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Power Transformer TestingTesting solutions for power transformers

The Dewesoft power analyzer redefines the analysis and testing process of the power transformer with its unique set of software tools and flexible hardware. 

Power Transformer Testing highlights

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

Transformer Power Analysis and Testing

The testing of power transformers makes a couple of different measurements necessary, which are described in the international IEC 60076 standard.

Our data acquisition systems provide key features for complete power transformer testing:

  • Scope and Vector Scope offer the capability to analyze the voltage ratio and phase displacement of different primary and secondary configurations (star, delta, interconnected star).

  • Transient recording functionality allows storing all signals at the full sampling rate for detailed analysis. In combination with the trigger functionality failures and transient events (also during long-term measurements of the transformer) can easily be detected.

  • Analysis according to IEC 60076 standard

  • Correction of power losses depending on temperature

  • Additional software sensor calibration

  • Measure harmonics and symmetrical components

Power Quality Measurement on Transformers

The Power quality module allows measuring harmonics of the voltage and the current up to some hundred kHz. The data can be represented in the percentage of the fundamental frequency as required for the no-load current according to IEC 60076 standard.

The power quality module also automatically calculates the zero-sequence impedance which is required in the power transformer testing.

The math library allows us to automatically calculate parameters like the magnetizing current, the iron losses, the main inductance for example out of the no-load test or the stray inductances out of the short-circuit tests.

For more information check the power quality application page.

Power and Efficiency

Power and efficiency analysis of the transformers require the highest accuracy of the power calculation for all phase angles. Especially analysis at lower power factors is very difficult with conventional measurement equipment.

The additional sensor calibration functionality allows correcting the behavior of voltage and current transducers for amplitude and phase over the whole frequency range.

Furthermore, IEC 60076-1 standard requires the correction of measured power losses depending on the temperature. Dewesoft power analyzer makes it easy to measure all the required temperatures (winding, oil, ambient, etc.) perfectly synchronized to voltage, current, and other measured parameters.

In addition, it’s possible to automatically calculate the corrected power losses. You can also measure the power of oil pumps and fan motors, and even the sound level of the transformer according to the IEC 60551 standard.

This covers all the possible tests that you can experience with power transformers, and Dewesoft can cover them all with one single device.

Typical DAQ Configuration

For the most typical configuration, we suggest the R2DB DAQ system with optional additional KRYPTON DAQ for temperature inputs:

  • 8x high-voltage analog inputs

  • 8x current analog input

  • 3x universal thermocouple analog inputs

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