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Friday, October 13, 2023 · 0 min read

The Grand Opening of Dewesoft’s Expanded Headquarters

Slovenian technology company Dewesoft d.o.o. recently welcomed distinguished guests and employees from around the world to the grand opening of its expanded headquarters building. The expansion added two upper floors, each with an area of 400 square meters. 100 tons of steel were used to add two stories to the main building. Construction required just under one year to complete.

The company also invested in the construction of a parking structure for more than 100 vehicles. The parking structure also adds protection above the production wing of the company. Dewesoft also added 250 square meters of storage space, an eco-island for waste, a large area for logistics, and a facility for testing the company’s measuring instruments. A 70kW solar power plant is installed on the highly energy-efficient building, which provides nearly half of the building's energy needs, and charging stations for electric vehicles are coming soon.

The new rooftop parking structure

The company selected its contractors carefully, focusing on those from the Zasavje, and contributing to the economy of the local community. The company paid the entire €5 million cost of the expansion and parking structure on their own without going to lenders.

Cutting of the ribbon, left to right: Dr. Jure Knez, Minister Dr. Igor Papič, Andrej Orožen

The grand opening was attended by Dr. Igor Papič, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, who met with local business leaders on the topic of strengthening the connection between science and business, and about young researchers in business. The minister joined with Dewesoft co-founders Dr. Jure Knez and Andrej Orožen to cut the ceremonial ribbon. The mayors of Zasavje municipalities, local businessmen, and distinguished guests also attended.

At the opening, president and co-founder Dr. Jure Knez announced the company’s 100-year plan to solidify and grow its position as a global technology company. He proclaimed that "Dewesoft will be a healthy Slovenian company even in a hundred years." He also committed that Dewesoft’s headquarters would remain in the Sava Valley region.

Dr. Knez speaks at the grand opening

According to Dr. Knez, "When a company goes public or is owned by a financial fund, it often loses its passion and drive. As soon as short-term profit becomes more important than long-term development, it is the death of the company. We want to run Dewesoft differently. That is why we are constantly pushing the boundaries both in the development of measurement technology and in the co-ownership model. I am convinced that this is the best foundation for many other Slovenian companies as well because companies need stability. Domestic and family capital is much more patient than the capital of foreign owners. I strongly believe that this is the best recipe for Dewesoft to be a healthy Slovenian company even in a hundred years," said co-founder and president of the company Dr. Jure Knez.

The grand opening took place just a few weeks after the ceremonial opening of the company’s subsidiary located in northwestern Ohio in the USA. A $7 million investment was made in the USA subsidiary, which currently employs approximately 50 people. Dewesoft USA plans to expand all departments, especially the support technology and training center. These two major events reflect the tremendous success that Dewesoft has had in the test and measurement market, all around the world.

DS USA grand opening in August 2023. Cutting the ribbon from left to right are Christie Nowicki, Dr. Jure Knez, Andrew Nowicki. The Nowickis are the co-founders of Dewesoft USA.

Dewesoft by the numbers

  • The headcount in Slovenia is currently at 187 employees. The headcount outside of Slovenia is 174 employees. Globally, the headcount will reach approximately 400 by the end of 2023.

  • Last year, the added value per employee amounted to €179 thousand (the Slovenian average is €54 thousand/employee).

  • The company invests 85% of its profit back into development and infrastructure.

  • The company is employee-owned, and all owners must be actively involved in the company.

Dewesoft has grown dramatically since this picture was taken in 2015

2023 highlights

The most important product launch in 2023 is a new measuring instrument called OBSIDIAN. Due to its innovations, the company expects OBSIDIAN to become another flagship product, along with SIRIUS, KRYPTON, and IOLITE. OBSIDIAN combines a powerful embedded processor with a new open-source software package called openDAQ to enable stand-alone operation in a way that was never possible before. It is even possible to remotely monitor and control it from a smartphone app.

Dewesoft’s new OBSIDIAN embedded DAQ instrument series

In the first half of 2023, Dewesoft has already delivered a wide range of successful projects to customers in the heavy machinery and automotive sectors. Stand-out successes include Daimler, Volvo, Volvo Trucks, Caterpillar, John Deere, Siemens Gamesa, and many others.

The expansion of the company’s facilities both in Slovenia and the USA is also important to the company’s ability to produce more products and support more customers.

In summary

The company is committed to keeping its headquarters in the Sava Valley, and to continuing its strong tradition of remaining employee-owned and debt-free and increasing its role as a technology leader in the test and measurement market. The next 100 years look very promising for Dewesoft, its employee-owners, and customers all around the world.

Opening of Dewesoft’s expanded headquarters