Supported Input and Output Data Interfaces

Dewesoft X software is unique in terms of supported input and output data interfaces. No other data acquisition software can match a number of data interfaces that can be synchronized, acquired, stored, and visualized in the same data file. 

Analog Sensors

DewesoftX can acquire, store, and analyze data from almost any analog sensor using Dewesoft USB and EtherCAT data acquisition hardware.  

When the DAQ device is connected to the computer, Dewesoft X DAQ software will recognize it automatically and display the list of available analog channels. Analog channels can have different modes, depending on the amplifier used by the DAQ hardware. Modes are VoltageIEPE, Charge, Strain gage - bridge mode (Full, Half, Quarter, 120/350 Ohm).

TEDS sensor technology is used for sensor autodetection and automatic channel configuration.

Each analog channel has software selectable features like sampling rate, name, color, unit, sensor, amplifier settings, and filtering with live signal preview.

TEDS IEEE 1451 and Smart Sensors

Dewesoft implements the TEDS standard to read, auto-detect, and automatically configure connected sensors. Calibration, scale factor, sensitivity, unit, model, and just about anything else will automatically be read and set the channel configuration according to the connected sensor. 

You can also easily turn any sensor in your possession into a "smart sensor". Simply equip the sensor with the TEDS chip and write sensor and amplifier configuration with one click. Next time you connect the sensor, the entire channel configuration will be set up automatically.

See the video that demonstrates the Dewesoft smart sensor technology using TEDS.

Learn more about TEDS:

Sensor Database

Dewesoft X includes a sensor database which holds the list and the properties of all sensors you want to use. Each sensor is defined with the information in the database:

  • Sensor type, serial number, calibration date and period
  • General sensor information with the ability to define custom fields
  • Scaling type, either linear, polynomial or table
  • Transfer curve used for sensor correction

The sensor database can be created and adapted according to the used measurement hardware. All functions for creation, editing, and managing sensors are included.

For more information about sensor database and editor visit Sensor database PRO training online course.

Sensor Connector Wiring Schemes

Dewesoft X includes smart wiring schemes for easy creation of sensor connectors for the connection to the front-end amplifiers. 

Depending on the used amplifier and selected operation mode, the correct connector pinout and the needed connections to the sensor are displayed. By moving the mouse pointer over the wires software will show you how to connect sensor pinout to the connector pinout.

This will save you a lot of time and will spare you endless search for additional documents.

Analog Sensor Channel Connections

Up to this point, all channel identification in Dewesoft X has always been done using channel indexes. For example, when an analog channel is used as an input to the FFT module, it is identified with a fixed parameter based on its “position” in Dewesoft’s setup structure. With channel connections, that same parameter called the unique ID is no longer strictly tied to the channel’s position. 

This functionality can be utilized with locked sensors. In that case, the connection to math modules and display widgets is based on the sensor’s serial number and not the position of the channel. Therefore, if a sensor is disconnected and reconnected to a different position, the linked mathematics and display widgets will stay intact.

The same principle applies over Dewesoft NET, where sensors can even be moved from the measurement unit to the measurement unit without losing the references on the master.

Analog Sensors
Analog Sensors
Analog Sensors
Analog Sensors
Analog Sensors

Counter/Encoder/Digital Inputs

Dewesoft X offers a digital counter interface available on Dewesoft DAQ instruments. All counter inputs utilize our patented and registered trademark technology "Supercounter" which allows very precise timing and counting measurement.

Each counter input allows capturing: counting, encoder, frequency, period, pulse width, and duty cycle. Each counter input can also be used as 3 pure digital inputs.

To learn more about counters and especially Dewesoft Supercounter technology please visit Digital counter PRO training course.

Counter/Encoder/Digital Inputs

Automotive Bus Interfaces

Dewesoft X offers support for several standard automotive interfaces for analyzing and inspecting vehicle bus data. Data can be captured from all the supported interfaces and synchronized with other sources like analog, video, and others. Supported automotive interfaces:

Slide right for more details about individual automotive interfaces. 

CAN Bus Data

Dewesoft X can interface with all Dewesoft CAN and CAN FD devices which are a dominated vehicle bus interface found in today's vehicles. Dewesoft X can decode any kind of data from the CAN bus in read-only or acknowledge mode. Support for OBDII on CAN, J1939, and J1587 standards is also available.

Dewesoft X makes it extremely easy to setup CAN channels. The software can import and export CAN DBC or XML files. DBC files are common files for CAN message and channel definition. After the import software will automatically set up all available CAN channels and decode CAN messages.

Learn more at:


Dewesoft X can interface with our CAN FD devices to read, store and analyze the CAN FD data from the vehicle CAN bus. 

Key features

  • Synchronized CAN FD acquisition with other sources like analog, digital, video, GPS, etc.
  • Decode, store and send CAN FD messages
  • Dual baud rate up to 12 MBit/sec
  • Message decoding up to 64 bytes
  • Support for CAN DBC or XML file import and export for easy setup of CAN FD channels

Learn more at:


Dewesoft X offers support for XCP and CCP protocols via XCP/CCP plugins.

The plugin enables data acquisition from Electronic Control Units (ECUs) supporting CCP or XCP over CAN or Ethernet protocol. It supports multiple ECU's. No additional HW is needed except CAN or Ethernet port. 

For more information see:

​​​​​​​XCP Devices

Next to XCP Slave and Master plugins, Dewesoft also introduced SIRIUS XHS and IOLITE LX devices which can natively serve data via XCP on Ethernet without the need for any software. You can watch a short presentation video.


FlexRay is an automotive network communications protocol developed by the FlexRay Consortium to govern on-board automotive computing. It is designed to be faster and more reliable than CAN.

DewsoftX Dat software offers support for FlexRay protocol with the FIBEX library import option. All Vector FlexRay cards are supported.

​​​​​​​LIN bus 

The LIN bus plugin allows you to simply connect and listen to communication on multiple LIN networks. Using Vector hardware, it mimics listen-only slaves that listen to all data transmission on the bus. Decoding can be done in three different forms:

  • analog data with extensive scaling options,
  • discrete data
  • a mix of both.

The plugin supports importing the configuration from LIN description files (LDF). To read the LIN bus, a Vector LIN card is required.

Learn more:

​​​​​​​SENT (SAE J2716)

The SENT protocol (Single Edge Nibble Transmission - SAE J2716) is a data transmission protocol that has seen a big increase in use, especially in the automotive industry. The module developed decodes a SENT signal transmitted from a sensor using counter channels.

The module supports two fast channels and any number of slow channels, which are detected automatically. The SENT signals can be decoded from multiple sensors simultaneously while each sensor is using a dedicated counter channel.

Learn more:

Automotive Bus Interfaces
Automotive Bus Interfaces
Automotive Bus Interfaces
Automotive Bus Interfaces

GPS, Inertial Navigation (IMU), and Real-time Kinematics (RTK)

DewesoftX can interface with any GPS sensor that sends data according to NMEA specifications. For the most precise navigational measurements (down to 1cm), we offer our own high-accuracy GPS/GNSS sensors and Inertial Measurement Units with optional RTK support.

The navigational devices can also be used to provide GPS clock timing for data synchronization between different data acquisition devices.

3rd party Inertial Devices support

DewesoftX also supports Oxford OxTS RT-series and Genesys ADMA inertial navigation devices. Both devices can either be used as a clock master or slave when synchronized with Dewesoft DAQ systems

To learn more about GPS and Inertial navigation acquisition please visit GPS/GNSS PRO training online course.

GPS, Inertial Navigation (IMU), and Real-time Kinematics (RTK)
GPS, Inertial Navigation (IMU), and Real-time Kinematics (RTK)

Video Cameras

Dewesoft was one of the first data acquisition software to add support for synchronized video to your measurements. And it was completely free. That is still true. Today DewesoftX features an advanced video engine that adds various video capture capabilities to your measurements. 

DirectX compatible cameras support offers an affordable, low-cost video that can be added to your measurements. These cameras are software synchronized down to 100ms.

For truly synchronized video, we offer very robust and high-quality DS-CAM video cameras. These cameras offer high frame rates up to 600 fps at VGA and 333 fps at 2048px resolution. Cameras offer an IP67 degree of environmental protection.

For ultra-high-speed video, we are supporting Photron high-speed cameras and for thermal infrared imaging, we have added support for the OPTRIS infrared cameras.

For more information about video acquisition please visit the Video acquisition PRO training online course.

Aerospace Interfaces

Several aerospace interfaces are supported including support for Ulyssix TARSUS cards for decoding and visualizing PCM telemetry streams and IRIG Chapter 10 protocol as well as the support for ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 devices from AltaDT technologies

iNET plugin captures iNET compliant data using the iNET network packet protocol. The plugin complies with the TTC NPD data packet protocol version 3.

More information:

Aerospace Interfaces

Kistler KiRoad

Kistler KiRoad offers very accurate wheel force and moment measurement from Kistler RoaDyn® wheel force transducers, each represented as three vectors in an orthogonal reference system.

The Kistler KiRoad device is fully supported inside Dewesoft X and the offers fully synchronized or async acquisition via Ethernet TCP/IP lossless interface. The sampling rate is up to 1250 Hz. Hardware synchronization with Dewesoft DAQ devices keeps data from all devices in perfect sync.

Learn more:

Kistler KiRoad

GeneSys ADMA

The GeneSys ADMA platform is a high-speed, high-performance GYRO platform used in the automotive industry to measure absolute position, velocities, accelerations, angles (yaw, pitch, roll), and angular velocities.

DewesoftX software has full support for all Genesys devices (ADMA, ADMA Speed, ADMA Slim) via the ethernet to communicate with the device (HW v3+). Dewesoft gets all the data directly in the software as DewesoftX channels. The data from ADMA is perfectly synchronized to all other data sources and can also be used as a clock master for other Dewesoft data acquisition devices.

More information

GeneSys ADMA

LORD MicroStrain

This add-on adds support for the LORD Microstrain® MIP protocol. The add-on supports most of the IMU, GPS, and EF (Extended Kalman Filter) data-packets and some of the initialization commands.

LORD MicroStrain

Serial Communication

"Serialcom" is an add-on that adds support for reading and sending data from and to a standard serial communication port (RS232 or compatible).

It can receive serial data and extract text or numeric data from the byte stream. You can also send data to the serial device (e.g. at the start of storing or every N seconds, ...).

Learn more at Dewesoft X online manual - Serial com.

Serial Communication

Ethernet Data

Dewesoft X can receive and decode data from multiple ethernet streams. Different filter capabilities are available (TCP, UDP, filter data) and support data decoding with various formats (Motorola, Intel, float, signed, unsigned ...). Linear and non-linear (polynomial) scaling is possible.

For more information please see the Ethernet plugin manual in the download center.

Ethernet Data

Modbus Protocol

Modbus protocol support allows setting up and reading data from a Modbus server via the TCP/IP protocol.

The following data types are supported:

  • Boolean
  • Int16
  • Int16 unsigned
  • Float32 (including Word-Swap).

Writing to the Modbus device is also supported by the MODBUS slave plugin.

Learn more at Modbus Master - DewsoftX Online Manual.

Modbus Protocol

Siemens S7 Protocol

DewesoftX offers support for Siemens S7 protocol and features direct communication with Siemens PLC over Ethernet. No Siemens licenses are required. 

The current version of the plugin supports the reading of S7 data. All S7 data types are supported (Bool, Byte, Char, Word, Int, DWord, DInt, Real, Date, Time Of Day, Date_Time, String).

Furthermore, the plugin supports simultaneous communication with multiple PLC devices.

Learn more at Siemens S7 DewsoftX Online Manual​​​​​​​.

Siemens S7 Protocol


OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a machine to a machine communication protocol for industrial automation developed by the OPC Foundation. The standard is frequently used in industry 4.0 for communication and data sharing between different devices.   

Dewesoft X offers two OPC UA options that can be included:


Timing Devices

Dewesoft X provides the interfaces to acquire the data with an external exact clock source. This is required when synchronizing several devices, or when an absolute timestamp is needed. Five timing sources are supported by Dewesoft: 

  • IRIG timecode
  • GPS timecode
  • NTP synchronization
  • PPS synchronisation
  • PTPv2 synchronization
Timing Devices

Barcode Scanners

The Barcode scanner module adds support for scanning different types of barcodes and storing their content into DewesoftX Data Header.

Both 1D and 2D barcodes are supported, such as QR codes, Barcodes, and Data Matrix codes, which can be scanned using either a handheld scanner or a camera. 

Online manual​​​​​​​

Barcode Scanners

NMEA Weather Station

For acquiring weather and environment data like air temperature, pressure, wind speed, humidity, and others, DewesoftX supports Vaisala WXT530 series NMEA compatible weather station.

Data is acquired via the RS-232 interface. MWV and XDR messages are supported. The device must be configured to send the data automatically.

NMEA Wether station online manual

NMEA Weather Station

File Import

DewesoftX can import data from text files. The file importer uses a simple visual interface for previewing imported data and offers several settings to interpret the CSV data:

  • Select row from where import should start
  • Select decimal symbol
  • Async or sync channel type
  • Absolute or relative time format
  • Sampling rate selection
  • Data delimiter selection
File Import

Velodyne Lidar

The complete Velodyne Lidar family is supported by the new Velodyne module. Communication and connection of single or multiple devices are done over Ethernet. Velodyne Lidars allow PPS synchronization input and NMEA GNSS messages which are available in DewesoftX DAQ software as standard channels from the module.

The DS-IMU inertial measurement unit device is fully compatible to be connected and synchronized with the lidar. The device can also be connected in soft-sync. Status of the Lidar and setting of the RPM can be done from DewesoftX, so no other software is necessary to use the Lidar during measurement. 

Two channels are available from the device - distance and intensity of points. Visualization of the point cloud is handled by the map display widget where the street map or satellite layers are overlaid with the point cloud. 

Velodyne lidar DewesoftX online manual​​​​​​​

Velodyne Lidar

Custom Interface Support

Even though DewesoftX supports a wide variety of data interfaces you can easily add support for additional custom interfaces, devices, protocols, and sensors.

DewesoftX offers DCOM plugin technology which you can use to support 3rd party devices. Visit the developer's section for a programming guide and example code.

Custom Interface Support

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