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CAN Bus InterfacesUSB and EtherCAT CAN bus analyzers

USB and EtherCAT CAN bus devices for analyzing CAN bus data. Devices include CAN bus acquisition and analysis software. The software provides additional support for OBDII, J1939, XCP, CCP, CAN transmit mode, and support for the CAN DBC files.

Single-channel to multi-channel CAN bus devices are available in compact chassis designs and up to IP67 degree of environmental protection which makes them dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof.

CAN bus

CAN bus















-40°C to +60°C

-40°C to +60°C

Shock rating 100g

Shock rating 100g

CAN Bus Interfaces highlights


Our CAN interfaces are robust and easy to use. Simply connect the CAN device to the PC and our software will automatically detect it. You are now ready to read, store, visualize and analyze CAN bus data.

Up to 18 CAN I/O Port

We offer data acquisition system with different CAN bus channel count. 1, 2, 4, 9, or all the way up to 18 CAN ports are available in the single system. Multiple CAN devices can be daisy-chained and synchronized together to expand the channel count.

High-Speed Isolated CAN Devices

All Dewesoft CAN interface are galvanically isolated, protecting the instrument and connected devices from ground loops and other electrical disturbances. They utilize the high-speed CAN 2.0b standard. 

Raw CAN Data Analyzer

Included software offers a graphical user interface for easy CAN decoding and finding CAN message without a CAN DBC file.

Fanless Chassis Available

While 2 and 4 port CAN port are fanless by default, also 8 port CAN device can be built into fanless aluminum chassis with an IP50 degree of protection for worry-free CAN acquisition in harsh, dusty environments.

OBDII and J1939 Support

All Dewesoft CAN devices offer additional support for the J1939 standard. OBDII on CAN is supported on Dewesoft USB-type CAN devices.

XCP/CCP and Flexray

XCP/CCP protocols are supported without any additional hardware. FlexRay interface is available using third-party hardware.

CAN Output

Our USB-type CAN bus devices can also be switched from read-only to Read, Write, and Acknowledge to output CAN messages.

DBC File Support

Included DewesoftX data acquisition software offers simple import and reading of CAN DBC files which will automatically set CAN channels.

Software included

Every Dewesoft data acquisition system is bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. The software is easy to use but very rich and deep in functionality. All software updates are free forever with no hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

Reliable CAN bus data acquisition and analysis

Dewesoft USB and EtherCAT CAN bus devices support receiving and transmitting CAN 2.0b and CAN FD data at the full speed of 1 Mbit/s per channel. All CAN bus channels are isolated for worry-free CAN acquisition in noisy environments and for maximum signal quality.

Dedicated CAN devices with 1, 2, 4, and 9 CAN ports are available. These CAN devices can be daisy-chained and synchronized together to increase CAN ports. Additionally, some of our analog data acquisition systems like SIRIUSDEWE-43AMINITAURs also offer dedicated CAN bus ports.

Single-channel rugged CAN bus interfaces

KRYPTONi-1xCAN and KRYPTONi-1xCAN-FD are rugged, single-channel CAN bus devices based on the EtherCAT protocol. They are galvanically isolated for maximum signal quality.

Both devices are built in a rugged chassis with an IP67 degree of environmental protection. The chassis is waterproof and dustproof and offers a high level of shock and temperature protection which makes it the perfect device for CAN acquisition in harsh environments. KRYPTONi-1xCAN operating temperature spans from -45°C to 85°C.

The device is compatible with high-speed CAN 2.0B standard. Award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included, offering extensive CAN bus data acquisition analysis features.

Multiple devices can be daisy-chained in EtherCAT measurement chain to expand CAN bus channels. Only one cable is needed from node to node for data, synchronization, and power.

Two-channel USB CAN bus interface

DS-CAN2 is a two-channel USB CAN bus device. It features two high-speed and galvanically isolated CAN 2.0b BUS isolated with a 12V power supply. Award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included, offering extensive CAN bus data acquisition analysis features.

DS-CAN2 offer IP20 environmental protection and operating temperature from -20°C to 60°C.

Multiple devices can be daisy-chained and synchronised together to expand CAN bus channels.

DS-CAN2 also offer OBDII and XCP/CCP support without any additional hardware.

4-channel USB CAN bus interface

SIRIUSim-4xCAN is an isolated 4-channel USB CAN bus interface and analyzer. It features four high-speed and galvanically isolated CAN 2.0b bus ports. Award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included, offering extensive CAN bus data acquisition analysis features.

The device is powered directly by included USB cable, so no external power supply is needed. This makes it very convenient for quick measurement and analysis in the field.

The device offers IP20 environmental protection and operating temperature from -10°C to +50°C.

Multiple devices can be daisy-chained and synchronized together to expand CAN bus channels.

SIRIUSim-4xCAN also offers OBDII and XCP/CCP support without any additional hardware.

9-Channel USB CAN Interface and Analyzer

SIRIUSi-8xCAN is an isolated nine-channel USB CAN bus interface and CAN analyzer. It features eight high-speed and galvanically isolated CAN 2.0b bus ports on the front panel plus an additional CAN bus port on the rear panel.

The operating temperature of the device is from -10°C to +50°C.

Main features

  • 8 + 1 channel

  • 8x CAN 2.0b bus isolated channels

  • 1x CAN 2.0b bus isolated with 12V power supply

  • DSUB9 male input connector

  • USB 2.0 interface

  • 6-36 Vdc power supply

Fanless 9-Channel USB CAN bus interface

SIRIUSif-8xCAN is an isolated nine-channel USB CAN bus interface and CAN analyzer. It features eight high-speed and galvanically isolated CAN 2.0b bus ports on the front panel plus an additional CAN bus port on the rear panel.

The SIRIUSif-8xCAN is a device with fanless operation and IP50 environment protection. It is sealed and dustproof

The operating temperature of the device is from -10°C to +50°C.

Multiple devices can be daisy-chained and synchronised together to expand CAN bus channels.

SIRIUSif-8xCAN also offer OBDII and XCP/CCP support without any additional hardware.


  • 8 + 1 channel

  • 8x CAN 2.0b bus isolated channels

  • 1x CAN 2.0b bus isolated with 12V power supply

  • DSUB9 male input connector

  • USB 2.0 interface

  • 6-36 Vdc power supply

IP67 waterproof 9-Channel USB CAN interface

SIRIUSiw-8xCAN is an isolated nine-channel USB CAN bus interface and CAN analyzer. It features eight high-speed and galvanically isolated CAN 2.0b bus ports on the front panel plus an additional CAN bus port on the rear panel.

The SIRIUSiw-8xCAN is fanless operation device with an IP67 environment protection. It is completely sealed, waterproof, and dustproof, and offers high shock and vibration protection.

The operating temperature of the device spans from -40 °C to +60 °C.

Multiple devices can be daisy-chained and synchronised together to expand CAN bus channels.

SIRIUSiw-8xCAN also offer OBDII and XCP/CCP support without any additional hardware.

9-Channel CAN interface for SIRIUS portable and rack DAQs

SIRIUSir-9xCAN is an isolated 9-channel CAN bus interface card compatible with any of the SIRIUS rack mainframe chassis (R1DB/R2DB, R3, R4, R8, etc.).

Multiple slices can be installed inside the selected SIRIUS rack mainframe chassis which can expand CAN channel count to 18, or even more, CAN ports. The image on the left shows the SIRIUS R2DB instrument with a dual SIRIUSir-9xCAN slice forming a portable 18-channel CAN bus data acquisition system. 

Of course, the SIRIUSir-9xCAN slices can be mixed together with other SIRIUS analog input rack slices for voltage, strain gauge, IEPE, charge, and other sensors.

CAN FD interface and analyzer devices

The bandwidth requirement of new automotive applications is rapidly increasing. Automotive OEMs are thus introducing CAN FD in new cars. CAN FD provides significantly increased bandwidth and allows much higher bandwidth and speed.

CAN FD is a "Flexible Data Rate" version of the standard CAN bus protocol. The standard length of each message has been increased by 800% to 64 bytes, and the maximum data rate has been similarly increased from 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps.  

Despite all of these advances, CAN FD is completely backward-compatible with standard CAN 2.0. Today, CAN FD is found in very high-performance vehicles, but it is expected to migrate across all or most vehicles eventually.

Dewesoft also provides CAN FD devices. For more information, please navigate to the CAN FD interfaces page.

Data acquisition software included for free

Award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included for free with all Dewesoft CAN devices. DewesoftX software offers extensive features for storing, visualizing, and anlyzing of CAN bus data.

DewesoftX software offers:

  • Advanced CAN recording, storing, and analysis

  • Online monitoring and decoding of CAN messages

  • RAW CAN data storing and decoding

  • Offline CAN message decoding

  • Real-time visualization widgets from analog and digital meters to recorders, and many more

  • Online and offline math analysis of CAN channels

  • CAN DBC file import and export

  • OBDII on CAN, J1939, XCP/CCP, FlexRay, and SENT protocol support

  • CAN transmit

  • DBC file import support

OBD-II on CAN (OBD2) on-board diagnostics support

OBD-II onboard diagnostics port is found in all cars made since 1989. Usually located within 2 feet (0.61 meters) of the steering wheel, it’s an interface that allows automobile repair shops as well as vehicle owners to diagnose vehicle problems by connecting a scanning tool to its 16-pin connector. 

All Dewesoft USB CAN bus devices support the OBD2 protocol. A compatible OBD2 cable adapter is available. This enables real-time data acquisition of a wide range of vehicle parameters available over vehicle standard OBDII port. We only support OBD2 over CAN which is mandatory on all new cars.

Dewesoft’s OBD-II software module enables easy access to diagnostic data of various vehicle subsystems as well as the VIN (vehicle identification number) and the current diagnostic trouble codes. You can define custom diagnostic messages with extensive decoding options. The OBD2  module is a paid add-on to standard CAN bus acquisition.

SAE J1939 on CAN support

The SAE J1939 protocol was developed originally to be used by heavy trucks and tractor-trailer rigs in the USA. Today it is used by diesel engine makers all over the world. J1939 is a higher-level protocol that runs on the CAN physical layer. It provides some useful functions specific to heavy trucks such as 18-wheel trucks. 

DewesoftX software allows the engineer to select J1939 decoding via a checkbox on the CAN setup screen for any available CAN port. Of course, this assumes that the messages on the CAN bus are formatted according to the J1939 standard. Data messages are the same length as the extended CAN standard.

The arbitration field contains an additional source and destination address, and the baud rate is limited to 250 kbps or 500 kbps, depending on the J1939 standard version being used. J1939 is a selection on the standard DewesoftX CAN setup screen - no additional hardware or software is required.

SAE J1587 protocol support

The J1587 protocol defines the format of J1708 messages sent between microprocessor devices in heavy-duty vehicles. It also supports communication with external devices connected to the bus. J1587 is an application layer and is used together with J1708, which is the physical layer.

All Dewesoft CAN devices have support for SAJ J1587 protocol message decoding out-of-the-box, without any additional hardware or software.

The J1587 protocol is exclusively used within heavy-duty vehicles, where it is used for data exchange between nodes in a network, driver information, or diagnosis. Areas of use are:

  • Vehicle and component information (performance, maintenance, diagnosis).

  • Navigation and time schedule (route description and time estimation).

  • Driver information (trip recorder data, driver log).

  • Freight information (information about pick-up place and delivery destination).

XCP/CCP on CAN support

The Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol (XCP) was designed to establish a connection between Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and calibration systems. The term "universal" in its name denotes its capability to operate on various communication platforms such as CAN bus, CAN FD, FlexRay, Ethernet, and more. It serves as the successor to the original CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP), which was developed in the 1990s.

Dewesoft provides support for XCP/CCP Master plugins (over CAN or Ethernet) and XCP/CCP Slave plugins (exclusively on Ethernet) that function within the DewesoftX software. Standard Dewesoft CAN (and Ethernet) interface hardware is compatible with these plugins.

Please note: The DewesoftX XCP master plugin is compatible with both XCP on CAN and XCP on Ethernet. However, the XCP slave is only supported on Ethernet. For XCP on CAN, a Dewesoft CAN device is required. Conversely, for XCP over Ethernet, the only prerequisite is a computer with an Ethernet port.

CAN DBC and ARXML import and export

DewesoftX software makes it extremely easy to set up CAN channels. The software can import CAN channel data via:

  • CAN DBC files

  • ARXML files

  • Dewesoft propriety CAN XML files
    CAN DBC files are common files for CAN message and channel definition. On the import, DewesoftX will set up all available CAN channels and decode all CAN messages.

CAN DBC and ARXML files are common files for the definition of CAN messages. Both formats only contain the information needed to decode CAN messages and signals on the bus. Because of that, both formats do not support transmission channels. In DewesoftX imported read-only messages can always be copied and swapped to transmission channels.

The XML format is specific for Dewesoft and holds more information than DBC or ARXML formats. It supports transmission channels and all of the settings specific for transmission channels. It also supports used/unused channel settings and channel display color.

DewesoftX also allows the export of messages and channels to the DBC or Dewesoft XML file. Export to ARXML is not supported.

Raw CAN data recording and analysis

If all signals contained in the CAN bus are not explicitly defined within a DBC file it can be very time-consuming to find which message or part of a message contains information about a specific signal, for example, the car’s steering wheel position.

The raw data analyzer software feature allows you to search for specific signals in the raw (undecoded) CAN traffic.

Identification of signals can be achieved by monitoring which CAN messages and their respective parts are more active than others and then sorting them based on their activity. When the CAN raw data analyzer is active, the color of bits will start to change based on the activity of the bus and the selected analysis model, giving you a very clear graphical overview of what is happening on the bus.

To stick with the original example, turning the car’s steering wheel will highlight bits containing the information about its position, as can be seen in the image below.

Transmit CAN message on CAN network

CAN transmit is supported on all Dewesoft USB CAN bus devices. Stored CAN messages can be retransmitted onto the CAN network. This can especially be useful when we want to recreate a certain event that was previously stored from the CAN network. To retransmit CAN messages they have to be exported to a CAN .csv file. This file can then be retransmitted.

Synchronization with analog data acquisition devices

All Dewesoft CAN devices and configured CAN channels are perfectly synchronized with any other data sources like analog, digital, video, etc. The synchronization will be pinpointed even if the sampling rates between different data sources are completely different.

CAN and CAN FD devices come with a built-in synchronization port which allows for hardware synchronization with other analog Dewesoft DAQ systems. Software sync is also possible and is usually enough for CAN bus data since all CAN channels are asynchronous.

Dewesoft CAN bus recording resources

  • Online PRO training - Automotive buses and CAN measurement

  • CAN bus - DewesoftX online manual

  • CAN FD- DewesoftX online manual

  • Dewesoft CAN bus webinar

  • What is CAN bus (Controller Area Network)?


Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software Included for Free

Dewesoft data acquisition systems are bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. It is the world's most advanced and easy-to-use data recording and signal processing software. Software and hardware work together like magic. It offers simplicity as well as deep functionality to tackle any test and measurement task.

And the best part? You get lifetime FREE software updates and technical support. Software is evolving all the time. New major releases are released every 3 months constantly adding new features, optimizations, and other improvements. There are no hidden costs and will remain free forever.

Plug and Play

Connecting the DAQ system and sensors could not be faster or easier. DewesoftX software will automatically detect the connected DAQ systems and TEDS-equipped sensors will configure the channel configuration automatically. Features like:

  • Hardware auto-detection.

  • Smart sensors.

  • Sensor database.

  • Advanced TEDS sensor support.

  • Built-in unit conversion.

  • Real-time signal preview.

  • Wiring schematics.

will make you ready for measurement in seconds. Spend less time configuring your DAQ hardware and be more productive. Time is money!

Measure and Store

Powerful storing capabilities with more than 500 MB/s sustained stream rates mean you can always store data at full speed and never again worry about losing data that could compromise your tests. DewesoftX storing features offer:

  • Real-time data acquisition.

  • Synchronized acquisition of analog, counter, video, GPS, CAN bus, and many other sources.

  • Advanced triggering and alarms.

  • Single or multi-file storage.

  • Remote and distributed network storing.

  • Automated test sequences.

Even if you store gigabytes of data, our innovative data file format​​​​​​​ will ensure you can reload and analyze your data as fast as in a blink of an eye.

Analyse and Publish

NVH, structural testing, power analysis, and more. Forget about using several complex software solutions to record and analyze your data. DewesoftX offers one-stop shop for all test and measurement tasks. Our software offers:

  • Online and offline mathematics.

  • Flexible real-time visual displays.

  • Synchronized video support.

  • PDF and Word reporting tools.

  • Data export to many standard file formats.

  • Unlimited FREE license seats to view and analyze stored data.

DewesoftX is designed with the mindset of a test engineer and offers a complete testing solution in a single software package that is easy and joy to use.

Lifetime Free Updates

We are offering no-bluff or hidden cost licensing model for our data acquisition software. A new major version is released every three months bringing new features, performance boosts, bugfixes, with no additional cost to you. All updates for our existing users are free forever.

Unlimited License Seats

Our licensing model offers unlimited seats for analysing the recorded data. The recorded data file will bundle the license. Simply share data file with your colleagues and they can download software for free and ready to fully analyze the data. No additional licenses are needed.

Free Technical Support

We are putting our customers first. Free worldwide technical support is available for our DAQ software and hardware. Our technical support team is responsive and will attend to every support request and solve it in the fastest possible manner. Local technical support in our local offices is also available for you at no extra cost.

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