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SIRIUS® 2xPCMPCM Frame Sync/Decomm and PCM Encoder

A small, single-source hardware package that combines PCM frame sync/decomm with PCM encoder capabilities in a small, lightweight, powerful package changing the game in PCM hardware and capabilities.

USB 2.0

USB 2.0

PCM telemetry

PCM telemetry

IRIG Chapter 10

IRIG Chapter 10

IRIG Chapter 7

IRIG Chapter 7







-10°C to +50°C

-10°C to +50°C



SIRIUS® 2xPCM highlights

Input Speed

Capable of receiving two independent PCM streams of 40 Mbps clock and data streams into a platform-independent solution.

PCM Output

One channel can be used as an output for use as a PCM simulator, IRIG-106 Chapter 10 playback, and PCM encoder allowing troubleshooting or a front-end solution.


Multiple units can be easily connected and daisy-chained for creating higher channel counts. 

Compact Size

The small size with its super lightweight allows its use in applications such as backpacks, test and checkout carts, and even onboard the test article.

System Growth

2xPCM can be added to any existing Dewesoft DAQ HW which adds PCM hardware and software in a single-time synchronized location to new or existing systems.


SIRIUS 2xPCM is system agnostic. Adding the 2xPCM can be added to other systems via the software.

USB Device

Communication is done via a USB connection. IRIG time can be passthrough or inputted via IRIG BNC ports. Dewesoft sync ports allow time sync connections between all capable equipment for ease of time sync capability. 2x single-ended and Diff connections are on the front plate for each of the two channels.

Software included

Every Dewesoft data acquisition system is bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. The software is easy to use but very rich and deep in functionality. All software updates are free forever with no hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

Dual-Channel PCM Interface

Each SIRIUS 2xPCM device is capable of receiving two channels of PCM clock and data on a single-ended or differential input

Speeds up to 40 Mbps input are set allowing data, video, and audio bandwidth inputs. If additional input channels are required, multiple SIRIUS 2xPCM devices can be connected together providing the input channels required.

The stackable design allows quick, secure connection of multiple devices using our smart click mechanism.

PCM output

Channel 1 can be set from an input to an output which allows the SIRIUS 2xPCM to be used as a PCM simulator or PCM encoder.  

This output signal can be simulated via DewesoftX software allowing the user to simulate the PCM stream or playback an IRIG-106 Chapter 10 recording. 

All collected parameters within the DewesoftX software can be transmitted as well for the SIRIUS 2xPCM to be a true encoder in any application.

Pair this with the IRIG-106 Chapter 10 plugin capabilities and you now have a small addition to the Dewesoft suite that will now broadcast and receive PCM streams meeting the needs of your testing requirements.

Standalone or full ground station

Additional Dewesoft hardware is not required for the SIRIUS 2xPCM to function. If you have an existing PCM stream, you can flow that data through the SIRIUS 2xPCM device and the DewesoftX software package with the PCM plugin.

DewesoftX software allows you to combine data from numerous data sources:

  • Dewesoft analog inputs (IEPE, strain, Voltage, etc.)

  • Digital and counter inputs

  • IRIG-106 Chapter 10 data

  • IRIG-106 Chapter 7 data

  • PCM telemetry

  • MIL-STD-1553

  • ARINC-429

  • iNet

  • Serial data

  • Ethernet data

  • GPS data

  • Video (DirectX, High-speed video, infrared thermal)

  • CAN bus data

Dewesoft allows you to have a single source for all information within a code-free software environment.

Compact size

SIRIUS 2xPCM weights at less than 2 pounds (< 1 kg), with the dimensions of 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 in (13,97 x 13,97 x 6,35 cm). This small, lightweight PCM hardware can be used in all settings such as on aircraft or inside a control room with a very little footprint or weight.

When used on aircraft, the SIRIUS 2xPCM can be placed in unconventional areas and is not constrained to standard mounting conventions. In a control room, it can easily fit on top of, or behind a tower-based CPU and within a 19” rack with the low intrusion.

The design is also small enough to take with a small windows based tablet and perform ramp/launchpad test and checkouts with no additional power required as the power source are the tablet.  The design was based on multiple usage cases. Take the SIRIUS 2xPCM out on the ramp, then throw that same unit in the control room without the worry of durability.

Front and back panel

SIRIUS-2xPCM front and back panel includes all the connection options. Multiple devices can be synchronized together to expand the capabilities.


Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software Included for Free

Dewesoft data acquisition systems are bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. It is the world's most advanced and easy-to-use data recording and signal processing software. Software and hardware work together like magic. It offers simplicity as well as deep functionality to tackle any test and measurement task.

And the best part? You get lifetime FREE software updates and technical support. Software is evolving all the time. New major releases are released every 3 months constantly adding new features, optimizations, and other improvements. There are no hidden costs and will remain free forever.

Plug and Play

Connecting the DAQ system and sensors could not be faster or easier. DewesoftX software will automatically detect the connected DAQ systems and TEDS-equipped sensors will configure the channel configuration automatically. Features like:

  • Hardware auto-detection.

  • Smart sensors.

  • Sensor database.

  • Advanced TEDS sensor support.

  • Built-in unit conversion.

  • Real-time signal preview.

  • Wiring schematics.

will make you ready for measurement in seconds. Spend less time configuring your DAQ hardware and be more productive. Time is money!

Measure and Store

Powerful storing capabilities with more than 500 MB/s sustained stream rates mean you can always store data at full speed and never again worry about losing data that could compromise your tests. DewesoftX storing features offer:

  • Real-time data acquisition.

  • Synchronized acquisition of analog, counter, video, GPS, CAN bus, and many other sources.

  • Advanced triggering and alarms.

  • Single or multi-file storage.

  • Remote and distributed network storing.

  • Automated test sequences.

Even if you store gigabytes of data, our innovative data file format​​​​​​​ will ensure you can reload and analyze your data as fast as in a blink of an eye.

Analyse and Publish

NVH, structural testing, power analysis, and more. Forget about using several complex software solutions to record and analyze your data. DewesoftX offers one-stop shop for all test and measurement tasks. Our software offers:

  • Online and offline mathematics.

  • Flexible real-time visual displays.

  • Synchronized video support.

  • PDF and Word reporting tools.

  • Data export to many standard file formats.

  • Unlimited FREE license seats to view and analyze stored data.

DewesoftX is designed with the mindset of a test engineer and offers a complete testing solution in a single software package that is easy and joy to use.

Lifetime Free Updates

We are offering no-bluff or hidden cost licensing model for our data acquisition software. A new major version is released every three months bringing new features, performance boosts, bugfixes, with no additional cost to you. All updates for our existing users are free forever.

Unlimited License Seats

Our licensing model offers unlimited seats for analysing the recorded data. The recorded data file will bundle the license. Simply share data file with your colleagues and they can download software for free and ready to fully analyze the data. No additional licenses are needed.

Free Technical Support

We are putting our customers first. Free worldwide technical support is available for our DAQ software and hardware. Our technical support team is responsive and will attend to every support request and solve it in the fastest possible manner. Local technical support in our local offices is also available for you at no extra cost.

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