DSI adapters

TEDS equipped adapters that turn any of our DSUB9 universal analog input into direct IEPE, charge, thermocouple, shunt, voltage, LVDT or RTD input.

TEDS compatible
TEDS compatible

Main Features

  • EXTEND ANALOG INPUTS: DSI adapters are compatible with any Dewesoft amplifier with DSUB9 analog input, independent of the product family. They will fit the SIRIUS DAQ system, KRYPTON DAQ modules, MINITAURs or DEWE-43 DAQ instrument.
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY WITH TEDS SENSOR SUPPORT: All DSI adapters have TEDS chip built-in for automatic sensor detection and plug-and-play setup. Just connect the sensor to DSI adapter and DSI adapter to one of our DSUB-9 analog inputs and everything from scaling, units, calibration data, etc. will be configured automatically.  
  • COMPACT AND RUGGED: All electronics are built into small and rugged DSUB-9 aluminum housing with screw connectors to firmly screw adapters to the analog input channel. 

Full technical specifications | More about DEWESoft X software

DSI - Dewesoft Smart Interface

The versatile Dewesoft DSI® adapters convert any Dewesoft's DAQ system analog input with DSUB9 connector into a universal analog input that can accept everything from strain gage, IEPE/ICP, thermocouple, LVDT, RTD, current to voltage signals with up to ±200V. 

DSI adapters are automatically recognized by TEDS and all settings are configured automatically inside Dewesoft X DAQ software.

IEPE Adapter (Piezoeletric)

DSI adapter for IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) sensors like accelerometers and microphones. A sensor connected to the adapter will be automatically recognized using TEDS technology. Thee versions of DSI-ACC adapter are available:

  • DSI-ACC - excitation current 4 mA, 21 V and high pass filter 0.8 Hz 
  • DSI-ACC-0.16Hz - excitation current 4 mA, 21 V and high pass filter 0,16 Hz
  • DSI-ACC-20mA - excitation current 20 mA, 21 V and high pass filter 0.8 Hz

Charge Adapters

DSI-CHG adapter is intended for charge accelerometer or microphone sensors with BNC connector. The range is up to 50000 pC. AC coupled with 0.07 Hz. Max. 100 kHz bandwidth.

DSI-CHG-DC is an adapter used for the measurements with charge sensors. It has four input ranges from 1 kpC up to 500 kpC. In addition to the DC measurement, users can choose four different hardware high-pass filters in the channel setup of Dewesoft X3 software. 

The main advantage of the DSI-CHG-DC adapter is a large time constant, practically DC charge measurement with DC drift lower than 0.1 pC/s for the 500 kpC input range. The bandwidth of DSI-CHG-DC is 20 kHz for 500 kpC range and 200 kHz for 50 kpC range. DSI-CHG-DC is currently supported by all SIRIUS DAQ amplifiers with DSUB9 input connectors and KRYPTON STG amplifiers. Host amplifier configuration and calibration coefficients can be read via TEDS.

Charge sensors can be connected to the DSI-CHG-DC BNC input connector and to the host amplifier using DSUB9 male-female extender cable. The housing includes four holes and two belt clips for easy mounting of the DSI-CHG-DC adapter.

RTD Adapter

DSI-RTD is a universal adapter for RTD sensors. Two, three and four wire connection methods are supported. 5-pin Binder 710 series connector with included Binder cable connector. Supported RTD types:

  • Pt100,
  • Pt200,
  • Pt500,
  • Pt1000 and
  • Pt2000.


Voltage Adapter

DSI-V-200 adapter will enable any DSUB9 analog input to accept ±200V voltage range, differential input via BNC connector. Bandwidth and ranges are defined by the connected amplifier.

Thermocouple Adapters

DSI-TH-x adapters are used for thermocouple sensor connection. Adapter features high accuracy cold junction reference measurement. 1 m thermocouple cable is included with mini TC connector. Supported thermocouple types:

  • DSI-TH-C - thermocouple type C,
  • DSI-TH-J - thermocouple type J,
  • DSI-TH-K - thermocouple type K and
  • DSI-TH-T - thermocouple type T.

Shunt/Current adapters

DSI adapters for direct current measurement. We offer two versions of DSI current adapter:

  • DSI-20mA - 20 mA current input adapter with 50 Ohm internal shunt, 0.05% accuracy for sensors with 4 to 20 mA output.
  • DSI-5A - 5A current input adapter with 0.01 Ohm internal shunt, 0.05% accuracy.
  • DSIi-10A - isolated current transducer with 10 A FS and < 0.5% accuracy with banana connector inputs.
  • DSIi-20A - isolated current transducer with 20 A FS and < 0.5% accuracy with banana connector inputs.


DSI-LVDT is an adapter for connecting LVDT sensors. It generates 4 to 10 kHz excitation for LVDT sensors and includes phase adjustment with a potentiometer. Output 1 V = 1000 mV / V.

LVDT Adapter for LVDT Sensors

DS-16xLVDTr uses a unique ratiometric architecture to eliminate several of the disadvantages associated with traditional approaches to LVDT interfacing. DS-16xLVDTr combines 16 channels of DSI-LVDT adapters in a 19”-rack compatible housing with 1U height.

The main advantage of the new design is the asynchronous excitation signal provided from an external function generator to a BNC front connector (IN connector). When using multiple DS-LVDTr devices the EXC signal can be daisy-chained from the BNC OUT connector to the BNC IN connector on the other device.

There are 16 DSUB-9M male connectors on the front panel for the connection to the Dewesoft data acquisition system. Each connector includes a trimmer for phase adjustment.

On the back panel are 16 DSUB-9F (female) connectors for the LVDT sensor connection. DS-16xLVDTr supports measurements with full-bridge and half-bridge LVDT sensor types.

More details about DS-16xLVDTr can be found in the user manual.

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