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DS-LAN Network SwitchesFast multiport Ethernet switches with PTP synchronization

DS-LAN switches are high-speed, multiport Ethernet switches designed with PTP synchronization support specifically for use with Dewesoft data acquisition systems. These switches facilitate rapid data transfers and provide a convenient solution for interconnecting multiple DAQ devices.

DS-LAN Network Switches highlights

Fast data transfers

Network switches provide transfer speeds ranging from 100 Mbit to 10 Gbit. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred speed, including options like 100 Mbit, 10 Gbit, 5 Gbit, 2.5 Gbit, and 1 Gbit.

Up to 18 ports

The DS-18xLAN model offers 12 2.5 GbE ports on the front panel with various connector options. Additionally, on the back panel, there are four 2.5 GbE interfaces and two SFP 10 GbE ports.

PTP synchronization

To seamlessly synchronize data from multiple DAQ devices, all our network switches offer support for PTP time synchronization.

Passive PoE

Our industrial DS-LAN network switches come with an optional Power over Ethernet feature (passive PoE), allowing you to provide power to up to 12 devices.

Two connector option

Whether you favor the cost-effective RJ45 connectors or the durable Lemo connectors, DS-LAN network switches offer both options.

Fiber optic communication

The SFP connectors on the back of the device enable the use of fiber optic communication for extended distances or in challenging EMC harsh environments.

Easy mounting

The DS-LAN chassis is compatible with the classic SIRIUS modular form factor. It allows for easy mounting within the SIRIUS® family product line or use with existing mounting accessories.

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

DS-LAN network switches overview

Network switches offer extensive connectivity options for Ethernet-supported data acquisition (DAQ) devices. With PTP synchronization and Power over Ethernet (passive PoE compliant with 802.3at, 802.3bt), these switches simplify the connection process by requiring just one cable to power, connect, and synchronize DAQ devices such as SIRIUS XHS, SIRIUS XHS-PWR, OBSIDIAN, etc.

Thanks to robust power supply capabilities, the DS-18xLAN can power up to twelve Dewesoft data acquisition devices, while the DS-6xLAN can power up to four. The high-speed connection, reaching up to 10 Gbps link, also ensures ample bandwidth, crucial for handling high-channel count setups with higher sample rates (up to 15 MS/s).


The DS-18xLAN is an 18-port network switch that supports high-speed connectivity up to 10 Gbps. It features a PTP synchronization mechanism and offers a passive PoE option for powering external Ethernet devices.

The front panel utilizes twelve 2.5 GbE ports with a passive PoE option. The back panel has 4x 2.5 GbE ports with RJ45 and 2x SFP slots with up to 10 Gbps network speed.

There are three options for the front panel connectors:

  • DS-18xLAN-L1B: twelve LEMO 1B 8-pin female connectors

  • DS-18xLAN-RJ45: twelve RJ45 connectors

  • DS-18xLAN-RJ45-L1B: six RJ45 connectors and 6x LEMO 1B 8-pin female connectors

The default configuration for passive PoE is that front panel ports with LEMO connectors have the passive PoE option turned ON and RJ45 front panel ports are configured with passive PoE turned OFF. The passive PoE option can also be user-configurable for each port.

A 2.3 A current limit for each front panel port makes it possible to connect up to 12 SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR devices running PWR+DATA+SYNC over a single cable.


DS-6xLAN is a 6-port gigabit network switch with 4 downlink ports on the front panel and 2 uplink ports on the back panel.

Downlink ports can be chosen by either rugged LEMO connectors or standard ethernet RJ45 connectors with combined power and data.

Uplink ports are always configured with RJ45 connectors.

There are two versions of DS-6xLAN network switches:

  • DS-6xLAN-L1B: Downlink ports have LEMO 1B Series 8-pin connectors with combined power and data. Uplink ports are RJ45.

  • DS-6xLAN-RJ45: Downlink ports have RJ45 connectors with combined power and data. Uplink ports are RJ45.

100% compatible with our DAQs

Unlock the full potential of your data acquisition with the Dewesoft DS-LAN Network Switches – the perfect match for your Dewesoft ecosystem. Designed to work in harmony with our latest DAQ systems - SIRIUS XHS, SIRIUS XHS-PWR, and OBSIDIAN.

Flawless Compatibility

Connect with confidence! The DS-LAN switches are engineered to be fully compatible with Dewesoft data acquisition systems, ensuring a plug-and-play experience that's both efficient and reliable. With these switches, you're not just buying a product; you're enhancing an entire system.

Distribute with Ease

Simplify your setup! The DS-LAN network switches are your answer to effortless distribution of your DAQ devices. Minimize your cabling worries and let the DS-LAN switches distribute your data acquisition devices smartly, so you can focus on the results, not the setup.

Pinpoint Synchronization

Experience synchronicity in every measurement. With fully integrated PTP synchronization, our DS-LAN switches ensure that your data is not only distributed but perfectly aligned in time, providing you with the highest fidelity in multi-channel measurements.


The DS-LAN network switches can be used for various applications:

  • Compose bigger DAQ systems and expand the channel count to hundreds and even thousands of I/O channels.

  • Distribute DAQ devices and solve long distances between the structure and the measurement system(s) when the control room is far away from the test bench.

  • Solve testing applications requiring high data bandwidth.

  • Interconnect and synchronize of various network devices (DAQ systems, cameras, etc.) with PTP synchronization

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