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Tools and API's for Developers and Automation

Dewesoft X is not only very user-friendly but also offers several interfaces for developers, who are able to extend the already large feature set of the software or automate certain tasks.


Dewesoft X software offers so-called plug-in technology which can be used to extend the software in several ways:

  • Use the C++ script to simplify complicated formulas and create custom math modules

  • Use custom plugins to add support for third-party devices, protocols or implement special math processing routines inside Dewesoft with a custom GUI

  • Create custom visual controls and displays to visualize data the way you want

  • Create custom data export functions to export data into any file format

To learn more about writing plugins for Dewesoft X software please navigate to the Extend ​​​​​​​subpage.



Dewesoft offers many ways to automate and control the software. The four most popular options that are available to you are:

  • The Sequencer allows you to control the flow  of your tests and measurements within the software without requiring programming skills

  • Using the DCOM interface the Dewesoft X software can be controlled by an external application

  • Dewesoft NET is able to send and receive data as well as commands over the TCP/IP protocol

  • The DWDataReader API can be used to implement support for reading Dewesoft’s data file format in any data analysis tool


To learn more about writing plugins for Dewesoft X software please navigate to the Automate subpage.


Developers Portal

Dewesoft offers a Stack Overflow type of Q&A developer portal that allows you to ask development related questions and get answers from Dewesoft experts around the world. As the section is open to all users, you just might be able to find an answer to a question that’s currently relevant to you in one of the previous discussions.

The portal also offers documentation, sample code and other resources for developers.

Visit the Dewesoft developer portal.

Developers Portal

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