SIRIUS Data Acquisition (DAQ) System

The world's most versatile, powerful, high-dynamic USB and EtherCAT data acquisition system. Connect any signal and sensor. Packed with the latest DAQ technology. Free software included.

SIRIUS USB and EtherCAT data acquisition system
High Voltage
High Voltage
Strain / Stress
Strain / Stress
Full Bridge
Full Bridge
Half Bridge
Half Bridge
Quarter Bridge
Quarter Bridge
CAN bus
CAN bus
DSI compatible
DSI compatible
TEDS compatible
TEDS compatible
Analog out
Analog out
USB 2.0
USB 2.0
-10°C to +50°C
-10°C to +50°C
Shock rating 50g
Shock rating 50g

Main Features

  • USB/ETHERCAT INTERFACE: SIRIUS DAQ system can be connected via USB or EtherCAT to any Windows compatible PC or to one of our high-performance SBOX data loggers.
  • ANY SENSOR: Array of different amplifiers are available that can acquire data from virtually any sensor on the market. IEPE, voltage, high voltage, charge, full/half/quarter bridge, LVDT, RTD, thermocouples, current, resistance, counter, encoder, and digital inputs are available.
  • UNIVERSAL ANALOG INPUTS: Universal analog amplifiers can accept voltage and full/half/quarter bridge signals natively as well as IEPE, charge, thermocouples, RTD, current, resistance, and LVDT signals with the use of DSI adapters.
  • 160 dB DYNAMIC RANGE: Our DualCoreADC® technology boosts dual 24-bit delta-sigma ADC's with an anti-aliasing filter on each analog channel, achieving astonishing 160 dB dynamic range in time and frequency domain with 200 kHz sampling rate per channel. 
  • 1 MHz SAMPLING RATE: A combination of software and hardware allows for acquisition speeds up to 1 MHz per channel on SIRIUS HS devices with real-time data processing and streaming to disk.
  • HIGH ISOLATION:  High channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation prevents damage to the systems from excessive voltage and avoids ground loops.
  • FLEXIBLE AND SCALABLE: SIRIUS DAQ system can grow with your needs. You can start with a single channel and scale the system to thousands of channels at any time.
  • SENSOR POWER SUPPLY: Amplifiers provide channel-independent, programmable power supply for sensor excitation.
  • DIGITAL/COUNTER/ENCODER INPUTS: Each channel is capable of 3x digital inputs, 1x event counter, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle, and precise frequency and angle measurement using patented SUPERCOUNTER® technology. 
  • ISOLATED CAN INPUT: High speed CAN 2.0b channels with 1 Mbit/sec data throughput with additional support for CCP, OBDII, J1939, and CAN output.
  • ANALOG OUTPUTS/FUNCTION GENERATOR: SIRIUS slice can be configured with 8 analog outputs which can also function as a multi-channel function generator (software option upgrade required), analog replay, or control device with the output voltage signal of ±10V.
  • FULLY SYNCHRONIZED: Each channel, analog, digital, or CAN is synchronized with microsecond accuracy.
  • SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Easy-to-use but rich in functionality, award-winning data acquisition software - Dewesoft X is included. All software upgrades are free forever with no hidden licensing or maintainance costs.


Next Generation DAQ

The SIRIUS data acquisition system is designed to be flexible, modular, expandable, and secure. The main goal of the development of SIRIUS was to create a simple to use device that prevents frequent errors during the measurement process.

SIRIUS offers virtually unlimited configuration possibilities. Slices are available from 1 to 16 analog channel configurations and can be daisy-chained together to extend channel count. An array of different analog amplifiers are available to give you the possibility to connect virtually any sensor. 

Technologies like DualCoreADC®, SUPERCOUNTERS®, high isolation, and innovations of Dewesoft X3 software make SIRIUS the most unique data acquisition solution on the market today.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Using SIRIUS does not require any complex configuration setups or programming.

With plug and play functionality, smart sensors, and advanced TEDS support, making measurements with SIRIUS are easier than riding a bike. You will get it right the first time and you will be ready to measure in no time.

Getting precise and graphically rich results is easier than ever. Just drag and drop one of the many flexible visual displays and connect them to your channels. Voila! It works like magic.

DualCoreADC Technology - High Dynamic Range

The DualCoreADC® technology solves often faced problems with signal measurement - input overload, noise, and artificial frequencies in the signal caused by aliasing. The input signal can be higher than expected (out-of-range) and therefore clipped by the ADC. This will result in an incorrect measurement and you will have to repeat the test all over again.

DualCoreADC® technology prevents these problems. Each channel amplifier has two ADC's that always measure the high and low gain of the input signal. This results in the full possible measuring range of the sensor and prevents the signal from being clipped. 

With DualCoreADC® technology SIRIUS achieves more than 130 dB signal to noise ratio and more than 160 dB in dynamic range. This is 20 times better than 24-bit systems and 20 times less noise.

Channel-to-Channel Galvanic Isolation

SIRIUS instrument comes with high galvanic channel-to-channel, channel-to-ground isolation (±1000 V), and even includes isolated sensor excitation.

With such isolation, we have no problem measuring high voltage potentials and no problem with common mode voltages. We are also safe with measurements like vibrations, temperatures, or any other measurement where non-isolated sensors are placed next to the high voltage potential against the DAQ system ground. In such cases, a non-isolated DAQ system would burn or at least give faulty wrong results. With SIRIUS it is just one thing less to worry about.

Digital isolation has another big advantage - preserving frequency bandwidth of the amplifiers. SIRIUS provides "worry-free" measurements, less noise, no ground loops, and the best possible signal quality.

For less demanding applications and lower cost, SIRIUS is also available with only channel-power supply isolation, without channel-channel isolation.

Precise Counter and Encoder Measurement

SIRIUS utilizes a patented technology called SUPERCOUNTER® in every of its counter/encoder inputs.

Counter inputs can measure the RPM and angle of rotating machines. In comparison to standard counters, which only output integer numbers one sample later (e.g. 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4), SUPERCOUNTERs® are able to extract the accurate values like 1.37, 1.87, 2.37, etc. fully synchronized for time and amplitude. This is done by measuring the exact time of the rising edge of the signal with an additional counter. Our SUPERCOUNTERs® work on a 102.4 MHz time base, independent from the current sampling rate.

Counter inputs are fully synchronized with analog, CAN bus, and other data sources to enable easy applications like balancing, order tracking, and torsional vibrations.

For more information on our SUPERCOUNTER® inputs please navigate to Digital Counter PRO training course.

Analog Output

SIRIUS slices can optinally be configured with 8 analog output channels on the backplane. Analog outputs can have four functions:

  • Multi-channel function generator (software option upgrade required)
  • Stand-alone signal conditioning
  • Control channels
  • Analog file replay

Slide right to find more information about each use case.

Output Oversampling

Similar to the Sigma-Delta converter on the input the analog output uses a special oversampling technology which enables higher frequencies to be put out correctly. Although the maximum SIRIUS sampling rate is 200 kHz the output looks like sampled with 1 MHz.

Function Generator

With the analog output option there is need for additional analog out hardware. The Dewesoft X3 software includes its own multi-channel function generator, so together with the  our SIRIUS hardware it is able to generate and output signals like sine, triangle, rectangle, saw, or even an arbitrary table, continuously or in sweep, step sweep, burst, and more. Fine-tuning can be done in real-time during a measurement.

Standalone Signal Conditioning

With the analog out option the SIRIUS unit can be used as a pure, standalone signal conditioner. No Dewesoft software or USB connection is needed. Any physical input signal is converted directly to an analog output voltage signal of max. ±10 V.

  • Any input possible
  • Signal conditioning: scaling, offset, gain
  • Redundant DAQ system: mathematic functions
  • Standalone operation possible

Control Channels

Dewesoft X3 software also features control channels which allow SIRIUS device to directly access analog outputs and manually assign a value in real-time during measurement. 

This mode can be used for controlling peripheral hardware. Choose out of many different instruments like vertical and horizontal slider bar, turning knob, buttons, edit box, etc...

File Replay to Analog

After the measurement is done and recorded to hard drive you can replay your data file and output the conditioned channels on the analog output. This can be used for post-analysis or to feed data to a test bed simulator and simulate e.g. the vibrations during a test drive. 

For real-time data feed and control to a 3rd part yEtherCAT master controller please see SIRIUS EtherCAT slice or R8rt DAQ and control system Dual Mode capability.


SIRIUS hardware is capable of reading different signals like voltage, strain, ICP/IEPE, charge, CAN, counter, encoder, and digital. Additionally with the included Dewesoft X3 software, you can easily acquire and combine data from additional interfaces like GPS, Flexray, Ethernet, Serial, PCM telemetry, and many more. 

Even though each data source can have different sampling rates, all your data will be perfectly synchronized down to microsecond accuracy. All this thanks to our timing and GPS synchronization technologies. 

Synchronized video can also be added for free. Dewesoft includes powerful a video engine with support for simple DirectX web cameras, 3rd party thermal cameras, and high-speed video cameras that are fully synchronized to analog data.

Expand and distribute

SIRIUS slices can be used as a stand-alone DAQ units or stacked and daisy chained together into larger channel count system with simple click-mechanism.

With the EtherCAT interface SIRIUS slices can be distributed and placed close to the sensors to increase signal quality. Only one cable is required for data, power and sync between each SIRIUS device and can span up to 100 meters between nodes.

The configuration for working with multiple instruments is as easy as working with single unit.


SIRIUS slices are also available in more rugged fanless chassis enclosure without any cooling fans ready for measurement applications in heavy industrial, dust environment. 

All fanless SIRIUS slices are IP50 rated and completely dust protected. 

For even more rugged, IP67 waterproof version, take a look at SIRIUS waterproof DAQ system

IEPE Sensor Check

SIRIUS ACC input for IEPE sensors has a LED ring around the connector. When a sensor is connected SIRIUS will constantly check current flow to the sensor and will turn the LED bright green or bright red, depending if the sensor's impedance is okay.

This way you have immediate visual feedback if all your IEPE sensors or wiring is correct. This is just another small but very useful detail that makes your life as a test engineer a little bit easier.

Customized Front-End

SIRIUS modular slices are available in fully isolated (1000V galvanic channel-to-channel and channel-to ground isolation) or differential version. Each slice can be delivered with one of the standard front-end options or you can freely select amplifier and connector for each of the eight available channel slots (see top slice on the left image).

Some amplifiers have additional option to choose from multiple connector types. For larger projects, we can develop a custom connector type. 

Slide right to see front-end options and connectors to choose from or go to SIRIUS tech specs for complete amplifier specification.

DualCoreADC® Amplifiers

High dynamic dual 24-bit ADC with 200 kS/sec inputs with 160 dB dynamic range. SIRIUS DualCoreADC slices can be individually equipped with any of following amplifiers:

  • STG: universal, most versatile amplifier for strain gages and other sensors. Available with DSUB9, LEMO L1B7f, L2B7f and L2B10f connectors. Compatible with DSI adapters.
  • STGM: universal amplifier for strain gages with great price/performance ratio. Available with DSUB9 connector. Compatible with DSI adapters.
  • ACC: very high dynamic IEPE and voltage amplifier for connecting accelerometers and microphones. BNC connector.
  • CHG: very high dynamic charge, IEPE and voltage amplifier for connecting accelerometers and microphones. BNC connector.
  • HV: high voltage CATII, CATIII ±1200V amplifier for power applications. Banana connectors.
  • LV: all-around ±200V universal voltage amplifier for connecting current transducers and other various sensors. Available in DSUB9 and banana connectors. Compatible with DSI adapters.

High-Speed Amplifiers

High speed 1 MS/sec 16-bit inputs SIRIUS high-speed slices can be individually equipped with any of following amplifiers:

  • STG: universal amplifier for strain gauges and other sensors. Compatible with DSI adapters. DSUB9 connector. Compatible with DSI adapters.

  • ACC: IEPE and voltage amplifier for connecting accelerometers and microphones. BNC connector.

  • CHG: charge, IEPE, and voltage amplifier mainly for connecting pressure transducers for shock wave measurements and combustion analysis. BNC connector.

  • HV: high voltage CATII, CATIII ±1200V amplifier for high-speed E-Mobility and inverter power applications. Banana connector.

  • LV: voltage amplifier for connecting various sensors, especially high-speed current transducers for power analysis, E-Mobility, and inverter applications. DSUB9 or banana connector. Compatible with DSI adapters.

High Density Amplifiers

High density 24-bit 200 kS/sec 16-channel inputs. Sirius high-density slices can be delivered in following configurations with single 24-bit 200kHz for best size and price-performance:

  • 16xSTGS: universal strain gage amplifier. Compatible with DSI adapters. DSUB9 or LEMO L1B10f connectors.

  • 16xACC: IEPE and voltage amplifier for connecting accelerometers and microphones.

  • 16xLV DSUB: all-around universal voltage amplifier for connecting various sensors. Compatible with DSI adapters. DSUB9 or BNC connectors. 

Available in Many Chassis Enclosures

SIRIUS data acquisition systems and technology are also available in different chassis enclosures. All-in-one DAQ systems are available to form high-channel-count and portable, mobile data acquisition systems. 

SIRIUS chassis configurations:

  • R1DB/R2DB: Can fit up to two SIRIUS DAQ slices to form a perfect mobile all-in-one data acquisition system with built-in SBOX computer, display, and batteries.
  • R3: Up to three SIRIUS DAQ slices in a 19'' rack compatible PC chassis with interchangeable standard PC components.
  • R4 and R4rt: Up to four SIRIUS DAQ slices in a small chassis with built-in SBOX computer
  • R8: Highest channel count in one box. Up to eight SIRIUS DAQ slices with built-in SBOX computer, optional display, and batteries.
  • R8rt: Same as R8 with additional dual EtherCAT bus for fast data acquisition and real-time data bus to 3rd party EtherCAT masters.
  • SIRIUS MINI: Small, USB-powered 4-channel IEPE data acquisition systems.

Data Acquisition Software Included for Free

All Dewesoft data acquisition systems are bundled with award-winning Dewesoft X Professional DAQ software. Dewesoft X is the world's most advanced and easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software. Dewesoft X's flexibility and power will help you unleash the DAQ system to its full potentials and gives you many advantages over other DAQ systems. Functionalities like plug-and-play, hardware auto-detection, smart TEDS sensors, advanced storing and data analysis features will take your measurement and analysis needs to a whole new level.


Plug and Play

Connecting the DAQ system and sensors could not be faster or easier. DEWESoft X will automatically detect the connected DAQ systems and TEDS equipped sensors and will configure the entire channel configuration for you. Features like:

  • hardware auto-detection,
  • smart sensors,
  • sensor database,
  • advanced TEDS support,
  • automatic unit conversion,
  • real-time signal preview,
  • store setup files

will make you ready for measurement in seconds. Spend less time configuring your DAQ systems and be more productive. Time is money!

Measure and Store

Powerful storing capabilities with more than 500 MB/s sustained stream rates means you can always store data at full speed and never again worry about losing data that could compromise your tests. DEWESoft X features:

  • real-time data acquisition,
  • synchronized acquisition of analogue, counter, video, GPS, CAN bus, and many other sources,
  • advanced triggering and alarms,
  • single or multi-file storage,
  • remote and distributed network storing,
  • automated test sequences.

Even if you store gigabytes of data, our innovative data file format will ensure you can load and analyze your data as fast as a blink of an eye.

Analyse and Publish

From Vehicle Dynamics, NVH to Power analysis and much more. Forget about using several and complex software solutions just to analyze and visualize your data. DEWESoft X offers advanced data visualization, analysis, and reporting tools:

  • online and offline mathematics,
  • flexible real-time visual displays,
  • synchronized video support,
  • PDF reporting tools,
  • data export to many standard file formats,
  • unlimited FREE licenses to view and analyze stored data files.

DEWESoft X is designed with the mindset of a test engineer and offers a complete solution in a single software package that is a joy to use.


What kind of sensors can I connect to SIRIUS data acquisition systems?

SIRIUS data acquisition system has a variety of different amplifiers available that can condition almost any signal. You can connect any voltage, high-voltage, IEPE, strain gage based sensors (quarter-bridge, half-bridge, and full-bridge), load cells, thermocouple, RTD, LVDT, current. You can check the SIRIUS tech specs page for the full list of different amplifiers available.

Does SIRIUS come included with data acquisition software?

Yes. All Dewesoft DAQ systems come bundled with an award-winning Dewesoft X Professional data acquisition software. The software offers advanced data recording, visualization, analysis, and reporting functionalities. Software is very intuitive to use, received multiple international awards and features lifetime FREE upgrades. 

What is DualCoreADC® technology?

The DualCoreADC® technology solves often faced problems with signal measurement - input overload, noise, and artificial frequencies in the signal caused by aliasing. The input signal can be higher than expected (out-of-range) and therefore clipped by the A/D converter. 

With SIRIUS, each input channel amplifier has two ADC's that always measure the high and low gain of the input signal. This results in the full possible measuring range of the sensor and prevents the signal from being clipped. 

With DualCoreADC® technology SIRIUS DAQ hardware achieves more than 130 dB signal to noise ratio and more than 160 dB in dynamic range. This is 20 times better than standard 24-bit data acquisition systems and 20 times less noise.

What sampling rate does SIRIUS DAQ system offer?

SIRIUS data acquisition devices offer three types of signal conditioners that offer different sampling rates:

  • SIRIUS DualCoreADC® signal conditioners: 8 analog input channels per SIRIUS slice with a 200 kHz sampling rate per channel. Uses dual 24-bit Sigma-delta ADC's per input channel.
  • SIRIUS HD (High Density) signal conditioners: 16 analog input channels per SIRIUS slice with a 200 kHz sampling rate per channel. Uses single 24-bit Sigma-delta ADC per input channel.
  • SIRIUS HS (High Speed) signal conditioners: 8 analog input channel per SIRIUS slice with 1 MHz sampling rate per channel. Uses single 16-but SAR ADC per input channel. 

Is SIRIUS DAQ providing Galvanic electrical isolation?

Yes. SIRIUS DAQ devices feature a high galvanic channel-to-channel, channel-to-ground isolation (±1000 V), and even includes isolated sensor excitation. You can learn more about SIRIUS galvanic isolation in this video.

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