna a chance to learn some new thinking from Dewesoft. We are all technicians and speak the same language”.

TVE is a high-profile company for electronic developments of all kinds. During the years TVE company has provided customers solutions for a wide range of applications: the drying of wood, portioning of drinks, heating of rail track changes, measuring weights, directional sound, wine yard ground ventilation, and more.

In later years the field of measurement and control technology has expanded even further through the cooperation with Bösendorfer on the development of electronics hardware and software for reproducing pianos able to record and replay.

Gerhard Zainzinger, production manager at TVE sees the merger as a boost for all parties: “We bring more production assembly power and technical know-how to Dewesoft”, he says, “we are a family, and feels it like Dewesoft is family too”.

As well as the development of hardware, the development and programming of software are carried out in-house at TVE. The experience in firmware development ranges from simple assembler for the smallest microprocessors to complex high-level languages for microprocessors via freely programmable logic as well as complex, individually created computer programs.

In addition to the development department, TVE also has a production facility for small and medium quantities of electronic components and devices for measurement and control technology.

In the future, the combined Austrian companies, housed at the TVE address, will function as a Dewesoft competence center, which will be responsible for the full product development process, including both hardware and firmware. 

With the merge to Dewesoft TVE will have a clear focus on its major field of expertise - data acquisition instruments.

TVE GmbH has above 5 Million components on stock, to be prepared for the fastest delivery. Stock management is very important for customer satisfaction, as some components otherwise may have a delivery time of more than 40 weeks.