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    Acoustic Calibration Services - IEC
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Dewesoft X is completely free to view and analyze data files. Data files can be exported into movie files for presentation or data presented in PDF reports or exported to many standard data formats.

PDF reporting

Dewesoft X software includes extensive PDF data reporting and printing capabilities. When data is analyzed you can generate PDF reports of your visual displays with a single click. Several options are available for creating the report: 

  • Print format and size - select from several standard paper formats and sizes
  • Report orientation - report orientation either in portrait or landscape
  • Single or Multipage report - create a single or multi-page report
  • Header - print and define page header for printing
  • Channel setup - can also be included in the report and printed for documentation purposes


Even though Dewesoft X offer extensive analysis capabilities, it allows exporting data to other file formats:

  • MS Excel - standard spreadsheet software
  • FlexPro - powerful, easy-to-use data analysis software
  • Text/CSV and ASCII - tab delimited text file
  • Diadem - powerful data analysis software from NI
  • Famos - signal analysis software
  • NSoft - NCode file format for Somat software
  • Matlab - Matlab file format
  • Sony - Sony tape recorder compatible format
  • RPC III - MTS file format used by road simulator testbed
  • Comtrade - used in power & energy markets
  • UNV - universal file format
  • WAV - standard audio file format
  • KML - GPS export for viewing path in Google Earth
  • BWF - multichannel wave file format
  • ATI - native iDeas format for dynamic signal analysis
  • SDF - used by LMS and Prosig software
  • WFT - Nicolet file format
  • CSV - for exporting CAN messages
  • TDF - file format defined and used by LMS software
  • ASAM MDF - Measurement Data Format by ASAM organization

Data export templates can be defined and executed when Dewesoft X finishes the export. This tool is optimal for automating report generation. 

Real-time Excel

In contrast to standard Excel data export function, the Excel Writer add-on allows writing numeric and textual Dewesoft X data during the acquisition in real-time to Microsoft Excel. You can select a trigger channel and define which channels should be written in Excel.

Whenever the trigger fires, the data is written to Excel and can immediately be shown: e.g. display in a chart or do real-time calculations (i.e. check values, use conditional formatting, etc.). The plugin requires Excel 2007 or higher.

Export to Video

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. How much is a video worth? You can export any of the defined screens with all visual controls into a video file. This is a very convenient tool for presentations. Video export engine offers you to configure:

  • Select time range: you can output entire data file or just a selected time range.
  • Output resolution: output resolution of the exported video file.
  • Frame rate: set the desired frame rate of the exported video file.
  • Play speed: the replay speed of your data file.
  • Sound channel: you can select a sound channel to be included in the exported video file, if available.
  • Compression settings: tune the compression settings for the output video file.

SMS and E-mail notifications

Whenever the data acquisition system is located at the remote location, you can use the Sendmail add-on to send various notifications and alerts about the system status via e-mail or SMS (using the 3rd party E-mail to SMS service).

The temperature on sensor 1 too high!

You can set up standard Dewesoft X alarms and when the alarm is triggered the notification will be sent to a specified E-mail address (to one or multiple recipients) and forwarded SMS (if using any E-mail to SMS service).

Multiple alarm constraints can be specified. Combinations are almost endless.

Custom export

Custom file format export can be implemented using DCOM plugin technology and your programming language of choice. Visit developers section​​​​​​​ for programming guide and example code.