We are excited to announce the release of DewesoftX 2023.1. This latest version offers a range of new functionalities and updates to existing modules, providing you with even more functionality and capabilities. One of the most notable updates is the expansion of power calculations with new Aircraft AC and DC power modules that refer to multiple MIL, ISO, and GJB standards specifically designed for aircraft electrical grid analyses.

In addition to these new modules, the processing markers for 2D and 3D widgets, the Orbit Analysis, the Modbus Client, and the OPC-UA Client have also been enhanced with a host of new functionalities, making them even easier to use and increasing their range of applications. Furthermore, the IOLITE devices now feature locking capabilities, making them more secure for real-time applications. 

Don't forget to check out the other new features in the "What's New" section. We are sure you will find DewesoftX 2023 even more powerful and versatile than ever.

As always the DewesoftX 2023.1 is a FREE update for all Dewesoft users. You can download the latest version from our Download Center.

Aircraft power analysis solution

Aircraft power analysis comes in two modules and includes a long list of calculated output results designed after aircraft power standards. With these modules, you can calculate aircraft power outputs without involving all the Power module allowing for a setup more oriented to your needs.

The Aircraft power DC math module calculates the voltage and current characteristics for DC supply systems, while the Aircraft AC module calculates the voltage, current, and power characteristics of 1-phase and 3-phase 400 Hz systems. 

Aircraft Power AC module
Aircraft Power AC module

Before being connected to the aircraft's electrical grid and bus bars and getting approved for airworthiness, electrical components and power sources such as on-aircraft AC and DC power generators and batteries must be validated.

The validation process required for aircraft electrical grid components includes verification of various power systems characteristics, such as harmonic AC modulation amplitude, 3-phase star unbalanced power, and Voltage ripple amplitude, to name a few.

The aircraft power modules are available free of charge for all DewesoftX users, giving you access to a valuable tool for aircraft power analysis and validation.

Processing markers improvements 

Processing markers are a powerful tool for in-depth analysis of both active measurements and already acquired data. DewesoftX 2023.1 offers new enhancements making your work with markers even more efficient, simple, and transparent.

In the marker settings window you can now easily select which channel from the assigned widget the selected marker will use as input when it has already been added. The line thickness of 2D widget markers can also be increased directly from the same window.

Marker settings window

To speed up your analysis and interaction, the number of clicks required to move the makers across data we have reduced to the extreme: just a single click on the marker from anywhere already starts it to move. Furthermore, making it even more intuitive, when hovering over a marker, the cursor shape will change, indicating in which directions you can move the marker. 

Easily moving the marker through the dataEasily moving the marker through the data

If the marker requires a full recalculation of the data file, notice next to it will remind you of this. The marker table is also completed with columns presenting the online/offline status, and the current or full history mode of the markers assigned, making the marker behavior much more evident than before. 

Offline notification next to the marker requiring recalculation
Offline notification next to the marker requiring recalculation

Orbit analysis improvements

We have added quite a substantial batch of Orbit Analysis improvements and features to provide exciting new functionalities. They are defined based on direct user feedback received from the market. Now the OA module has increased capabilities to handle even the most advanced use cases, still in an easy-to-use manner.

The 2023.1 release version includes a considerable expansion of the Bode Plot channel calculation - you can now calculate and display the Bode plots for each order specified under the Harmonic List. Furthermore, your Bode Plot automatically splits between runup and coast-down so that you can easily compare the machine operational conditions between the two run states for the entire speed range of the conducted test. In addition to extracted orders, the Bode Plot now calculates and displays the full signal content with different scaling options (RMS, peak, and peak-peak).

Multiple Bode Plots, each corresponding to the specified order with overall bode showing RMS vs. RPMMultiple Bode Plots, each corresponding to the specified order with overall bode showing RMS vs. RPM

You can now set direction-dependent outputs to have distinct channel colors making it easier to overview which data is related to runup, steady state, or coastdown:

Individual color settings for machine states. Found under the bearing setup.
Individual color settings for machine states. Found under the bearing setup.

We have upgraded runout correction/compensation capabilities to increase usability. You can easily export the measured corrections outside Dewesoft in a standard .txt format. The correction itself is now applied to the raw signals, meaning that all following OA calculations take the correction into account.

For a quick machine condition check, we added calculations for Sppx, Sppy, and Sppmax to the list of output results - describing the maximum dimension of the currently measured orbit in each axis and the overall max value of said orbit.

Average Orbit with SPPy, SPPx, and SPPmax parameters shown on the rightAverage Orbit with SPPy, SPPx, and SPPmax parameters shown on the right

To emphasize the ease of use, we have implemented swift handling of machine state selection when measuring with multiple Orbit Analysis instances - e.g., when measuring on the same machine at different stages. This way, you can define a Master OA instance, and its control channel for toggling between runup, steady state, and coast down machine states sends the info to all other instances. You only need to toggle it once via the Master instance, then the states between instances are perfectly synchronized.

Synchronized direction control between multiple OA instances: in this case, OA 1(left image) working as a master, with OA 2 (right image) set to be a clientSynchronized direction control between multiple OA instances: in this case, OA 1(left image) working as a master, with OA 2 (right image) set to be a client

Modbus TCP/IP client update

The Modbus TCP/IP protocol is a crucial tool for industrial communication. It allows for seamless communication between various electronic devices, particularly Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) on the same network. 

Modbus Client Settings Modbus Client Settings 

The latest update to the Modbus client takes this functionality to the next level, allowing for connections to multiple Modbus servers with the same IP address but different ID numbers. Additionally, we expand the possibilities of the Modbus client by now allowing you to write data into "Holding register" and "Coil" object types from DewesoftX channels, unlocking all the theoretical capabilities of the Modbus protocol.

The expanded functionality greatly increases the potential applications of the Modbus client plugin in a wide range of industrial applications.

OPC-UA client update

OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture)  is a standardized communication protocol that enables access to various machines, devices, and other systems within industrial environments. You can exchange data between devices of different manufacturers, making it more and more relevant for usage in the new industry 4.0. 

OPC-UA Client settingsOPC-UA Client settings

The OPC-UA Client update includes a lot of backend improvements which mainly reflect in full compatibility with DewesoftX’s OPC-UA server v3.X and more stable functionality in combination with 3rd party Servers. Now you can use DewesoftX’s OPC-UA Client and Server modules within the same application without hesitation. 

The new version also introduces an improved synchronization algorithm, making the data much more accurate. For a better experience, we added a search window for easier management of large channel lists and a reconfigure button to refresh channel properties from an online server. 

Safe mode for IOLITE devices

One of the most beneficial features of a real-time control front-end system is that it keeps providing real-time data to the controller without any interruptions while the controller during operation. 

Safe mode allows you to lock an IOLITE device from DewesoftX using a password when the acquisition is running. This feature prevents unauthorized changes to the system state or amplifier settings. It ensures that real-time data is provided to the controller until it is unlocked by an authorized person. Even in such cases, when DewesoftX is force closed or the PC crashes, the IOLITE device will continue providing data to the controller.

Enabling safe mode inside DewesoftX softwareEnabling safe mode inside DewesoftX software

What else is new? 

You will find additional details on all the below-listed features on Dewesoft’s Customer Support Portal

  • The FFT analyzer module is optimized to support multiple analysis instances running with XHS sampling rates.
  • The Rotor Balancer module supports balancing both by adding and removing weight.
  • Text data with a sample rate lower than 10 Hz can now be imported into DewesoftX
  • The Ethernet Receiver module supports INEA time format.
  • You can configure the FlexRay module and KiRoad devices in offline mode through virtual ports without an additional license.
  • XCP/CCP module now enables the PTP synchronization option for all devices with a single checkbox.
  • The 3D graph even supports logarithmic scaling for both X and Y axes. 
  • You can enable or disable TEDS scanning per channel within the DSGrid in the Analog In module. 
  • The 3D graph locks scaling and frequency axis values when switching between the channels.
  • Diadem export offers an additional option to show or hide the module name from the channel.

DewesoftX 2023.1 is a free upgrade for all Dewesoft customers and is compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download it from our download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.