Data Interfaces, Sensors, and Actuators

Dewesoft also develops and manufactures data interfaces such as USB CAN and CAN FD devices, GNSS receivers, IMU and INS inertial positioning devices, and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), and high-speed cameras.

All interface devices are fully compatible and synchronized with all of our Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems and offer the same highest possible built quality. To complete the measurement chain we also provide high accuracy current and vibration sensors.

Knowledge Base

What is CAN bus and how it compares to other vehicle data networks?
What is TEDS sensor technology IEEE 1451.4?

What is EtherCAT and how does it work?
How to measure current using current sensors?
Measure shock and vibration using accelerometer sensors
Measure strain and pressure with strain gage sensors
Measure weight with load cell sensors
Measure RPM, angle, and speed using a digital, encoder, and counter sensors
Measuring position and displacement with LVDT sensors