Dewesoft X software offers several ways of automating repeatable tasks, with or without requiring programming knowledge.


Dewesoft X includes the Sequencer, a powerful tool which allows you to control the flow of your tests and measurements without having any programming knowledge. In the tool, you can create Sequences, which are ordered lists of procedural commands that Dewesoft will execute one after another. You can combine multiple sequences to fully automate your test procedures, use pass/fail criteria and automatically generate reports.

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Automation over DCOM 

Through the DCOM interface, the Dewesoft X software can be controlled externally. Control functions include data recording, setting up, channels and many other aspects of data acquisition.

This interface not only provides you with a way of controlling but also allows you to retrieve data using external applications. This way you can embed the power of Dewesoft X Software within another application and combine it with other functions to create a software solution that is very specific to you or an end user.

Find automation examples in the developers part of the downloads section.

Automation over TCP/IP

The Dewesoft X software can be controlled using the Dewesoft NET interface, which allows it to receive commands over the TCP/IP protocol and execute the appropriate actions.

The list of available commands offers basic control over the Dewesoft X software while also providing a way of reading data acquired by Dewesoft.

Navigate to the developers part of the downloads section to find examples for the Dewesoft NET interface.

The Dewesoft NET TCP/IP interface can also be used for distributed acquisition purposes, providing an easy way of configuring and acquiring data remotely. Navigate to the Distributed Acquisition section of Dewesoft X page to see how Dewesoft X software implements this communication. 

DWDataReader API for reading data files

DWDataReader library is the solution for you when you are looking to automate your data post-processing and analysis in your own or third-party software.

To make calls to the API, you can use a multitude of languages, which allows you to read data files in Dewesoft file format. The library is especially useful for integrating analysis in engineering tools like MATLAB or programming languages commonly used for data science like Python.

Find examples of use in the developers part of the downloads section.

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