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Tuesday, May 31, 2022 · 0 min read

Announcing the new Dewesoft ARTeMiS Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Solution

We are glad to announce that Dewesoft and Structural Vibration Solutions A/S (SVIBS) have signed an agreement to offer you a complete Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) testing solution. The OMA can be performed with Dewesoft data acquisition instrumentation and with the Dewesoft version of SVIBS ARTeMIS OMA software.

The Dewesoft ARTeMIS OMA software package is available via the Dewesoft download portal. The Dewesoft ARTeMIS OMA software directly opens the Dewesoft DXD data files, with time-domain measured data of excitation and response points on the structure.

To get a trial license please get in touch with Dewesoft support. The installation procedure is described in the official Dewesoft OMA manual

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The operational modal analysis allows you to measure and analyze the structural dynamics of machines, vehicles, constructions, and other devices as they behave while in operation. 

With OMA you can estimate the same modal parameters as with the traditional experimental modal techniques (EMA - experimental modal analysis), but without requiring information and control of external input excitations like shakers and impact hammers. The modal parameters are the mode shape, the natural frequency, and the damping ratio.

OMA is not just another name for ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes), since OMA determines and separates noise and inputs from the output data and returns the unbiased modal information only - enabling estimations of modal models from the operational data.

OMA is also referred to as output-only modal analysis, ambient response analysis, ambient modal analysis, in-operation modal analysis, and natural input modal analysis.

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