Interfaces and Analysers

CAN and CAN FD interfaces and analyzers with easy to use CAN bus software with optional support for OBDII, J1939, XCP/CCP, CAN transmit, and reading of DBC files.

CAN bus
CAN bus
-40°C to +60°C
-40°C to +60°C
Shock rating 100g
Shock rating 100g

Main Features

  • PLUG-AND-PLAY CAN INTERFACES: Our CAN interfaces are robust and easy to use. Simply connect CAN device to the USB port of your laptop or any of our SBOX or KRYPTON CPU computers and the device will be recognized automatically and ready to use.
  • 1, 2, 4, or 8 CAN PORTS: Various CAN devices with 1, 2, 4, or 8 CAN ports are available. Multiple CAN devices can be additionally synchronized together to expand to more CAN ports.
  • HIGH-SPEED ISOLATED CAN devices: Each of the CAN port on any CAN device is isolated and utilizes high speed CAN 2.0b standard. 
  • FANLESS CHASSIS AVAILABLE: While 2 and 4 port CAN port are fanless by default, also 8 port CAN device can be built into fanless aluminum chassis with an IP50 degree of protection for worry-free CAN acquisition in harsh, dusty environments.
  • OBDII, J1939, AND XCP SUPPORT: All CAN interfaces offer an additional OBDIIJ1939 standard, and XCP/CCP support without any additional hardware.
  • FLEXRAY and XCP/CCP: Additional automotive protocols XCP/CCP are supported as well with the included Dewesoft X Professional data acquisition software. FlexRay interface is available using third-party hardware.
  • CAN OUT: All devices can output CAN messages.
  • DBC FILE SUPPORT: Included Dewesoft X data acquisition software enables easy read of DBC files which will automatically set CAN channels.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Easy to use, yet very robust in functionality, award-winning Dewesoft X DAQ software is included. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs, bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage, and analysis capabilities.

Automotive Bus Interfaces

Dewesoft offers support for several standard automotive interfaces for analyzing and inspecting vehicle bus data. Data can be captured from all the supported interfaces and synchronized with other sources like analog, video, and others...

Supported automotive interfaces:

  • CAN Bus (see CAN Bus Analyzers)
  • OBDII on CAN (see CAN OBDII)
  • J1939 and J1587
  • CAN FD (see our CAN FD Bus Analyzers)
  • LIN bus
  • FlexRay
  • Kistler KiRoad
  • MTS road simulator integration
  • Testbed AK-protocol support
  • ETAS INCA over CAN
  • SENT (SAE J2716)

Slide right for more details about individual automotive interfaces. 

CAN Bus Data

Dewesoft X can interface with all Dewesoft CAN and CAN FD devices which are a dominated vehicle bus interfaces found in today's vehicles. Dewesoft X can decode any kind of data from the CAN bus in read-only or acknowledge mode. Support for OBDII on CAN, J1939, and J1587 standards is also available.

Dewesoft X makes it extremely easy to setup CAN channels. The software can import and export CAN DBC or XML files. DBC files are common files for CAN message and channel definition. After the import software will automatically set up all available CAN channels and decode CAN messages.

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Dewesoft X can interface with our CAN FD devices to read, store, and analyze the CAN FD data from the vehicle CAN bus. 

Key features

  • Synchronized CAN FD acquisition with other sources like analog, digital, video, GPS, etc.
  • Decode, store and send CAN FD messages
  • Dual baud rate up to 12 MBit/sec
  • Message decoding up to 64 bytes
  • Support for CAN DBC or XML file import and export for easy setup of CAN FD channels

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Dewesoft X offers support for XCP and CCP protocols via XCP/CCP plugins.

The plugin enables data acquisition from Electronic Control Units (ECUs) supporting CCP or XCP over CAN or Ethernet protocol. It supports multiple ECU's. No additional HW is needed except CAN or Ethernet port. 

For more information see:

XCP Devices

Next to XCP Slave and Master plugins, Dewesoft also introduced SIRIUS XHS and IOLITE LX devices which can natively serve data via XCP on Ethernet without the need of any software. You can watch a short presentation video.


FlexRay is an automotive network communications protocol developed by the FlexRay Consortium to govern on-board automotive computing. It is designed to be faster and more reliable than CAN.

Dewsoft X data acquisition software offers support for FlexRay protocol with the FIBEX library import option. All Vector FlexRay cards are supported.

LIN bus 

The LIN bus plugin allows you to simply connect and listen to communication on multiple LIN networks. Using Vector hardware, it mimics listen-only slaves that listen to all data transmission on the bus. Decoding can be done in three different forms:

  • analog data with extensive scaling options,
  • discrete data
  • a mix of both.

The plugin supports importing the configuration from LIN description files (LDF). To read the LIN bus, a Vector LIN card is required.

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SENT (SAE J2716)

The SENT protocol (Single Edge Nibble Transmission - SAE J2716) is a data transmission protocol that has seen a big increase in use, especially in the automotive industry. The module developed decodes a SENT signal transmitted from a sensor using counter channels.

The module supports two fast channels and any number of slow channels, which are detected automatically. The SENT signals can be decoded from multiple sensors simultaneously while each sensor is using a dedicated counter channel.

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Automotive Bus Interfaces

Reliable CAN Bus Acquisition and Analysis

All CAN interface support transmitting and receiving CAN 2.0b data at a full speed of 1 Mbit/s per each channel. All CAN channels are isolated for worry-free CAN acquisition in noisy environments and for maximum signal quality.

CAN devices with 2, 4, and 8 CAN ports are available. Multiple CAN devices can be synchronized together to increase CAN ports.

Data acquisition systems like DEWE-43, MINITAURs, and SIRIUS also offer dedicated CAN bus ports. These ports offer the same CAN functionality as the dedicated CAN devices described on this page.

Reliable CAN Bus Acquisition and Analysis

CAN FD Analyzer

The bandwidth requirement of new automotive applications is rapidly increasing. Automotive OEMs are thus introducing CAN FD in new cars. CAN FD can provide significantly increased bandwidth due to increased data clock rates, and to larger data payloads. CAN-FD is used with an increase in the number of sensors inside the vehicle and is much faster than the normal CAN2.0 - which is limited to 1Mbps.

KRYPTONi-1xCAN-FD is a single port CAN FD device that uses EtherCAT as a data interface. It supports high-speed CAN interface with data rates up to 8 Mbps. Besides this, CAN FD also supports the CAN2.0 communication protocol as well as special protocols such as J1939, where CAN out is used as read-only.

The new KRYPTONi-1xCAN-FD uses galvanically isolated communication lines and an isolated sensor supply of +5 V and +12 V. Power limit for the sensor supply is 1.4 W.

This product is the latest member of the award-winning KRYPTON ONE product line. A line designed for extreme conditions with an operating temperature range between -40°C and +85 °C and IP67 rating.

KRYPTONi-1xCAN-FD is supplied in a standard KRYPTON ONE chassis with a DSUB9 input connector.

CAN FD Analyzer

CAN Bus Recording and Analysis Software

All our CAN and CAN FD devices include easy to use and award-winning Dewesoft X data acquisition software. Our CAN interfaces are perfect data recorders for in-vehicle measurements.

Dewesoft X software offers:

  • advanced CAN recording, storing and analysis,

  • online monitoring and decoding of CAN messages,

  • offline CAN message decoding,

  • visual display for displaying CAN data,

  • online and offline math analysis of CAN channels

  • CAN DBC file import and export

  • OBDII on CAN, J1939 and XCP/CCP support

  • CAN transmit

Dewesoft X makes it extremely easy to setup CAN channels. The software can read and import CAN DBC or XML files. DBC files are common files for CAN message and channel definition. After the import software will automatically set up all available CAN channels and decode CAN messages.

CAN Bus Recording and Analysis Software

OBD II, J1939, and XCP/CCP protocols

Dewesoft CAN bus devices also offer OBD II, SAE J1939, XCP, and CCP protocol support. 

OBDII functionality provides real-time data acquisition of wide range vehicle parameters available over vehicle standard OBD II port. It only supports OBD II over CAN which is mandatory on all new cars developed after 2008.

Data acquisition from Electronic Control Units (ECUs) supporting CCP or XCP protocol (over CAN or Ethernet) is also possible with no additional hardware.

OBD II, J1939, and XCP/CCP protocols

Rugged CAN Bus Analyzer

We offer two versions of CAN instruments intended for CAN acquisition and analysis in very harsh environments.

Fanless IP50 SIRIUSif-8xCAN

This 8-port CAN device is built in fanless chassis and therefore no air is flowing through it. It is perfectly suited for more dusty environments.

Waterproof IP67 SIRIUSiw-8xCAN

This is an even more rugged version of 8-port CAN device. This unit is completely sealed and offers the IP67 degree of environmental protection, which means the unit is dust, shock, and water-proof.

Rugged CAN Bus Analyzer

Synchronization With Analog Data

All configured CAN channels are perfectly synchronized down to microseconds with any other data sources like analog, digital, video, etc.. The synchronization will be pinpoint even if the sampling rates between different data sources are completely different.

CAN and CAN FD devices come with built-in synchronization port which allows for hardware synchronization with other Dewesoft data acquisition systems like SIRIUSKRYPTON or DEWE-43.

Synchronization With Analog Data

Data Acquisition Software Included for Free

All Dewesoft data acquisition systems are bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. DewesoftX is the world's most advanced and easy-to-use data acquisition and signal processing software. Its flexibility and endless functionality for signal processing will help you solve all your test and measurement needs. Our DAQ software gives you many advantages over other DAQ systems. Functionalities like plug-and-play, hardware auto-detection, smart TEDS sensors, advanced storing, real-time displays, and a never-ending math library will elevate your measurement and analysis capabilities to a whole new level.

And the best part? DewesoftX DAQ software offers lifetime FREE software updates and technical support to all users. Software is evolving all the time. New major releases are released every 3 months constantly adding new features, optimization, and other improvements. No hidden upgrade costs.

Data Acquisition Software Included for Free

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Connecting the DAQ system and sensors could not be faster or easier. DewesoftX software will automatically detect the connected DAQ systems and TEDS-equipped sensors and will configure the entire channel configuration for you. Features like:

  • hardware auto-detection,
  • smart sensors,
  • sensor database,
  • advanced TEDS sensor support,
  • automatic unit conversion,
  • real-time signal preview,
  • store setup files,

will make you ready for measurement in seconds. Spend less time configuring your DAQ systems and be more productive. Time is money!

Supported input and output interfaces

Measure and Store

Measure and Store

Powerful storing capabilities with more than 500 MB/s sustained stream rates mean you can always store data at full speed and never again worry about losing data that could compromise your tests. DewesoftX software features:

  • real-time data acquisition,
  • synchronized acquisition of analog, counter, video, GPS, CAN bus, and many other sources,
  • advanced triggering and alarms,
  • single or multi-file storage,
  • remote and distributed network storing,
  • automated test sequences.

Even if you store gigabytes of data, our innovative data file format​​​​​​​ will ensure you can load and analyze your data as fast as in a blink of an eye.

DewesoftX storing engine

Analyse and Publish

Analyse and Publish

NVH, structural testign, power analysis, and more. Forget about using several and complex software solutions just to record, store, analyze, and visualize your data. DewesoftX offers all-in-one advanced data visualization, analysis, and reporting tools:

  • online and offline mathematics,
  • flexible real-time visual displays,
  • synchronized video support,
  • PDF reporting tools,
  • data export to many standard file formats,
  • unlimited FREE licenses to view and analyze stored data files.

DewesoftX is designed with the mindset of a test engineer and offers a complete testing solution in a single software package that is a joy to use.

DewesoftX data visualisation
DewesoftX math and signal analsys capabilities
DewesoftX export and reporting

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