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DC-CT® Current TransducersThe best AC⚡DC current sensor available today!

Dewesoft DC-CT® current transducers provide the advantages of a zero-flux current transducer but with lower power consumption and a more compact design. With a broad measurement range, high bandwidth, excellent linearity, high accuracy, and minimal temperature drift, the DC-CT® stands out as one of the top current sensors available in the market today.



DC current

DC current

AC current

AC current

Galvanic isolation ±1000 V

Galvanic isolation ±1000 V

Isolation CAT II 1000 V

Isolation CAT II 1000 V

Isolation CAT III 600 V

Isolation CAT III 600 V

TEDS compatible

TEDS compatible



Shock rating 100g

Shock rating 100g

-40°C to +85°C

-40°C to +85°C

DC-CT® Current Transducers highlights

AC⚡DC current measurement

The DC-CT® current transducer is versatile, capable of measuring both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). The current model, DC-CT-1000I-S22DA, is designed to measure up to 1000 A DC and up to 700 A AC rms.

Accurate current measurement

An exceptionally accurate sensor that excels in various ambient conditions. It consistently delivers outstanding performance across different temperatures, in magnetically challenging environments, and throughout its entire measurement range.

Stable and temperature independent

Unlike Hall effect sensors, which are highly temperature-sensitive due to the required air gap for sensor insertion, the DC-CT sensor remains temperature-independent.

Wide and flat bandwidth

Whether dealing with high-speed transients or the higher harmonics of PWM switching frequency in emerging GanFET inverters, you can trust that you'll accurately measure these phenomena. This assurance comes from a high-permeability core that connects the primary and secondary sensor winding.

Small size

DC-CT® current sensors are really compact. Entire sensor is packed into one of the smallest form-factors available in the market today. This makes it easy to fint and install it on tight places.

Low power consumption

Unlike traditional zero-flux current transducers, the DC-CT® consumes significantly less power. This efficiency has allowed us to design the sensor in a remarkably compact form factor.

Superb immunity

The DC-CT® current transducer features a single, gapless core, providing immunity to external magnetic fields while maintaining the highest possible sensitivity.

1000 V isolation

DC-CT® current sensors provide effective galvanic isolation between the primary and secondary components, meeting the stringent standards of IEC 61010-1 for CAT II 1000 V and CAT III 600 V. This ensures a high level of safety and reliability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Low offset

The DC-CT® current sensors feature a compact and seamless core design, minimizing magnetic remanence and resulting in an exceptionally low offset current. This innovative design not only enhances precision but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the sensors.

TEDS support

Both the sensor and the burden resistor come with built-in TEDS compatibility, ensuring a plug-and-play experience. Connecting the current transducer to the DAQ device initiates automatic sensor recognition, and settings are configured seamlessly.

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.


DC-CT® current sensing technology is ideal for precise current measurements across a broad spectrum of applications. The DC-CT® current sensors offer great benefits to existing current transducers on the market:

  • wide measurement range

  • high bandwidth

  • outstanding linearity

  • exceptional accuracy

  • minimal temperature drift

  • low power consumption.

This reduced power consumption also allows for a more compact design, resulting in a smaller sensor that can be more easily installed in tight spaces.

DC-CT® current measurement technology overview

DC-CT® technology represents a Platiše Flux Sensor (PFS) which is used in a closed-loop configuration. It offers all the benefits of a zero-flux current transducer but with lower power consumption and in a smaller form factor.

The DC-CT transducer operates like an AC current transformer, with primary and secondary windings linked by a shared high permeability core. Similar to other closed-loop methods, our technology consistently gauges the remaining magnetic flux in the core, arising from the variance between the primary and secondary currents. The identified variance guides the feedback control system, which modifies the current in the compensation winding to attain an ideal zero-flux equilibrium in the core.

Read more: DC-CT current sensing technology explained.

Comparison to other current sensing technologies

TypeIsolationRangeBandwidthLinearityAccuracyTemperature driftPower consumption
DC-CT®DC/ACYesHighHighExcellentVery HighVery LowMedium

Available models of DC-CT® current sensors

Currently, there is only one model available in the DC-CT current sensor family - DC-CT-1000I-S22DA.


The first product from the DC-CT family is DC-CT-1000I-S22DA. This transducer model can measure DC up to 1000 A and AC up to 707 Arms. High bandwidth (-3 dB @ 500 kHz) enables accurate measurements in the most demanding applications such as electric motor and inverter testing

The sensor offers high linearity (<100 ppm), temperature stability (3 ppm/K), and low noise (4 ppm RMS @ 100 kHz) resulting in a high accuracy level of 0.02%.

DC-CT-1000I-S22DA current transducer delivers up to 1000 amperes of continuous measurement range in one of the smallest form factors on the market. The inner diameter is 22 mm. The compact form factor is enabled by lower power consumption.

Small form factor, perfect for placements in tight spots

The DC-CT-1000I-S22DA current transducer stands out by offering an impressive continuous measurement range of up to 1000 amperes, making it a reliable and versatile choice for various applications.

What sets this transducer apart is not only its high performance but also its compact design, which ranks it among the smallest form factors available in the market. Its inner diameter measures a mere 22 mm, contributing to its sleek and space-efficient profile.

The compact form factor is made possible by the transducer's efficient power consumption, ensuring optimal functionality while minimizing its overall size. This combination of advanced measurement capabilities, small form factor, and energy efficiency makes the DC-CT-1000I-S22DA an exceptional solution for precise and unobtrusive current measurements in diverse settings.

DC CT sensors provide the flexibility of either flat or vertical panel mounting. With just four M4 screws, these sensors can be easily mounted either in a vertical or horizontal orientation, allowing for versatile installation options to suit specific requirements.

Low power consumption and simple powering with SIRIUSi-MCTS2 power supply

The DC-CT current transducers are characterized by their low power consumption and efficiency in energy usage. With a single SIRIUSi-PWR-MCTS2 power supply unit we can effortlessly power up to four DC-CT sensors without any limitations. This not only underscores the transducers' economic power requirements but also highlights the seamless integration capabilities facilitated by the power supply unit.

The signals from these DC-CT sensors are channeled through the SIRIUSi-MCTS2 slice into any low-voltage signal conditioning unit such as SIRIUS LV or SIRIUS STG.

Made for various applications

DC-CT current transducers are ideal for a wide range of current measurement applications, especially those that demand precise, high-bandwidth sensors with low angular shift. This versatility encompasses various scenarios, including:

  1. E-Mobility Measurements: Covering everything from quiescent DC currents to the analysis of higher harmonics of PWM switching frequencies, which may extend into the MHz range.

  2. Motor and Inverter Testing: The DC-CT-1000I-S22DA transducer stands out as an excellent choice for current sensing applications, especially in the rigorous testing environments of motors and inverters. With its impressive high bandwidth and minimal angular shift, this transducer proves to be a reliable and efficient solution, meeting the demands of the most challenging motor and inverter testing scenarios including efficiency testing.

  3. Power Quality Measurements: Particularly useful in the examination of power quality in renewable energy sources or battery storage systems.

  4. High-Power Applications: Well-suited for demanding environments like railway systems, as well as power transmission and distribution grids.

  5. Other Applications: Serving as a valuable feedback element in precision power supplies or calibration units, contributing to their overall accuracy and performance.

In essence, DC-CT current transducers offer a comprehensive solution for applications where precision, high bandwidth, and minimal angular shift are crucial, spanning diverse fields such as e-mobility, power quality analysis, high-power systems, and more.

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