Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software

DewesoftX is an award-winning data acquisition software for test & measurement and monitoring. Experience data recording, signal processing, and data visualization like never before.

DewesoftX DAQ software received multiple international awards, is innovative and easy-to-use, but at the same time very deep in functionality. Our mission is clear - one software for all test and measurement applications.

What's New in the Version 2022.4?

  • ORDER ANALYSIS UPGRADE: The Order Tracking Analysis module has received a major update with a main focus on performance optimization. It now allows Dewesoft to cover the most advanced rotating machinery applications with even fewer limitations than before. The update introduces a set of powerful new features, such as the ability to perform order extraction versus any reference quantity besides speed. It also enables you to define speed ratios directly inside the software.
  • MIMO SINE SWEEP MODAL TESTING: Sine sweep joins the previously available burst and continuous random methods for exciting structures with multiple shakers via Dewesoft’s analog outputs. This mode, allows you to excite the structure over the complete range of frequencies in a specified band in a more systematic way than with random methods.
  • IMPROVED DATA EXPORT: One of the most widely used export formats, Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), has received a significant improvement. Having Excel installed on the same PC as DewesoftX is no longer required for exporting .dxd to .xsls. Not only that, the export process is now approximately two times faster. Kindly note that this is only valid for the file export type and not the Excel template export.
  • FFT ANALYZER UPDATE: The FFT analysis module, one of Dewesoft’s core dynamic analysis tools, has been greatly improved, making it the most powerful to date. Among the highlights of the new features, you will find the auto spectrum and cross-spectrum calculations with standardized amplitude functions: Linear, Power, PSD, ESD, and ASD.
  • CHANNEL MANAGEMENT AND TAGS: Up to this point, you were able to edit the basic channel parameters. Now with the docked setup, you can access the full channel setup and adjust parameters directly on the channel grid screen. Channel tags have been introduced as a new way for you to group channels originating from any module within Dewesoft, making them easier to find and organize.
  • NEW 3D GRAPH WITH PROCESSING MARKERS: Have you ever wanted to view the full frequency history of a long measurement and understand how that data correlates to time-domain data? The brand new 3D Graph can now display the whole time history of vector channels while having its view perfectly synchronized with the recorder. 
  • SIMPLE REPORTING: The interface for creating simple reports in Dewesoft has received a major overhaul. Report displays are now a separate entity, representing a piece of paper in the format of choice. Since the dimensions of report pages are fixed, all display widgets that get added will keep their aspect ratio when printing, generating a PDF file, or switching between monitors.
  • HISTORIAN DATABASE: Historian is Dewesoft’s time-series database solution for monitoring applications and long-term testing applications. It allows you to monitor raw data (vibration, temperature, inclination, strain, pressure...) as well as data derived from Dewesoft’s math modules (statistics, filters, FFT, etc.) with a self-hosted or fully cloud-managed service.
  • ORBIT ANALYSIS: Precise rotor movement measurements and advanced analysis tailored for turbomachinery applications. Dewesoft Orbit Analysis is a complete solution that will help you improve operating efficiency, lower wear, and prevent any potential critical failures of your machine.
  • MODAL TEST MIMO SUPPORT: The Modal test module has been greatly improved. MIMO support has been added for evaluating the dynamic behavior of structures. This means you are now able to use multiple modal hammers or vibration shakers. 
  • IMPROVED VISUALIZATION: The widget settings tab has been redesigned and features new display options, which improve the readability of data and make displays even more configurable to satisfy every user’s needs. We have also rewritten some of the display widgets to be drawn on GPU for faster performance using the latest DirectX technologies.
  • SYNCHRONISED DATA ACQUISITION AND VISUALIZATION: DewesoftX can acquire, analyze, and visualize data from several data interfaces like analog, digital, counters, CAN/CAN FD bus, XCP, CCP, FlexRay, EtherCAT, Ethernet, and many others.

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Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software

More than 20 years in development, DewesoftX data acquisition software received multiple international awards including the best software innovation of the year award from Automotive Testing International magazine

We are proud and ready to keep our software the best in class and most innovative test and measurement software. Or as our customers say:

Again, thanks for all of the new features that are being included in DewesoftX. It is already a fantastic product and deserves to become the "Microsoft Word" of data acquisition software.

Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software

One Software For All Testing Applications

Our core philosophy is one software for all testing applications! DewesoftX is the result of this philosophy. DewesoftX combines data recording features from several data interfaces as well as packs very strong signal processing features for:

The software offers advanced data recording, data analysis, data visualization, and reporting features, and everything in between in a single easy-to-use software suite. This approach introduces many improvements to your daily test and measurement work. Learn less, do more, and most importantly, do it faster. The option to expand to new applications without investing in new hardware will save you time and money.

One Software For All Testing Applications

Measure Any Data Source Synchronized

DewesoftX software is unique in terms of supported data interfaces. No other data acquisition software can match a number of supported interfaces that can be acquired fully synchronized, stored, and visualized in the same data file.

Supported data interfaces include:

  • Analog data: voltage, current, IEPE, charge, strain, thermocouples, potentiometer, LVDT, resistance, and more. Learn more.
  • Digital data: digital counters and encoders of any kind.
  • Video: low-cost Direct X compatible cameras. GoPro cameras. High-speed video hardware synchronized to analog data. Ultra-high-speed cameras from Photron. Thermal IR imaging from OPTRIS. Learn more.
  • Navigational: GPS and GNSS receivers. Inertial Measurement Units (IMU and INS).  Gyro platforms. Learn more.
  • Vehicle bus systems: CAN bus, CAN FD, LinBus, FlexRay, XCP/CCP, Kistler Wheels, ADMA, etc.
  • Aerospace interfaces: PCM telemetry, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, IRIG 108 Chapter 10, iNet. Learn more.
  • Industrial bus systems: OPC UA, Ethernet, Modbus, Siemens S7.
  • and many others.

For more details see the DewesoftX interfaces page.

Measure Any Data Source Synchronized

Uncompromised Signal Processing Capabilities

DewesoftX offers advanced signal processing capabilities for analyzing vibrations, structural dynamics, acoustics, and other properties of physical phenomena used in the development, quality control, validation, and monitoring stages of the product life cycle.

Complete application testing modules offer pre-defined screens, mathematics, reporting, and provide calculations by various international standards. Some of the available processing modules are:

  • Order analysis
  • Torsional and rotational vibrations
  • Orbit analysis
  • Human, arm, and whole-body vibrations
  • Modal testing and analysis
  • Power and power quality analysis
  • Class 1 Sound level meter
  • Sound power
  • Sound intensity
  • Sound quality

Jump to the DewesoftX analysis page for the list of all data processing modules.

Uncompromised Signal Processing Capabilities

Blazing Fast Performance

DewesoftX has been completely rewritten to support 64-bit CPU architecture. The result of this effort is that DewesoftX is now able to use an unlimited number of input channels and is able to address all the available memory of the computer. 

Dewesoft X also takes advantage of all the modern CPU and GPU technologies like multi- and hyper-threading to make complex mathematical calculations and rich visualizations smooth as silk. We offload complex computations to NVIDIA GPUs using the CUDA parallel computing platform which allows us to calculate complex computation at 15 MS/s in real-time.

The result is blazing fast performance and an ultra-responsive user interface that will make words slow and lagging things of the past.

Blazing Fast Performance

User Experience Like No Other

DewesoftX is one of the most user-friendly data acquisition software on the market. With the award-winning user interface and friendly approach it saves time for test engineers and is a joy to use.

The new DewesoftX 2020 release brings unified UI elements throughout the software. We have flattened design elements to make it even more pleasant to the eyes.

The new DS-GRID tabular element is now used in all setup modules. Tools like the auto-alignment of display widgets. Shortcuts for copy-paste of visual displays, undo and redo functions speed up the configuration process of designing your visuals.

With the new release, you also get "check for updates" functionality where DewesoftX will check for the updates on our servers and allow you to upgrade within the software.

User Experience Like No Other

Beautiful Data Visualization

DewesoftX includes many visual displays for visualizing your data. From interactive horizontal or vertical recorders, XY graph, 3D graph, Orbit, Scope, FFT, table, rainflow, Open Street Maps, to just name a few.

All visual displays are pre-built and can be customized with real-time visual feedback during the measurement. Simply drag-and-drop desired visual component to your screen, select the data source, and customize it to your preference. But don't worry! If you are not happy with the displays and appearance you can always change them offline, without altering your measurement data.

Unlimited screens/views can be defined and switched between during the measurement or in post-analysis. Visit the DewesoftX visuals page for a closer look at visuals.

Beautiful Data Visualization

No Hidden Licensing Costs or Fees

We offer a very flexible software licensing model with no hidden costs, yearly renewable contracts, or software upgrade fees. When you buy our data acquisition system the DewesoftX software is always included. The license is stored on the DAQ device. This gives you the flexibility to connect the device to any computer and DewesoftX will automatically read the license from the connected device.

The license is required only when acquiring and storing data using the DAQ device. DewesoftX is completely free in analyze mode. This means that once your data is stored you can share, open, and analyze it with as many people and computers as you need. No additional license is needed. Simply download DewesoftX and open the data file.

The same license applies to remote view clients in distributed measurement applications. You can have unlimited view clients for monitoring the data without any additional software licenses. 

No Hidden Licensing Costs or Fees

Built-in Extensive Help Manual and Online PRO Training

Got lost? Don't worry, we have you covered. DewesoftX software includes advanced built-in help functionality that you can access anywhere within the software by pressing the F1 button. No matter where you are in the software, the press of the F1 button will always bring up the manual for your current position in the software, so you don't need to search.

The same DewesoftX manual is also available online.

Next to the manual we also offer FREE online PRO training courses. These training courses are carefully crafted and cover courses for:

  • Connect: Learn how to get started with Dewesoft DAQ hardware and basics on how to use DewesoftX software.
  • Measure: Learn how to measure different signals like the voltage, current, vibration, strain, temperature, etc.
  • Analyze: Learn how to analyze measures signals. Power analysis, FFT, modal analysis, and many others.
  • Develop: Learn how to extend DewesoftX software by using our available developer tools.
Built-in Extensive Help Manual and Online PRO Training

Forget About Programming ...

Our core value is to strive for simplicity, usability, and ease of use. Everything in DewesoftX is visual with a simple drag and drop user interface. All changes are visible in real-time. There is no programming required to acquire, visualize, analyze, and store the data from our DAQ systems.

Working with our hardware DAQ devices is easier than riding a bike. Everything is tightly integrated and works seamlessly out of the box. Plug and play hardware, sensor autodetection, automatic channel setup are just a few of many features that make DewesoftX the most popular data acquisition software on the market.

... Unless You Need To!

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of DewesoftX software. The software will never limit your creativity and the freedom for advanced and custom analysis. 

Advanced mathematics built into the software will cover 99% of all of your measurement and analysis needs. Don't waste your time on something that has already been solved thousand times. For the other 1%, DewesoftX offers several ways to extend and automate the software with your own functionality:

  • C++ Script - programming interface available within Dewesoft that allows writing scripts on top of Dewesoft channels. It can be used to transform long formulas with many inputs into compact modules that are easily scalable. 
  • Plugins - open architecture of DewesoftX allows for easy extension of functionality by writing your own plugins. Write custom mathematics, visual controls, data export, and just about anything else you want.
  • Sequencer - DewesoftX includes a powerful sequencer with programming support to automate and extend software and your tests.
  • DCOM - write your own application software and use DCOM to call DewesoftX API and use Dewesoft DAQ devices to do the data acquisition for you.

Learn more on how to extend and automate the DewesoftX data acquisition software using available developer tools.

Forget About Programming ...

Lifetime Free Upgrades

Flexible software licensing is not all you gain by investing in the Dewesoft solution. Our software is evolving all the time for the last 20 years.

New features are being added and new measurement and testing applications are being supported. We are always thriving for better performance which is being improved with every new release. We are always adding support for new devices, standards, and protocols.

We are releasing a new version every 3 months and all versions are always available for our users for FREE. DewesoftX upgrades are free forever.

You can upgrade directly from within the DewesoftX software or download the installer from our Download Center.

Lifetime Free Upgrades

Localized Into Your Language

DewesoftX software is translated and localized into 14 world languages:

  • English (default)
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish

Language can easily be changed from the DewesoftX settings menu.

Localized Into Your Language

Quality Assured With Agile and Continuous Integration Development

We put a lot of effort into searching for a scalable development process that would keep the quality of software at the highest possible level. We looked at Microsoft, Apple, Google. The process is called agile development.

Agile development is a set of values and principles. It increases flexibility and delivery. Software testing is crucial for continuous development. Each line of code is automatically tested with thousands of test cases that are running all the time. For this, we have invented the infrastructure that is called the darkroom.

When a developer changes something in the source code, the darkroom takes over and automatically compiles the new code. It runs the test cases and gives back the results to developers in a few minutes. A complete suite of tests takes a few hours.

Quality Assured With Agile and Continuous Integration Development


Is DewesoftX data acquisition software free?

DewesoftX DAQ software is included for free when you purchase any of our data acquisition system. Some advanced math and application modules (power analysis, modal test, acoustic analysis, etc.) require a paid upgrade. See DewesoftX feature matrix for details.

Are DewesoftX updates free of charge?

Yes. All new DewesoftX releases are a FREE upgrade for all existing users. You can update for free by downloading and installing the latest DewesoftX installer.

Do you offer evaluation version of DewesoftX?

Yes. We offer a fully unlocked 4-week evaluation version of DewesoftX software. You can download the DewesoftX installer and obtain your evaluation license.

What are minimum requirements to run DewesoftX?

DewesoftX software will work on almost any device which can run Windows operating system. DewesoftX works on the following server operating systems:

  •  Windows Server 2016 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Recommended specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 with 4 Cores (3rd generation or higher)
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB
  • Storage: Solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 11
  • Display: 1280x720 (HD Ready)
  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit

Actual requirements may be different due to specific setup configuration. 

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