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    SIRIUS waterproof
  • SBOX waterproof
    SBOX waterproof
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    IOLITE - DAQ and Control
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    Acoustic Calibration Services - IEC
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Dewesoft X offers an extensive library of customizable and real-time visual displays for data visualization.  

Visual Displays

Dewesoft X offers an extensive library of pre-built visual displays, fully customizable with real-time visual feedback. Displays are touch-friendly with smart multi-touch gestures for use with multi-touch enabled DAQ instruments.

  • Recorders: horizontal, vertical and XY recorder
  • Oscilloscope: scope, scope 3D, vectorscope
  • FFT: FFT, 3D FFT, Harmonic FFT and Octave
  • Meters: digital, analog, horizontal/vertical bar meters
  • Graphs: 2D, 3D graph, Octave, Orbit, Campbell plot
  • Video: standard video display and thermal video display with temperature indicators
  • GPS: positioning display with Open Street Map support
  • Control: button, switch, knob, slider, user input
  • Combustion analysis: P-V diagram and combustion scope
  • Rotor balancer: for field balancing
  • Automotive: 3D polygon for displaying moving objects
  • Aerospace: altitude or artificial horizon indicator
  • DSA/NVH: Modal circle
  • Other: 2D/3D table, image, text, line, overload indicator, indicator lamp, note

Easy to Use and Customize

It is extremely easy to visualize data inside Dewesoft X software. Simply drag and drop a pre-built visual display onto the selected screen and customize its appearance and behavior. All changes to visual displays are visible in real-time and can be done at any time online or later in post-processing.

Visual controls are adapted for multi-touch screens and offer easy and intuitive gesture-based interaction and offer convenient operation for field and mobile testing operations. 

Lightspeed visuals

We use the latest CPU and GPU technologies to optimize graphics and make them run smoothly even on the basic PC's.

Hardware accelerated graphics help offload CPU usage and leave CPU power for mathematical computations rather then for graphics. This results in optimal performance for even most demanding applications.

Unlimited screens

Dewesoft X allows you to define and switch between as many screens as needed for your testing project. Imagine screen as an individual virtual canvas that groups one or more visual displays together.

The software includes few default screens such as overview, scope, and recorder. It allows you to customize each one according to the needs of your specific test project. You can edit, create and name your screens, create screen groups and rearrange them freely. A custom icon can be assigned to each user-defined screen.

System health monitor

Dewesoft X also allows you to monitor and display system health parameters. All parameters from our DAQ instruments and computer can be monitored and visualized in displays. System health monitor allows to monitor following parameters:

  • CPU usage,
  • memory usage
  • disk usage,
  • synchronization time tracking,
  • DAQ units temperatures,
  • and more...

Extend custom visual displays

Built-in visual displays will cover 99% of your visualization needs for signal processing, data monitoring, and control. For other 1%, Dewesoft X offers an easy extension of visual displays using our DCOM plugin programming interface.

You can program your own visual displays using DCOM technology and your programming language of choice. Visit developers section​​​​​​​ for programming guide and example code.