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DewesoftMView live data and status of Dewesoft data loggers on your mobile phone or tablet

The DewesoftM mobile app lets you easily connect to any OBSIDIAN® data logger from anywhere in the world. After connecting, streaming real-time data and checking the status of your DAQ device becomes effortless.

The app lets you view, analyze, and keep an eye on your live data from analog, digital, and GNSS sensors using customizable displays.

The DewesoftM works with any iOS and Android smartphone and tablet device. Available today on Apple App Store and Google Play.

DewesoftM highlights

Easy to use yet powerful

Looking to quickly check the status of your ongoing measurement? DewesoftM provides an easy solution for any application. Just connect to your device with a single click - and you'll be viewing your data in no time! It's as simple as that!

Simple Connectivity

The DewesoftM mobile app automatically detects and lists all OBSIDIAN devices, showing their respective IP addresses and user-defined locations. This makes connecting to your devices effortless.

Device status overview

Get quick access to vital device hardware information like IP address, user-defined location, active channel count, and operation mode. Plus, effortlessly identify active plugins on the OBSIDIAN device, such as the Storing module, CAN output, XCP output, and AO output.

Rich visualization

Stay on top of real-time data with customizable displays with widgets like recorders, digital or analog meters, and maps for GPS/GNSS data. Your customized displays are automatically saved and will remain intact even after reconnecting.

Available on iOS and Android

DewesoftM works seamlessly on both Android and Apple iOS mobile and tablet devices such as iPhones, iPads, and others. Download the app for free from Google Play or the Apple Store today.

DewesoftM app overview

DewesoftM is a cutting-edge mobile application tailored for streamlined data acquisition and analysis. Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablet devices, it provides users with a user-friendly interface to collect, visualize, and interpret data on the go. It works perfectly in both field and lab measurement applications.

Today, DewesoftM is compatible with our OBSIDIAN® R8, R8w, and R12 data acquisition systems and data loggers. But in the future, more Dewesoft instruments including SIRIUS® X, SIRIUS® XHS, and IOLITE® X will support it.

Easy connectivity

The DewesoftM app ensures effortless connection to Dewesoft OBSIDIAN® data acquisition devices. With device auto-discovery, users can easily locate available devices on their network, while device status and live data become instantly accessible with just a tap.

The DewesoftM connectivity features:

  • Device auto-discovery

  • Devices listed with IP and location by name (location name can be user-defined for marking your measurement devices)

  • The list of devices is ordered in a way to which device you connected last

  • Additional search

  • You can delete the device from the list

  • Connect to only one device

  • Only one client can connect to the device 

  • WiFi connectivity

Device status and actions

The DewesoftM app provides a clear and concise screen detailing the status of connected data acquisition devices. This overview screen includes:

  • Hardware settings of the connected device, including:

    • IP address

    • Location

    • Active channels

    • Operation mode

  • "Start-Stop" logging function - user can control measurement via the app

  • List of enabled Dewesoft RT modules

  • System monitoring channels:

    • CPU usage and temperature

    • Memory usage

    • Disk space usage

    • Operation mode (Running, config)

    • Storing status  (Storing, waiting for trigger)

Great visualization features

DewesoftM provides users with a diverse array of customizable display widgets, facilitating dynamic visualization of live data within the app. Each widget can be tailored to individual preferences, offering flexibility and adaptability. Additionally, users can create unlimited measurement screens, each capable of housing a group of display widgets.

Available Display Widgets Include:

  • Digital meter: Allows viewing average, minimum, and maximum values.

  • Analog meter: Displays live values in a clear and intuitive format.

  • Recorder graph: Provides pause, zoom-in, and zoom-out functionalities, with support for multiple Y axes on the same widget.

  • Map widget: Easy zoom and reorientation actions for enhanced spatial visualization.

Responsive interface for every mobile device

The DewesoftM app is designed to seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes across mobile devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience regardless of the device you're using. Whether you're on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, the app functions flawlessly.

Its adaptable interface means that it looks and works great on small screens, making it convenient for on-the-go usage. On larger tablet screens, the app takes full advantage of the additional display area, offering an enhanced view of your data. This makes tablets an ideal choice for more detailed data analysis or when a more comprehensive overview is needed. The DewesoftM app's versatility across different mobile devices makes it a perfect tool for accessing and viewing your data anytime, anywhere, with clarity and ease.

Google Play and Apple App Store

The DewesoftM app is available on your smartphone or tablet device through Google Play and Apple App Store. You can download the app today:

The DewesoftM app is free of charge for all Dewesoft users.

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