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IOLITE® 3xMEMSLow-Noise Triaxial MEMS Accelerometers and Inclinometers

Tailor-made data acquisition devices for structural health monitoring applications. Ideal price-performance solution for permanent condition monitoring on structures such as bridges, buildings, antennas, and stadiums.













Shock rating 50g

Shock rating 50g

-20°C to +60°C

-20°C to +60°C

IOLITE® 3xMEMS highlights


IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC is a family of data acquisition devices with an embedded triaxial MEMS accelerometer, analog-to-digital conversion, and EtherCAT interface based on the IOLITE modular DAQ device platform.

Low noise density

The IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC devices have a very low noise performance. The IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC has a 25 µg/√Hz spectral noise density while the IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC-S has an ultralow spectral noise density of 0,7 µg/√Hz. It is comparable to the best-in-class Force Balanced accelerometers.

Velocity & displacement

IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC are DC response accelerometers, capable of measuring static accelerations starting from 0Hz. Software calculations in DewesoftX allow you to calculate velocity and displacements as well as static pitch and roll angles from the DC acceleration values.

Perfect synchronization

The IOLITE 3xMEMS are EtherCAT-based devices and are synchronized down to 1μs device to device. This is very important when performing Operational Modal Analysis to understand structural dynamics (natural frequencies, modal shapes, and damping ratios).


Multiple devices can be easily distributed and synchronized over large structures using one inexpensive CAT6 cable that can span up to 50m node-to-node. By using optical converters, even distances of more than 20 km between the devices can be covered while still keeping a 1us synchronization between the devices.

Great price/performance

Low unit price, free software, simple on-site installation, and the best-in-class option for dynamic acceleration, velocity, displacement, and static inclination monitoring make IOLITE 3xMEMS one of the best price/performance devices on the market.

Versatile measurement

The device can measure acceleration in the X, Y, and Z axes. Software calculations in DewesoftX allow you to calculate velocity and displacements as well as static pitch and roll angles from the DC acceleration values.

Waterproof enclosure

We offer a fully waterproof enclosure with IP67 environment protection for all IOLITE 3xMEMS devices.

Software included

Every Dewesoft data acquisition system is bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. The software is easy to use but very rich and deep in functionality. All software updates are free forever with no hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

IOLITE 3xMEMS-ACC overview

IOLITE 3xMEMS-ACC are integrated sensing devices for measuring vibration, inclination, velocity, displacement, pitch, and roll. Acceleration is measured by an integrated triaxial MEMS accelerometer inside the device. The accelerometer is tightly attached to the mechanical chassis.

Analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) is also done inside the device. This eliminates any noise picked up by analog cabling.

A microprocessor inside the device transmits the acceleration samples over into DewesoftX data software running on a Windows PC. Alternatively, the devices can also be connected to any controller running an EtherCAT master. Sensor scaling is automatic, The data in g's or m/s2 is readily available to the user.

An internal temperature sensor mounted inside the device measures the temperature of the MEMS accelerometer. These readings are also displayed inside DewesoftX data acquisition software as a system monitor channel. The values are updated once per second.

IOLITE 3xMEMS-ACC devices are designed for a tailor-made structural health monitoring solution. They are ideal for permanent condition monitoring on big structures such as bridges, buildings, antennas, stadiums, big machines, etc.

Available device configurations

IOLITE 3xMEMS devices are available in several configurations:

  • IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-8g: ±2g to ±8g measurement range, 0 - 1000 Hz bandwidth, 4 kS/s sampling rate, 96 dB dynamic range, and 25 µg/√Hz spectral noise density.

  • IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-40g: ±10g to ±40g measurement range, 0 - 1000 Hz bandwidth, 4 kS/s sampling rate, 96 dB dynamic range, and 25 µg/√Hz spectral noise density.

  • IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-8g-INC: The same specs as the IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-8g with an integrated inclinometer.

  • IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-T: Same specs as the IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-8g with the additional connector at the front to which a temperature sensor can be connected.

  • IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-S: ±15g measurement range, 0 .. 460 Hz bandwidth, 1 kS/s sampling rate, 137 dB dynamic range, and 0.7 µg/√Hz spectral noise density.

  • IOLITE-2xMEMS-INC: A static two-axial inclinometer measurement device. Measurement range: +-15 deg, resolution: 0,001 deg, relative accuracy: 0,01 deg.

  • IOLITEi-1xMEMS-ACC-Z: Single axis accelerometer with ±2g, ±4g, and ±8g ranges. IP20 environmental protection.

  • IOLITEi-1xMEMS-ACC-Z-T: The same specifications as the IOLITEi-1xMEMS-ACC-Z with the additional connector at the front for a temperature sensor connection.

The waterproof IP67 enclosure chassis is available for all configurations.

Distributed EtherCAT® architecture

EtherCAT® protocol allows the IOLITE devices to be easily distributed across large structures. Devices can span 50m node-to-node with only one cable running between them for signal, power, and synchronization. 

By using optical converters even distances of more than 20 km between the devices can be covered while still keeping a 1us synchronization between the devices.

Static inclinometer to measure pitch and roll angles

We offer two versions of IOLITE 3xMEMS devices that can be used as a static two-axial inclinometer. Devices can be used to measure the pitch and roll angles (around its X and Y axes with the Z-axis positioned vertically).

  • IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-8g-INC: The same specs as IOLITE-3xMEMS-ACC-8g with an integrated inclinometer.

  • IOLITE-2xMEMS-INC: A static two-axial inclinometer measurement device. Measurement range: +-15 deg, resolution: 0,001 deg, relative accuracy: 0,01 deg.

They can be used for static inclination monitoring of structures, for example, bridges, viaducts, high-rise buildings, wind turbines, etc. It measures roll and pitch angles (about its X and Y axes) with the Z axis positioned vertically.

A static two-axial inclinometer offers the following specs:

  • Measurement range: +-15 deg

  • Resolution: 0,001 deg

  • Relative accuracy: 0,01 deg

IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-T to measure acceleration and temperature on structures

The IOLITEi-3xMEMS-ACC-T version features an additional M8 connector at the front to which a temperature sensor can be connected. This allows a simple and inexpensive addition of a temperature measurement point in monitoring applications on bridges, wind turbines, and other structures. Both IOLITEi (IP20) and IOLITEiw (IP67) variants are available with this option.

Only a dedicated temperature sensor is compatible and must be ordered separately. It is a digitized temperature sensor with the following specs:

  • Measurement accuracy: +-0.5 °C

  • Measurement range: -55 to 125 °C

  • Envoronmental proteciton: IP66.

1-wire protocol is used for communication between the sensor and the 3xMEMS-ACC device. Maximum cable length is 10 m.

Seismic noise performance

IOLITEi 3xMEMS devices have a very low spectral noise density. The IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC-S has a 0,7 µg/√Hz spectral noise density and residual noise of 2µg (RMS) at 100 Hz bandwidth. Its performance can be easily compared to the best-in-class Force Balance accelerometers.

The IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC has 25 µg/√Hz spectral noise density and 100 µg residual noise at 50 Hz bandwidth. The FFT recorder on the right shows the residual noise of the IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC three axes at the sample rate of 100 S/s resulting in a 96 dB dynamic range.

Ready to measure displacement

Even though the IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC devices measure acceleration, can be also used to precisely measure displacement by integrating the acceleration twice and applying appropriate filtering. The task is straightforward thanks to the DewesoftX data acquisition software.

In the experiment shown below the linear displacement of the IOLITEi 3xMEMS-ACC is measured directly with a laser distance sensor and also calculated from measured acceleration. Results show great accuracy even at a low frequency of 1.5 Hz.

Product testing and validation

Hardware repairs or replacements are expensive on structures such as bridges. Therefore IOLITE 3xMEMS-ACC was put through in-depth product validation tests that ensure reliable operation within its specifications.

Standard testing procedures include vibration and temperature cycle tests to check the durability and specify drifts in measured acceleration.

Permanent outdoor mounting with the IP67 waterproof casing

IOLITE 3xMEMS-ACC devices are available in a waterproof aluminum casing with cable glands. The enclosure is designed to be mounted outdoors and is fully waterproof. It complies with IP67 environmental rating. Devices can operate in a wide temperature span from -20°C to 65°C.

Cables are inserted through the cable glands at the installation location and crimped to the male RJ45 connectors. The female RJ45 connectors of the IOLITE 3xMEMS-ACC are located inside the waterproof enclosure. The top lid can be fixed to the enclosure using an O-ring seal and four bolts after the connectors are mated.

The outdoor enclosure automatically vents the air to equalize pressure inside the enclosure to the outside air pressure while it does not allow water to pass into the enclosure. This prolongs the life span of the seal and increases the durability of the enclosure.

Historian database storage

IOLITE data acquisition device can be installed for long-term or permanent monitoring. This kind of measurement requires efficient data storage. For that, we provide Dewesoft Historian service. Historian is a time-series database service based on the MQTT messaging protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Historian is based on an open-source InfluxDB database and is a perfect solution for long-term monitoring. Data in the Historian can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Web clients: any modern web browser can be used as a web client to access real-time data stored in the Historian. The solution is based on another open-source project Grafana. It allows to set up of completely customized views and is a perfect solution for real-time dashboards.

  2. Desktop client: the desktop client is an instance of our award-winning DewesoftX software. It allows you to import historical data from the Historian database for in-depth analysis.

Historian is available to be installed on your own server or as a completely managed cloud service.

Visit the Dewesoft Historian web page for more information.

Installation accessories

Devices are daisy-chained with a standard ethernet network cable. It is recommended that the cable is shielded (SFTP, CAT5e) and has a minimum of 24 AWG wire thickness. The cable must have 4 wire pairs. The maximum distance node-to-node is 50 m.

A passive PoE (power over ethernet) power injector is necessary for merging the EtherCAT signal and power into a single cable. The IOLITE® power injector is an industrial power injector with embedded burst and surge protection electronics.

Industrial application and system integrations

Systems based on IOLITE® 3xMEMS data acquisition hardware and DewesoftX software are installed all over the globe to perform important structural monitoring. One of our bigger system integrators, ESSEBI, is integrating IOLITE® 3xMEMS accelerometers in permanent structural monitoring systems. 

We are delighted with the noise performance of the device. It allows us to perform operational modal analysis. The ease of use of the total solution together with software is very important to us as it is completely plug-and-play.

Giorgio Sforza, ESSEBI Srl

Learn more

If you are interested in becoming a system integrator please contact us.


Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software Included for Free

Dewesoft data acquisition systems are bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. It is the world's most advanced and easy-to-use data recording and signal processing software. Software and hardware work together like magic. It offers simplicity as well as deep functionality to tackle any test and measurement task.

And the best part? You get lifetime FREE software updates and technical support. Software is evolving all the time. New major releases are released every 3 months constantly adding new features, optimizations, and other improvements. There are no hidden costs and will remain free forever.

Plug and Play

Connecting the DAQ system and sensors could not be faster or easier. DewesoftX software will automatically detect the connected DAQ systems and TEDS-equipped sensors will configure the channel configuration automatically. Features like:

  • Hardware auto-detection.

  • Smart sensors.

  • Sensor database.

  • Advanced TEDS sensor support.

  • Built-in unit conversion.

  • Real-time signal preview.

  • Wiring schematics.

will make you ready for measurement in seconds. Spend less time configuring your DAQ hardware and be more productive. Time is money!

Measure and Store

Powerful storing capabilities with more than 500 MB/s sustained stream rates mean you can always store data at full speed and never again worry about losing data that could compromise your tests. DewesoftX storing features offer:

  • Real-time data acquisition.

  • Synchronized acquisition of analog, counter, video, GPS, CAN bus, and many other sources.

  • Advanced triggering and alarms.

  • Single or multi-file storage.

  • Remote and distributed network storing.

  • Automated test sequences.

Even if you store gigabytes of data, our innovative data file format​​​​​​​ will ensure you can reload and analyze your data as fast as in a blink of an eye.

Analyse and Publish

NVH, structural testing, power analysis, and more. Forget about using several complex software solutions to record and analyze your data. DewesoftX offers one-stop shop for all test and measurement tasks. Our software offers:

  • Online and offline mathematics.

  • Flexible real-time visual displays.

  • Synchronized video support.

  • PDF and Word reporting tools.

  • Data export to many standard file formats.

  • Unlimited FREE license seats to view and analyze stored data.

DewesoftX is designed with the mindset of a test engineer and offers a complete testing solution in a single software package that is easy and joy to use.

Lifetime Free Updates

We are offering no-bluff or hidden cost licensing model for our data acquisition software. A new major version is released every three months bringing new features, performance boosts, bugfixes, with no additional cost to you. All updates for our existing users are free forever.

Unlimited License Seats

Our licensing model offers unlimited seats for analysing the recorded data. The recorded data file will bundle the license. Simply share data file with your colleagues and they can download software for free and ready to fully analyze the data. No additional licenses are needed.

Free Technical Support

We are putting our customers first. Free worldwide technical support is available for our DAQ software and hardware. Our technical support team is responsive and will attend to every support request and solve it in the fastest possible manner. Local technical support in our local offices is also available for you at no extra cost.

Lovedby Many Engineers

Again, thanks for all of the new features that are being included in DewesoftX. It is already a fantastic product and deserves to become the Microsoft Word of data acquisition software.

We absolutely enjoy using the Dewesoft data acquisition equipment and its software. I think of it as the Porsche 911 of data acquisition (my dream car/our dream test equipment).

We recommend SIRIUS data acquisition system as a great unit to anyone that asks how we like it.

I wanted to personally write to you and tell you how impressed I am with Dewesoft products. The whole Dewesoft team impressed me as extremely happy, smart, and dedicated.

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