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Technical drawings


Technical specifications

System specifications

System specifications IOLITEr IOLITEs
Number of slots 12 8
Synchronization 2x SIRIUS® SYNC on L00B4f 2x SIRIUS® SYNC on L00B4f
Sync Accuracy below 1 sample to Sirius® below 1 sample to Sirius®
Dual EtherCAT® interface
Number of buses Two (both with buffered DAQ or real time) Two (both with buffered DAQ or real time)
Data Rate Dual 100Mbit bus speed Dual 100Mbit bus speed
Max. Throughput per bus 600kS/s 600kS/s
Bus 1 connectors 2 Ethernet RJ45 2 Lemo 1T
Bus 2 connectors 2 Ethernet RJ45 2 Ethernet RJ45
Minimum delay (analogue input to EtherCAT® bus)
70 µs 70 µs
Minimum EtherCAT® cycle time 100 µs 100 µs
Physical Specifications
Power in Dual redundant 12-48V DC Dual redundant 12-48V DC
Power consumption ? ?
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C -10 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C -40 to 85°C
Dimensions ? ?
Weight ? ?
Humidity 95% RH non condensing @ 50°C 95% RH non condensing @ 50°C
Shock & Vibration
Vibration sweep sinus (EN 60068-2-6:2008)
Vibration sweep sinus (EN 60068-2-6:2008)
Vibration random (EN 60721-3-2: 1997 - Class 2M2)
Vibration random (EN 60721-3-2: 1997 - Class 2M2)
Shock (EN 60068-2-27:2009) Shock (EN 60068-2-27:2009)

Amplifier overview

Connectors DB9 Thermocouple DB25
#ch per module 6x 8x 4xDI, 4xDO
Data rate / channel 20 kHz 100 Hz 20 kHz
Resolution 24 bit 24 bit digital
Bandwidth ? ?
Voltage ranges ±50 V, ±10V, ±1V, ±100mV, ±10mV 1V, 100 mV CMOS compatible
Input coupling DC, AC 1Hz (3, 10 Hz SW) DC
Sensor excitation 1..15 V max. 0.4W/ch ?
Bridge connection Full, ½, ¼ 350Ω, ¼ 120Ω 3 wire
Programmable shunt 100 kΩ
Resistance DSI20mA, DSI5A
Temperature (PTx) DSI-RTD
Thermocouple DSI-TH K, J, T, R, S, N, E, C, U, B
Charge DSI-CHG
Current ext. shunt
Isolation voltage Differential 1000 V 250 V
Power consumption per module 3.5 W (3xSTG) 5 W (6xSTG) 3 W (8xTH) 4 W (16xTH) 2 W
Advanced functions Supports all strain types and high input range High voltage, high isolation


Input type isolated universal thermocouple and voltage
Number of channels 8
ADC Type 24bit delta-sigma
Sampling Rate Simultaneous 100S/sec
Voltage Ranges ±1V ±100mV
Input Accuracy ±0.02% of reading ±10μV ±0.02% of reading ±10μV
Typical SNR@10/100 s/sec 115/106 dB 110/106 dB
Gain Drift Typical 3ppm /K (max. 10ppm/K)
Offset Drift 0.03μV/K
Gain Linearity <0.01%
Input Coupling DC
Input Impedance 100 MΩ
Thermocouple TC Types: K, J, T, R, S, N , E, C, U, B
Accuracy ±0.02% of reading ±0.5°C ±10μV
Resolution <0.001°C
Sampling rates 100, 80, 40, 20, 10 s/sec
Typical Noise 0.007°C RMS@Type K @10 s/sec 0.02°C RMS@Type K @100s/sec
Additional Specifications
Input connector Mini Thermocouple connector (copper)
Isolation voltage 1000 Vpeak channel/ground & channel/channel
Power consumption 3 W?
Weight ?
Dimensions ?


Analog inputs
Input type Voltage
Ful/half/quarter bridge strain
Number of channels 6
ADC Type 24bit delta-sigma with anti-aliasing filter
Sampling Rate Simultaneous 20kS/sec per channel (software-selectable)
Voltage Ranges ±10V ±1V ±100mV ±10mV
Input Accuracy ±0.03% of reading, ±0.02% of range, ±0.1mV
Offset Accuracy after Balance Amplifier 0.2mV 0.02mV 0.01mV 0.01mV
Typical Dynamic Range@10kS 139dB 139dB 129dB 110dB
Typical SNR@10kS 107dB 107dB 97dB 78dB
Typical CMR @ 400Hz/1kHz 86dB/84dB 96dB/95dB 112dB/102dB 112dB/102dB
Gain Drift Typical 10 ppm/K (max. 40 ppm/K)
Offset Drift Typical 0.3μV/K + 5ppm of range/K, max 2μV/K + 10ppm of range/K
Gain Linearity < 0.02%
Input Coupling DC
Input Impedance 10 MΩ
Overvoltage Protection In+ to In-: 50V continuous, 200V peak (10msec)
Analog input performance
Bandwidth (-3dB) 0.49 fs
Alias-free Bandwidth DC to 0.453 fs
Alias Rejection -100dB (all sample rates)
Delay Through ADC 37 / fs
Oversampling 32
Excitation Voltage
Excitation Voltage Free programmable (16 bit DAC)
Predefined Levels 0, 1, 2.5, 5, 10 and 15VDC
Accuracy ±0.05% ±2mV
Drift ±50ppm/K ±100μV/K
Stability 10% to 90% Load <0.01%
Current Limit 45mA (400mW max. Power)
Protection Continuous short to ground
Bridge Connection Types full bridge strain, ½ bridge strain, ¼ bridge strain (3-wire)
Ranges 2…1000mV/V free programmable
Internal Bridge Completion ½ bridge and ¼ bridge 120 and 350Ω
Bridge Completion Accuracy 0.05 %; TCR: 5ppm/K (others on request)
Internal Shunt Resistor 100kΩ (others on request)
Shunt Resistor Accuracy 0.05%; TCR: 10ppm/K (others on request)
Input Short, Sensor Offset Adjust Software-selectable
Additional Specifications
Input connector DB9 (others on request)
TEDs support Standard + DSI adapters
Environmental rating IP67
Power Consumption ?
Weight ?
Slice Dimensions ?

4xDI, 4xDO

Digital Input
Isolated Input Channels 4
Compatibility CMOS Configuration
Input low level UIN < 0.8V
Input high level UIN > 2.4V
Input high current @5V UIN < 1.8 mA
Input high current @30V UIN < 6 mA
Propagation delay < 1 μsec
Sampling rate Simultaneous 20kS/sec
Overvoltage protection 40V continuous (65V peak)
Isolation voltage peak 250V channel/ground & channel/channel
Digital Output
Isolated Output Channels 4
Compatibility Open collector with 10kΩ pull-up to +5V
Maximum sink current 150mA (not protected)
Maximum switching voltage 50V
Propagation delay < 20μsec
Maximum update rate depending on EtherCAT master
Isolation voltage peak 250V channel to ground, no channel to channel isolation
General Specifications
Power consumption 2 W
Weight ?
Slice Dimensions ?