Award-Winning Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing Software

DewesoftX is an award-winning data acquisition and signal processing software. It is heavily used for numerous test & measurement applications across all markets. DewesoftX is a defacto standard for signal measurement, data recording, signal processing, and data visualization.

DewesoftX DAQ software received multiple international awards and is innovative and easy to use. At the same time, it offers very deep functionality. Our mission is clear - one software for all test and measurement applications.

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  • Data storing and triggering
  • Data visualization
  • Signal processing and data analysis
  • Data export and reporting
  • Develop, extend, automate
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DewesoftX highlights

Easy to use yet powerful

To date we have invested more than 1 million engineer hours into the development of DewesoftX software. Even though we have added numerous features requested by the test engineers around the world we have kept it extremely easy to use.

Short learning curve

Based on the feedback from our customers, DewesoftX is the most intuitive test and measurement software and fast to learn. With the built-in help and free online training courses with step-by-step instructions, you will be in the flow in no time.

Included for free

DewesoftX Professional is included for FREE with all our data acquisition hardware and there are no yearly software fees or other hidden costs whatsoever.

Free lifetime updates

We release a major new version of DewesoftX software every three months. New versions include speed optimizations, bug fixes, new features to basic functionality, and new features to signal processing and math modules. All software updates are completely free forever for all existing users.

Unlimited license seats

You can use Dewesoft measurement hardware with any PC computer where DewesoftX is installed. Once the data is recorded to a file you can share it with as many people as you want. They can use the software for reading, viewing, and analyzing the data without additional software licenses.


DewesoftX software is bundled with all Dewesoft data acquisition hardware which works in a plug-and-play manner. Once DAQ hardware is connected, the software will detect it, bring up the correct channel setup, and with the help of TEDS technology automatically set up the connected sensors.

Rich data interface support

DewesoftX software allows recording data from a wide array of different data interfaces fully synchronized. Analog sensors, digital sensors, video cameras, GNSS receivers, CAN bus, XCP/CCP bus, Flexray bus, Ethernet, OPC UA, Siemens S7, serial data, IRIG-106 chapter 10, PCM, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, and many others are supported.

Stunning visuals

The software by default includes more than 35 display widgets that can be freely customized by the user. From simple recorder displays to advanced 3D graphs with histograms and interactive maps. Visual displays use hardware acceleration for optimal and smooth performance.

Signal processing math

Enjoy the endless math library and application-specific math modules. From simple formulas, statistical operations, and filtering options to advanced signal processing mathematics such as modal analysis, power analysis, FFT, acoustics, and many more.

Easy data export

DewesoftX can export recorded data to more than 25 industry-standard data formats. Whether you want your data in Microsoft Excel, Matlab, ASAM MDF, or Universal file format, we have you covered. For developers, we allow writing custom data exports.

Create reports like a PRO

Built-in reporting tools will get you from measurement to beautiful PDF or Microsoft Word reports in seconds. Add-ons for Microsoft Word will offer real-time updates of any visual widgets directly in Word file.

Automate testing

The built-in sequencer tool allows you to fully automate your testing procedures or any other aspect of DewesoftX software. Create simple UIX for test drivers or other test operators to execute tests without hassles.

Extend and customize

To extend and add custom functionality DewesoftX provides a programming API interface. Anything from custom math, data export, visual, or device support can be added. Integrated C++ Script IDE and compiler add simple and effective scripting functionality directly within the software.

Speaks your language

DewesoftX is translated and localized into 14 world languages so there is a big chance it speaks the same language as you.

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software

More than 20 years in development, DewesoftX data acquisition software received multiple international awards including the best software innovation of the year award from Automotive Testing International magazine.

We are proud and ready to keep our software the best in class and most innovative test and measurement software. Or as our customers say:

Again, thanks for all of the new features that are being included in DewesoftX. It is already a fantastic product and deserves to become the "Microsoft Word" of data acquisition software.

One Software For All Testing Applications

Our core philosophy is one software for all test and measurement applications. DewesoftX is the result of this philosophy. It combines data recording features from several data interfaces as well as packs very strong signal processing features.

The software offers advanced data recording, data analysis, data visualization,  reporting features, and everything in between in a single easy-to-use software suite. This approach introduces many improvements to your daily test and measurement work. Learn less, do more, and most importantly, do it faster. The option to expand to new applications without investing in new hardware will save you time and money.

Blazing Fast Performance

DewesoftX has been completely rewritten to support 64-bit CPU architecture. The result of this effort is that it is now able to use an unlimited number of input channels and is able to address all the available memory of the computer. 

DewesoftX also takes advantage of all the modern CPU and GPU technologies like multi- and hyper-threading and DirectX to make complex mathematical calculations and rich visualizations smooth as silk. We offload complex computations to NVIDIA GPUs using the CUDA parallel computing platform which allows us to calculate complex computations at 15 MS/s in real-time.

The result is blazing fast performance and an ultra-responsive user interface that will make words slow and lagging things of the past.

Input Interfaces and Data Sources

DewesoftX software is unique in terms of supported data interfaces. No other data acquisition software can match a number of supported interfaces that can be acquired fully synchronized, stored, and visualized in the same data file. We support:

  • Analog data: voltage, current, IEPE, charge, strain, thermocouples, PTx, potentiometer, LVDT, resistance, and more.

  • Digital data: digital counters and encoders of any kind.

  • Video: from low-cost DirectX compatible cameras and GoPro cameras to high-speed video hardware synchronized to analog data, ultra-high-speed cameras from Photron, and thermal IR imaging from OPTRIS.

  • Navigational interfaces: GNSS receivers. Inertial Measurement Systems (IMU and INS), Gyro platforms.

  • Vehicle bus systems: CAN bus, CAN FD, LinBus, Sent, FlexRay, XCP/CCP, Kistler Wheels, ADMA, etc.

  • Aerospace interfaces: PCM telemetry, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, IRIG-106 Chapter 10, iNet.

  • Industrial bus systems: OPC UA, Ethernet, Modbus, Siemens S7, serial.

User Experience Like No Other

DewesoftX is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive data acquisition software on the market. With a beautiful user interface with real-time visual feedback and friendly controls, it saves time to test engineers and is a joy to use.

And the more you use it the better it gets. We are listening to customer feedback and new improvements are being introduced on monthly basis, of course, free of charge.

No Hidden Licensing Costs or Fees

We offer a very flexible software licensing model with no hidden costs, yearly renewable contracts, or software update fees. When you buy our data acquisition system the DewesoftX software is always included. The license is stored on the DAQ device. This gives you the flexibility to connect the device to any computer and DewesoftX will automatically read the license from the connected device.

The license is required only when acquiring and storing data using the DAQ device. DewesoftX is completely free in analyze mode. This means that once your data is stored you can share, open, and analyze it with as many people and computers as you need. No additional license is needed. Simply download DewesoftX and open the data file.

The same license applies to remote-view clients in distributed measurement applications. You can have unlimited view clients for monitoring the data without any additional software licenses. 

Lifetime Free Updates

Flexible software licensing is not all you gain by investing in the Dewesoft solution. Our software is evolving all the time for the last 20+ years.

New features are being added and new measurement and testing applications are being supported. We are always thriving for better performance which is being improved with every new release. We are always adding support for new devices, standards, and protocols.

We are releasing a new version every 3 months and all versions are always available for our users for FREE. DewesoftX updates are free forever.

You can update directly from within the DewesoftX software or download the installer from our Download Center.

Built-in Help Manual and Online Training Courses

Got lost? Don't worry, we have you covered. DewesoftX software includes a built-in help manual that is available anywhere within the software by pressing the F1 button. It will always bring up the manual for the current section in the software.

Next to the manual we also offer free online training courses. These training courses are carefully crafted and cover courses for:

  • Connect: Learn how to get started with Dewesoft data acquisition hardware and DewesoftX software.

  • Measure: Learn how to measure different signals like the voltage, current, vibration, strain, temperature, etc.

  • Analyze: Learn how to analyze measures signals. Power analysis, FFT, modal analysis, and many others.

  • Develop: Learn how to extend DewesoftX software by using our available developer tools.

Localized Into Your Language

DewesoftX software is translated and localized into 14 world languages:

  • English (default)

  • Czech

  • Dutch

  • German

  • Finnish

  • French

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Slovenian

  • Spanish

Language can easily be changed from the DewesoftX settings menu.

Quality Assured With Agile and Continuous Integration Development

We put a lot of effort into searching for a scalable development process that would keep the quality of software at the highest possible level. We looked at Microsoft, Apple, and Google. The process is called agile development.

Agile development is a set of values and principles. It increases flexibility and delivery. Software testing is crucial for continuous development. Each line of code is automatically tested with thousands of test cases that are running all the time. For this, we have invented the infrastructure that is called the darkroom.

When a developer changes something in the source code, the darkroom takes over and automatically compiles the new code. It runs the test cases and gives back the results to developers in a few minutes. A complete suite of tests takes a few hours.

Supported Data Sources

Synchronized data recording from various hardware interfaces and data sources.

Analog Sensors

DewesoftX can acquire, store, and analyze data from almost any analog sensor using Dewesoft data acquisition hardware.  

When the data acquisition device is connected to the computer running DewesoftX software it will automatically detect it and display the list of available analog channels. 

Analog channels can have different modes, depending on the type of amplifier used in the DAQ hardware. Modes can be voltage, current, IEPE, charge, strain (full, half, quarter-bridge modes, 120/350 Ohm ), etc.

TEDS sensor technology is used for sensor autodetection and automatic channel configuration.

Each analog channel has software selectable features like sampling rate, name, color, unit, sensor, amplifier settings, and filtering with live signal preview.

Simple Connection of Analog Sensors

DewesoftX provides several features that help you simplify the connection and channel setup for analog sensors.


Dewesoft implements the TEDS standard to read, auto-detect, and automatically configure connected sensors. Calibration, scale factor, sensitivity, unit, model, and just about anything else will automatically be read and set the channel configuration according to the connected sensor.

You can also easily turn any sensor in your possession into a "smart sensor". Simply equip the sensor with the TEDS chip and write the sensor and amplifier configuration with one click. Next time you connect the sensor, the entire channel configuration will be set up automatically.

Sensor Database

DewesoftX includes a sensor database that holds the list and the properties of all sensors you want to use. Each sensor is defined with the information in the database:

  • Sensor type, serial number, calibration date, and period

  • General sensor information with the ability to define custom fields

  • Scaling type, either linear, polynomial, or table

  • Transfer curve used for sensor correction

The sensor database can be created and adapted according to the used measurement hardware. All functions for creating, editing, and managing sensors are included.

For more information about sensor databases and editors visit the Sensor database PRO training online course.

Sensor Wiring Schemes

DewesoftX includes smart wiring schemes for the easy creation of sensor connectors for the connection to the front-end amplifiers. 

Depending on the used amplifier and selected operation mode, the correct connector pinout and the needed connections to the sensor are displayed. By moving the mouse pointer over the wires software will show you how to connect the sensor pinout to the connector pinout.

This will save you a lot of time and will spare you an endless search for additional documents.

Channel Connections

Up to this point, all channel identification in DewesoftX has always been done using channel indexes. For example, when an analog channel is used as an input to the FFT module, it is identified with a fixed parameter based on its “position” in Dewesoft’s setup structure. With channel connections, that same parameter called the unique ID is no longer strictly tied to the channel’s position. 

This functionality can be utilized with locked sensors. In that case, the connection to math modules and display widgets is based on the sensor’s serial number and not the position of the channel. Therefore, if a sensor is disconnected and reconnected to a different position, the linked mathematics and display widgets will stay intact.

The same principle applies over Dewesoft NET, where sensors can even be moved from the measurement unit to the measurement unit without losing the references on the master.

Counter, Encoder and Digital Inputs

DewesoftX offers a digital counter interface available on many Dewesoft data acquisition instruments. All counter inputs utilize our patented technology SuperCounters® which allows very precise timing and counting measurement.

Each counter input can capture counting, encoder, frequency, period, pulse width, and duty cycle or can be used as three digital inputs.

To learn more about counters and especially Dewesoft SuperCounter technology please visit the Digital counter online training course.

Automotive Interfaces

DewesoftX can acquire the data from several standard automotive interfaces. Data can be captured and synchronized in parallel with other data sources like analog, video, GNSS, etc. Supported automotive interfaces in DewesoftX are:

  • CAN bus

  • OBDII on CAN

  • J1939 and J1587

  • CAN FD


  • LIN bus

  • FlexRay

  • Kistler KiRoad

  • MTS road simulator integration

  • Testbed AK-protocol support

  • ETAS INCA over XCP Slave

  • SENT (SAE J2716)

Lidar data

DewesoftX can also acquire data from lidar sensors. Currently, a complete Velodyne Lidar family is supported. If you need to support another lidar vendor, please contact our local distributor and we will record the future request.

Single or multiple lidar devices can be connected over the Ethernet line. Velodyne lidars allow PPS synchronization input and NMEA GNSS messages which are available in DewesoftX DAQ software as standard channels.

DewesoftX will set up two channels from the lidar - distance and intensity of points. Visualization of the point cloud is handled by the map display widget where the street map or satellite layers are overlaid with the point cloud.

The status of the lidar and lidar settings can be updated directly within DewesoftX. No other software is required. 

Video Cameras

Dewesoft was one of the first data acquisition software to add support for synchronized video to your measurements. And it was completely free. That is still true. Today DewesoftX features an advanced video engine that adds various video capture capabilities to your measurements. 

DirectX-compatible cameras support offers an affordable, low-cost video that can be added to your measurements. These cameras are software synchronized down to 100ms.

For truly synchronized video, we offer very robust and high-quality DS-CAM video cameras. These cameras offer high frame rates of up to 1100 FPS @ VGA (640x480) and 540 FPS @ Full-HD (1920x1080) resolution. Cameras offer an IP67 degree of environmental protection.

For ultra-high-speed video, we are supporting Photron high-speed cameras and for thermal infrared imaging, we have added support for the OPTRIS infrared cameras.

For more information about video acquisition please visit the Video Acquisition PRO training online course.

Aerospace Interfaces

DewesoftX supports several aerospace interfaces for decoding and visualizing IRIG 106 telemetry standards. PCM telemetry streams, Chapter 4 and Chapter 10 protocols are supported. With the iNET module, we can also acquire iNET compliant data using the iNET network packet protocol. The iNET module complies with the TTC NPD data packet protocol version 3.

Additionally, DewesoftX can acquire data from standard aerospace buses such as ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553

Lord-Microstrain Wireless Sensors

The LORD-Microstrain module adds support for LORD Microstrain® MIP and LXRS protocols. This enables wireless acquisition from most LORD sensing systems:

  • Wireless sensors (vibration, strain, voltage, temperature, torque, pressire, shock, ...)

  • Inertial sensing

  • Displacement

Both wireless gateways are supported - WSDA® -2000 and WSDA®-200-USB.

Industrial Interfaces

DewesoftX software supports several connectivity interfaces used in today's industrial and manufacturing processes. Whether you need to support your manufacturing line or integrate the measurement data as a part of industry 4.0 connectivity, Dewesoft has you covered. We support the following Industrial data interfaces and protocols:

  • OPC UA

  • Siemens S7

  • Modbus

  • Serial communication

  • Ethernet

Industrial Interfaces Details


OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a machine to a machine communication protocol for industrial automation developed by the OPC Foundation. The standard is frequently used in industry 4.0 for communication and data sharing between different devices.  DewesoftX offers two OPC UA options:

  • OPC UA client: the client that can be connected and fetch data from any OPC UA server. 

  • OPC UA server: the server can serve Dewesoft X measurement data to one or many OPC UA clients.


DewesoftX supports reading and writing the data from and to Modbus devices via the TCP/IP protocol. This is done through the Modbus server and Modbus slave modules. The following data types are supported:

  • Boolean

  • Int16

  • Int16 unsigned

  • Float32 (including Word-Swap).

Siemens S7 Protocol

DewesoftX offers support for Siemens S7 protocol and features direct communication with Siemens PLC over the Ethernet. No Siemens licenses are required.

The current version of the Siemens S7 module supports the reading of S7 data. All S7 data types are supported - Bool, Byte, Char, Word, Int, DWord, DInt, Real, Date, Time Of Day, Date_Time, String.

The module supports simultaneous communication with multiple PLC devices.

Ethernet Data

DewesoftX can log data from multiple ethernet streams via the Ethernet sniffer module. It offers simple filtering capabilities and data decoding in order to extract data channels from ethernet streams. Streams can be filtered by various parameters like MAC and IP address, source, and destination port, or by manual data filters.

Data can be encoded in different formats such as Intel, Motorola, signed, unsigned, IEEE, and float. Linear and non-linear (polynomial) scaling is possible.

Serial Communication

Serialcom module is used for reading and sending data from and to a standard serial communication (RS232 or compatible). It can receive serial data and extract text or numeric data from the byte stream. You can also send data to the serial device (e.g. at the start of storing or every N seconds).

NMEA Weather Station

For acquiring weather and environment data like air temperature, pressure, wind speed, humidity, and others, DewesoftX supports the Vaisala WXT530 series NMEA compatible weather station.

Data is acquired via the RS-232 interface. MWV and XDR messages are supported. The weather station must be configured to send the data automatically.

Timing Devices

DewesoftX provides the interfaces to acquire the data with an external exact clock source. This is required when synchronizing several devices, or when an absolute timestamp is needed. Five timing sources are supported by Dewesoft: 

  • IRIG timecode

  • GPS timecode

  • NTP synchronization

  • PPS synchronization

  • PTPv2 synchronization

Barcode Scanners

The barcode scanner module adds support for scanning different types of barcodes and storing their content into the DewesoftX data header.

Both 1D and 2D barcodes are supported such as QR codes, barcodes, and data matrix codes. The codes can be scanned using either a handheld scanner or a camera. 

Data Storing and Triggering

High performance storing engine with advanced and flexible triggering capabilities.

Storing, Loading, and Replaying Data

A powerful storing engine can stream and store the data to a hard drive with more than  >500 MB/second sustained stream rates.

Even with such a large amount of data, DewesoftX can open gigabytes of stored data in a matter of seconds. The innovative file structure allows us to write the channel setup, display setup, all the events, fast analog data, and slow asynchronous data from different sources into a single file and reload it in a matter of seconds.

Multi-file option

For longer measurements, you can turn on a multi-file storing functionality. It will automatically assign a new file name when a certain size, time, or any other criteria is reached. File names will automatically be numbered or appended by the date and time variables.

Fast or Slow Data Storing

DewesoftX storing engine has four different storage options that relate to the basic sampling rate. Any of the four options can be used to store data:

  • Always fast: data will always be stored at full sampling speed, as defined by the dynamic acquisition rate.

  • Always slow: data will be always stored at a reduced sampling speed as defined by the static/reduced rate.

  • Fast on the trigger: data will be stored at full sampling speed defined by the dynamic acquisition rate once the trigger condition occurs.

  • Fast on trigger slow otherwise: data will be stored at full sampling speed defined by the dynamic acquisition rate at trigger points, and with the reduced rate when there is no trigger.

Triggered Storring

Storing can be configured by extensive triggering capabilities. This will store data only at specific events. Any channel (analog, digital, math, CAN, etc.) can be used for the trigger condition. Several "start" and "stop" triggers can be defined. Several trigger types are available:

  • Simple edge: rising or falling slope.

  • Filtered edge: edge plus rearm level on either slope.

  • Window: two levels - entering or leaving logic.

  • Pulsewidth: longer or shorter than duration logic.

  • Window and Pulsewidth: completely selectable as above.

  • Slope: rising or falling slope with steepness selection.

  • Delta amplitude: amplitude variation.

  • Relative time:  attaining a particular value

Trigger Options

Data is only stored when one or more trigger conditions are met. You can also set "pre" and "post" trigger times to store full data before and after the trigger.

Since there is no data stored between trigger conditions the amount of stored data is minimized. When analyzing the stored data we can easily move between trigger windows and analyze the events. The recorder screen offers cursors for absolute values, time, or frequency. Pre and post-data analysis of triggered events are possible.

Distributed Acquisition With Dewesoft NET Option

With the Dewesoft NET option, users can easily control and store data to or from a remote location, as long as your measurement units are connected and visible on a standard TCP/IP network.

Dewesoft NET option serves as a hub for distributed data acquisition. Several measurement systems can be combined and synchronized together. DAQ systems can be located together or scattered across an entire continent.  Their data can be stored remotely in a single, centralized computer. IRIG or GPS time will take care that data will stay in perfect synchronization.

Dewesoft NET Configuration Modes

Dewesoft NET allows you to connect your measurement units into different master-client combinations. Below we explain different connection modes.

1:1 Mode

This mode works with a single measurement DAQ system and a single view client. In this mode, there are two kinds of operation:

  • Full remote control mode

  • Data view only mode

In the full remote control mode, the view client computer acts as the master of the measurement system. When the client changes into the setup mode, the measurement system also changes into the setup mode.

X:1 Mode

This mode works with multiple measurement systems and a single view client. This scenario is useful when you need to distribute your measurements to multiple locations or when the channel count or acquisition rates are too high to be handled by a single measurement unit.

The measurement system has to be clock-synchronized either with a hardware clock (one unit serves as a clock master, all others are slaves) or with an external clock source which is either IRIG or GPS. Every measurement system can run independently even with different sampling rates.

The client is always the master. It starts and stops the acquisition of all measurement units in the network. At any time the client has the access to view mode on one of the selected measurement units. Additional view clients are possible, but they can only view a single measurement unit.

1:X Mode

This mode works with a single measurement system and multiple view clients. One of the clients serves as the master client who can have full control over the measurement system. All other clients are view-only clients. 

The master client is able to change the measurement system setup, storing strategy, start and stop acquisition, etc. The other view clients are only allowed to use a few channels from the measurement unit (up to the limit of the bandwidth) to view and store the data on their local hard drives.

Database Storage

The Dewesoft Historian package provides time-series database storage for long-term and permanent monitoring applications. The database can be either located locally, on the remote server, or in the cloud. The solution is based on the InfluxDB time-series database open source project.  

Historian provides several useful features for your historic data:

  • Raw and reduced data: while raw data is always stored in the measurement unit for an in-depth analysis, the Historian takes the role of long-term reduced data storage in the cloud database.

  • Data safety and retransmit: if the connection between the measurement hardware and the database is lost, the data is safely stored locally on the measurement unit and then retransmitted to the database when the connection is available.

  • Trending and analysis: Historical data can always be recalled and loaded from the Historian database and used for trend analysis as well as for in-depth analysis and root cause identification.

Raw Data and Math Channels

DewesoftX always stores raw data from hardware channels and keeps it untouched. Any math applied to these channels will result in separate math channels that will not alter the original raw data in any way. 

This allows existing and new math to be changed and applied later in analyze/offline mode easily. No more worries if you forgot to apply or your math was not set up correctly during the measurement. Now you always have the ability to correct it at any time after your measurement data has been stored.

Data Visualisation

Extensive library of customisable and real-time visual display widgets for real-time data visualisation.

Beautiful Data Visualization

DewesoftX includes many visual displays for visualizing your data. From interactive horizontal or vertical recorders, XY graph, 3D graph, Orbit, Scope, FFT, table, rainflow, Open Street Maps, to just name a few.

All visual displays are pre-built and can be customized with real-time visual feedback during the measurement. Simply drag and drop the desired visual component to your screen, select the data source, and customize it to your preference. But don't worry! If you are not happy with the displays and appearance you can always change them offline, without altering your measurement data.

Unlimited screens/views can be defined and switched between during the measurement or in post-analysis. Visit the DewesoftX visuals page for a closer look at visuals.

Visual Display Widgets

Dewesoft X offers an extensive library of pre-built visual displays, fully customizable with real-time visual feedback. Displays are touch-friendly with smart multi-touch gestures for use with multi-touch enabled DAQ instruments.

  • Recorders: horizontal, vertical, and XY recorder

  • Oscilloscope: scope, scope 3D, vectorscope

  • FFT: FFT, 3D FFT, Harmonic FFT, and Octave

  • Meters: digital, analog, horizontal/vertical bar meters

  • Graphs: 2D, 3D graph, Octave, Orbit, Campbell plot

  • Video: standard video display and thermal video display with temperature indicators

  • GPS: positioning display with Open Street Map support

  • Control: button, switch, knob, slider, user input

  • Combustion analysis: P-V diagram and combustion scope

  • Rotor balancer: for field balancing

  • Automotive: 3D polygon for displaying moving objects

  • Aerospace: altitude or artificial horizon indicator

  • DSA/NVH: Modal circle

  • Other: 2D/3D table, image, text, line, overload indicator, indicator lamp, note

Easy To Use and Customize

It is extremely easy to visualize data inside Dewesoft X software. Simply drag and drop a pre-built visual display onto the selected screen and customize its appearance and behavior. All changes to visual displays are visible in real-time and can be done at any time online or later in post-processing.

Visual controls are adapted for multi-touch screens and offer easy and intuitive gesture-based interaction and offer convenient operation for field and mobile testing operations. 

Lightspeed Real-time Visuals

We use the latest CPU and GPU technologies to optimize graphics and make them run smoothly even on basic PCs.

Hardware-accelerated graphics help offload CPU usage and leave CPU power for mathematical computations rather than for graphics. This results in optimal performance for even the most demanding applications.

Unlimited Measurement Screens

Dewesoft X allows you to define and switch between as many screens as needed for your testing project. Imagine the screen as an individual virtual canvas that groups one or more visual displays together.

The software includes a few default screens such as overview, scope, and recorder. It allows you to customize each one according to the needs of your specific test project. You can edit, create and name your screens, create screen groups and rearrange them freely. A custom icon can be assigned to each user-defined screen.

Interactive GPS Map and 3D Model Widgets

The map visual display offers a built-in interactive GPS mapping via Open Street Map. Several layers of map tiles are available.

  • Out of the box Satellite and OpenStreetMap layers hosted on Dewesoft’s tile server

  • Support for custom tile/wms layers as well as georeferenced images

  • No manual alignment is required!

  • 2D, 3D, and Terrain display modes with standard, 1st or 3d person camera options

  • Online or offline

  • Images can be pre-downloaded for offline usage

  • Support of multiple layers with individually configurable opacity levels

  • Channel-based trace coloring with multiple color schemes

  • Ability to display multiple GPS signals on one widget

  • 3D model widget for yaw, pitch, and roll monitoring

System Health Monitor

Dewesoft X also allows you to monitor and display system health parameters. All parameters from our DAQ instruments and computers can be monitored and visualized in displays. System health monitor allows to monitor the following parameters:

  • CPU usage,

  • memory usage

  • disk usage,

  • synchronization time tracking,

  • DAQ units temperatures,

  • and more...

You can even set up the limits and alarms and adjust the fan speed of your DAQ systems in order to prevent heating or other issues when the data acquisition hardware is under extreme use.

Signal Processing and Data Analysis

Powerful signal processing and math capabilities for automotive, aerospace, power & energy analysis, NVH, and structural dynamics.

DewesoftX math library

The math library inside Dewsoft X offers unlimited signal processing capabilities but makes common processing techniques just one click away. Math library functionalities are offered out of the box:

  • Formula: Custom formula editor.

  • Filtering: FIR, IIR, FFR, Integration, Derivation

  • Statistics: RMS, Average, Min, Max, Std deviation, Variance, Classification, Counting, Array statistics, etc.

  • Reference curve: Time and frequency domain, Vector, and XY reference curves.

  • Time-domain analysis: Delay channel, Integral, Derivative,  Latch value math, Scope math, Time-to-vector transform.

  • Frequency domain analysis: Cepstrum, Correlation, Exact frequency, Fourier transform, Full spectrum, Octave analysis, Short-time Fourier transform.

  • Machinery diagnostics: Angle sensor math, Combustion noise, Envelope detection, Sine processing (COLA), Tracking filter.

  • Counting procedures: Counting.

  • Acoustics: Acoustic weighting filters.

  • Control systems: PID control.

  • Strain, stress: Strain rosette.

  • Constants: Vectors, Matrix constant.

Signal processing modules

Next to the standard math library, DewesoftX also offers full dedicated signal processing modules. These can be used for analyzing vibrations, structural dynamics, acoustics, and other properties of physical phenomena used in the development, quality control, validation, and monitoring stages of the product design cycle.

Application modules include pre-defined screens, mathematics, reporting, and calculations according to international standards and other testing methods.

Some of the available processing modules are:

  • FFT analysis

  • Order tracking analysis

  • Torsional and rotational vibrations

  • Orbit analysis

  • Human, arm, and whole-body vibrations

  • Modal testing and modal analysis

  • Power and power quality analysis

  • Class 1 sound level meter

  • Sound power

  • Sound intensity

  • Sound quality

  • Brake testing

  • Internal combustion engine analyzer

Electrical power analysis and power quality analysis

The power application module provides high-performance tools for the calculation of power, harmonics, and related parameters. Together with our high-performance DAQ hardware offers a total solution for power analysis, power quality, E-Mobility, and other power-related applications.

The unique system architecture allows our solution to handle a couple of tasks within the same device. It combines the functionality of a power analyzer, combustion analyzer, data logger, scope, vectorscope, transient recorder, and an FFT – Harmonics Analyser. It offers the acquisition of different signals (analog, digital, counter, CAN, video, ...) simultaneously storing them in a single data file.

Electrical power analysis

The power application module provides all the power-related calculations and functionalities:

  • More than 300 calculated parameters

  • Power analysis for 1-12 phase AC systems Star-Delta Calculation of RMS values and Waveform

  • Voltage, Currents (RMS, rm, ave), and Frequency

  • Active, Reactive & Apparent Power (P, Q, S, PF, cos phi, etc.)

  • Distortion and Distortion Factors (D, DH, QH, K, THD I, THD U)

  • Period Values with overlap for detailed fault analysis

Power quality analysis

The same power module also offers calculations and visualization for power quality analysis according to IEC standards. Functionalities include:

  • Class A Power quality Analyser according to IEC 61000-4-30

  • Harmonic Analysis up to 150 kHz according to IEC61000-4-7

  • Flicker and Rapid Voltage Changes according to IEC61000-4-15

  • Flicker emission according to IEC64000-21

  • Unbalance and Symmetrical components (zero, positive and negative sequence)

  • Power Quality Reports according to FGW-TR3

Other features

  • Raw Data Storing: Software and hardware offer raw data storage with up to 1 MS/s. Scope and vectorscope views are also available.

  • FFT Analysis: The same solution also provides a very flexible and easy-to-use FFT analyzer. It can calculate and visualize harmonic FFT, full FFT, and 3D waterfall FFT.

  • Transient recording: Recorder offers to stream of unlimited data and math channels directly to computers' hard-drive with more than > 500 MB continuous stream rate. Triggering on analog, math, or power channels is possible - e.g. trigger on voltage unbalance, frequency deviation, voltage dips, etc.

FFT analysis (Fast Fourier transform)

FFT analyzer module provides all functions for spectral analysis with advanced averaging, selectable resolution (up to 64000 lines), or direct specification of the bandwidth (0.01 Hz). Multiple channels can be displayed in the same FFT visual display for easier comparison. FFT features:

  • Multiple cursors and markers: provide easy access to marked frequency values. Free, RMS, Max, Sideband, Harmonic, and Damping markers are available. 

  • Bearing cursor: used to identify the bearing frequencies

  • Envelope: envelope detection is a procedure for the early detection of faults on ball bearings

  • Auto and cross-correlation

  • Cepstrum

  • Short time FFT

Order Tracking Analysis

The order tracking module makes it extremely easy to take time-domain data and transform it into the angular (order) domain. It can extract any number of harmonics (amplitude and phase angles) which can be displayed in Bode, Nyquist, 3D FFT, real-time x-y, and orbit plot. The plane view FFT clearly shows the excitation forces, natural frequencies, and all the resonances to give a clear picture of the dynamic behavior of the machine.

Any input can be used: microphone, accelerometer, and even the output of the torsional vibration module (see below). The patented digital counters technology (Supercounter®) provides very accurate and repeatable measurements. Results are represented on a 3D color spectrogram and 2D graph for selected order and phase extraction over RPM.

Learn more about Order Tracking analysis:

  • Order Tracking Analysis solution page

  • Order Tracking online PRO training course

  • Order Tracking Online Manual​​​​​​​

  • Order Tracking Webinar

  • Rotating Machinery Analysis Webinar

Main features

Order tracking module features:

  • Simple and easy to setup

  • Dedicated re-sampling method for sharp order separation

  • Measurement in the time domain to keep all benefits

  • 2D, 3D waterfall in order or frequency domain

  • Amplitude, phase extraction

  • Recalculation in post-processing

  • Phase synchronous rpm input with 12.5 ns resolution

For more information please visit the Order Tracking PRO training online course.

Torsional and rotational vibrations

The torsional and rotational vibrations module offers a straightforward analysis of torsional vibration for rotating shafts, gearboxes, and similar rotating machinery.

High-precision digital counter inputs on our DAQ systems with the patented technology called Supercounter®, based on a 102.4 MHz time base, allow for exact measurement and calculation of rotational and torsional vibration angles and velocities at high RPM speeds from two encoders mounted on each side of the shafts. The difference between the rotations of each side is the torsion twist of the measured shaft.

Constant angle offset, uncentered mounting, and sensor errors can be compensated. Gearbox ratios are supported and additional filters can be applied. Several torsional vibration modules can be combined to analyze torsional vibration on complicated transmissions.

Rotor balancing

The rotor balancing module provides an easy-to-use tool for single and dual-plane balancing to cancel out the vibrations caused by the first order.

The setup itself is very simple. Connect the angle and vibration sensors. The module will guide you step by step through balancing procedures. First record the initial run, then add a trial mass at the appropriate angle. Steps can be repeated if required. All results and the raw data are stored in the data file.

Main features

The rotor balancing module offers the following capabilities:

  • A wizard-like user interface that guides you through all the steps.

  • Order tracking analysis-based balancing method.

  • Single or dual plane.

  • Multiple balancing for two directions saves time (X, Y).

  • A 2D graph for the plane view.

  • RPM channel with a color indicator (rpm range).

  • Alarm output if velocity exceeds a predefined value.

  • Displays tacho probe time signal to set trigger.

  • Vector polar plots of 1st order of all runs (initial, trail, etc.).

  • Weight splitting.

  • Acceleration, velocity, and displacement in the recorder.

  • Time-domain measurement​​​​​​​.

Sound level measurement

The sound level meter module can calculate typical parameters for sound level measurements from a single microphone. The solution can be used as the typical sound level meter with A, B, C, or D weighting. With our high dynamic 160 dB dual 24-bit SIRIUS DAQ systems it can easily fulfill all the requirements for a Class I sound level meter.

The module provides real-time sound level calculations according to the international standards IEC61672, IEC60651, and IEC60804. Any combination of frequency and time weighting can be calculated. The statistical values are calculated over the whole range or with the custom-specific entered block size.

Main features

The Dewesoft sound level meter module offers the following capabilities:

  • Real-time narrowband FFT.

  • 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 band octave spectrum.

  • A simple method to extract min/max/avg values over the whole spectrum or a specific frequency range.

  • A-, B-, C-, D-weighting (frequency weighting).

  • Fast-, Slow-, Impulse-weighting (time weighting).

  • Leq-Calculation.

  • Sound level meter.

  • Current maximum sound level [dB].

  • Equivalent sound level [dB].

  • Pulse weighted equivalent sound level [dB].

  • Absolute maximal sound level [dB].

  • Sound exposure [dB].

  • Maximum and minimum Lp sound level.

  • Classes for 0, 1, 1, 5, 10, 50, 90, 95, and 90 dB.

Sound power measurement

The sound power module supports measurements according to the ISO 3741, ISO 3744, and ISO 3745 standards. The microphone positions are calculated by the software, depending on the size of the sound source and configuration (hemisphere, parallelepiped, ...).

If there are fewer microphones available than requested by the standard, you can build groups and change the position during the measurement. The user is guided through the measurement step by step. There is also a repeatability check and the visualization by third-octave band analysis for the report.

Sound intensity measurement

The Dewesoft Sound Intensity Measurement module is a perfect tool for sound intensity level measurement and noise source determination. The solution brings a simple and intuitive measurement process while offering the utmost precision and industry unmatched adaptability. Highlights:

  • Supported standards: Complies with sound intensity-based sound power calculation - discrete points method (Iso 9614-1) And scanning method (Iso 9614-2).

  • Unmatched flexibility: Measurement of additional process parameters like vibration, video, and others, everything perfectly synchronized.

  • Trigger channels: Automatize the process by using triggers to start and stop the measurement. Connect and assign the trigger channel from the robotic arm.

  • Online/Offline calculation: Sound intensity can be calculated online or in post-analysis using stored raw sound pressure signals from both microphones.

  • Supported hardware: Plug-and-play support for different intensity probes from all the Major manufacturers, integrating full remote control functionality for measurement control.

  • IEC 61672 calibrated: Complete measurement chain of sound intensity solution can be calibrated according to IEC 61672.

  • Quick sound source identification: Effortlessly identify noise sources with an easy-to-use interface.

  • Phase calibration: Straightforward, automated phase calibration and correction with a single button click.

Sound Quality Measurement and Analysis

A sound quality measurement is an indispensable tool for successful sound engineering. It addresses the need to empirically evaluate how the human ear perceives sound produced by different kinds of machines. The tool will help you determine how the sound is perceived, tune the sound of your machine and make it appealing to the user, and maximize your market potential.


  • Loudness calculation: Calculation according to iso 532-1 and iso 532-2: Acoustics - methods for calculating loudness - Zwicker method and Moore-Glassberg method

  • Normal equal-loudness-level contours: Calculation according to and based on iso 226 standard

  • Sharpness calculation: Sharpness is calculated from specific loudness, which is determined according to iso 532-1 and iso 532-2 standards

  • Articulation index, extended: Evaluation of speech perception while other sounds are present

  • Speech intelligibility: A metric for evaluation of speech intelligibility

  • Noise rating (NR): Used in Europe for rating indoor noise sources

  • Noise criterion (NC): Used in the USA for rating indoor noise sources

  • Monaural and binaural analysis: Select the desired measurement method before measuring or measure both at the same time

  • Time-varying and stationary signals support: No limits when it comes to different use cases

Learn more at:

  • Sound quality solution page

  • Sound quality online manual

Human body vibration

The Dewesoft human body vibration module provides a measurement of the effect of vibrations on the human body (whole-body vibrations, arm vibrations, etc.). The measurement is necessary for working conditions exposed to high vibrations as there is a big chance of permanent damage to some parts of the human body.

The human vibration module provides measurements to be able to decide the risk of such damage. The module is compliant with the following standards:

  • ISO 2631-1,

  • ISO 2631-5,

  • ISO 8041.

Vehicle testing and analysis

DewesoftX offers several application modules and features for complete vehicle testing and analysis. These include a wide range of NVH testing features. Next to standard road load data recording, the following analysis modules are offered:

  • Positioning measurement: full GNSS, IMU, and INS support for the position and orientation-based test and measurement applications including live mapping and virtual 3D polygon.

  • ADAS: advanced driver assistance validation systems.

  • Durability Testing and Road Load: performance and durability testing on the proving grounds, real roads or test rigs, and simulators.

  • Brake Test: break test measurement, validation, and analysis according to international standards.

  • Brake Noise Testing: determine the source of brake noise and squeal.

  • Combustion Engine Analysis: measure and analyze parameters of internal combustion engines.

  • E-Mobility: electric and hybrid car testing, including batteries, inverters, and electric motors.

  • Pass-by Noise: measure noise emission on all sorts of vehicles according to international standards.

  • Vehicle Dynamics: vehicle maneuver testing.

Data Export and Reporting

Export data for further analysis into other standard data formats, movie files for presentation, or turn them into beautiful PDF reports.

Reporting Tools

DewesoftX software includes extensive PDF data reporting and printing capabilities. When data is analyzed you can generate PDF reports of your visual displays with a single click. Several options are available for creating the report: 

  • Print format and size - select from several standard paper formats and sizes

  • Report orientation - report orientation either in portrait or landscape

  • Single or Multipage report - create a single or multi-page report

  • Header - print and define page header for printing

  • Channel setup - can also be included in the report and printed for documentation purposes

Each report display can save a custom zoom region and cursor position, therefore allowing you to make context notes based on specific points in the signal. Along with a customizable header, footer, and font size, multiple pages can be stringed together into a full report that has a print preview available at the left edge of the screen, while the built-in page designer allows you to reorder pages or add new ones using the right-click.

Data Export

DewesoftX offers extensive analysis capabilities​​​​​​​, it allows exporting data to other popular and standard file formats:

  • MS Excel - standard spreadsheet software

  • FlexPro - powerful, easy-to-use data analysis software

  • Text/CSV and ASCII - tab-delimited text file

  • Diadem - powerful data analysis software from NI

  • Famos - signal analysis software

  • NSoft - NCode file format for Somat software

  • Matlab - Matlab file format

  • Sony - Sony tape recorder compatible format

  • RPC III - MTS file format used by road simulator testbed

  • Comtrade - used in power & energy markets

  • UNV - universal file format

  • WAV - standard audio file format

  • KML - GPS export for viewing path in Google Earth

  • BWF - multichannel wave file format

  • ATI - native iDeas format for dynamic signal analysis

  • SDF - used by LMS and Prosig software

  • WFT - Nicolet file format

  • CSV - for exporting CAN messages

  • TDF - file format defined and used by LMS software

  • IFile CA [*.ifl] - Export of combustion data to AVL Concerto compatible

  • ASAM ODS and MDF - Open Data Services and Measurement Data Format by ASAM organization

  • TAFFmat - TEAC Data Acquisition File Format​​​​​​​

  • Winplot [*.sun] - Data format compatible with Winplot, a powerful desktop graphical analysis tool that allows the user to generate displays of unrestrictive amounts of data

Custom data export templates can be defined and executed when DewesoftX finishes the export. This tool is optimal for automating report generation. 

Real-time Excel export

In contrast to the standard Excel data export function, the Excel Writer add-on allows writing numeric and textual Dewesoft X data during the acquisition in real-time to Microsoft Excel. You can select a trigger channel and define which channels should be written in Excel.

Whenever the trigger fires, the data is written to Excel and can immediately be shown: e.g. display in a chart or do real-time calculations (i.e. check values, use conditional formatting, etc.). The plugin requires Excel 2007 or higher.

Export to Video

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. How much is a video worth? You can export any of the defined screens with all visual controls into a video file. This is a very convenient tool for presentations. The Video export engine offers you to configure:

  • Select time range: you can output the entire data file or just a selected time range.

  • Output resolution: output resolution of the exported video file.

  • Frame rate: set the desired frame rate of the exported video file.

  • Play speed: the replay speed of your data file.

  • Sound channel: you can select a sound channel to be included in the exported video file, if available.

  • Compression settings: tune the compression settings for the output video file.

SMS and E-mail notifications

Whenever the data acquisition system is located at a remote location, you can use the Sendmail add-on to send various notifications and alerts about the system status via e-mail or SMS (using the 3rd party E-mail to SMS service).

The temperature on the sensor 1 is too high!

You can set up standard Dewesoft X alarms and when the alarm is triggered the notification will be sent to a specified E-mail address (to one or multiple recipients) and forwarded SMS (if using any E-mail to SMS service).

Multiple alarm constraints can be specified. Combinations are almost endless.

Develop, Extend, Automate

Extensive and friendly API's for developers to extend and automate the software.

Forget About Programming ...

Our core value is to strive for simplicity, usability, and ease of use. Everything in DewesoftX is visual with a simple drag and drop user interface. All changes are visible in real-time. There is no programming required to acquire, visualize, analyze, and store the data from our DAQ systems.

Working with our hardware DAQ devices is easier than riding a bike. Everything is tightly integrated and works seamlessly out of the box. Plug and play hardware, sensor autodetection, automatic channel setup are just a few of many features that make DewesoftX the most popular data acquisition software on the market.

... Unless You Need To!

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of DewesoftX software. The software will never limit your creativity and the freedom for advanced and custom analysis. 

Advanced mathematics built into the software will cover 99% of all of your measurement and analysis needs. Don't waste your time on something that has already been solved thousand times. For the other 1%, DewesoftX offers several ways to extend and automate the software with your own functionality:

  • C++ Script - programming interface available within Dewesoft that allows writing scripts on top of Dewesoft channels. It can be used to transform long formulas with many inputs into compact modules that are easily scalable. 

  • Plugins - open architecture of DewesoftX allows for easy extension of functionality by writing your own plugins. Write custom mathematics, visual controls, data export, and just about anything else you want.

  • Sequencer - DewesoftX includes a powerful sequencer with programming support to automate and extend software and your tests.

  • DCOM - write your own application software and use DCOM to call DewesoftX API and use Dewesoft DAQ devices to do the data acquisition for you.

Learn more on how to extend and automate the DewesoftX data acquisition software using available developer tools.

Lovedby Many Engineers

Again, thanks for all of the new features that are being included in DewesoftX. It is already a fantastic product and deserves to become the Microsoft Word of data acquisition software.

The combination of software, hardware, and the Polygon plugin is really great. And on top of that, we can use it for so many things. This is just what we have been looking for!

We absolutely enjoy using the Dewesoft data acquisition equipment and its software. I think of it as the Porsche 911 of data acquisition (my dream car/our dream test equipment).

Dear Dewesoft, I am again using your Time ODS module for Energy transformer research. The test is very fast, and offers a unique way to visualize operational modes. We got spectacular results.

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