Looking For On-the-job Experience?

At Dewesoft we highly motivate young students to become a part of our internship program. Students have a chance to learn effective communication skills, discipline, and effective time management. Often, an internship can directly lead to a full-time job in our company. We really like to hire people with a passion for their profession.

The internship is a perfect opportunity to meet the team, get to know the workplace, and decide if this is a perfect job for you. Our interns come from all over the globe.

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Internship at Dewesoft Headquarters in Slovenia

I’ve experienced a lot of interesting things during my internship at Dewesoft Headquarters. I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge and met stimulating co-workers who are both professional partners and friends, and that’s a lifetime treasure.

- Tsubasa Aoyama, Student from Japan

Internship at Dewesoft Headquarters in Slovenia

During my internship at Dewesoft I learned how to use the knowledge gained at university in practice. After working here and solving very interesting problems I was inspired to pursue a Masters degree in Computer Science. 

- Mirjam Skobe, Student from Slovenia

Internship at Dewesoft Headquarters in Slovenia

Currently I am working on a project at Dewesoft. I have the guidance of the professional workers and mentors.
I have learnt how to use the knowledge I gained at the university in practice, and how to manage my time more efficiently.

- Jernej Cukjati, Student from Slovenia

Internship at Dewesoft Headquarters in Slovenia

I am very happy to have this experience and a chance to spend some time with all Dewesoft team, they encorauged me to improve myself and bring their amazing technology to my country. I hope that someday I'll be as good as them, their culture amazed me and  thanks to their team work my mindset has changed.

Thanks to all the team to took care of us and shared us their knowledge and experience. I´m very proud to starting to be part of Dewesoft team.

- Pablo Palacios, Dewesoft team member from Mexico

Internship at Dewesoft Headquarters in Slovenia

I had the best professional training with experts from all areas. Dewesoft team gave me not only knowledge, techniques and tips but also to know about their culture, the relation between nature and human, friendship, have fun, sports. In summary, the beauty of life! 

This time was not just an internship was to be in "the wonderland": An experience that change your mind, soul and makes you think out of the box... I am so lucky and proud to be part of DeweSoft family!

- Alfredo Perez, Dewesoft team member from Mexico




Great Mentoring System

Our successful mentoring programs offer students structured learning and flexibility in their learning period. We believe that mentoring workflow needs to be adjusted to the needs and competencies of each individual.  Our goal is to educate our interns and to give them motivation and a feeling of what it is like to be a part of the Dewesoft team.

We are constantly improving the program in order to be able to offer the best learning experience. Each student that comes to Dewesoft immediately gets a mentor who  cares about him, educates, counsels and makes sure that all relevant concepts are understood for the benefit of your professional development.

Dewesoft Branch Office in Maribor

To develop our overseas business, we’ve established a remote (branch) office in Maribor, close to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

Maribor office operates with the same culture and values as the parent company in Trbovlje.

Working With Universities

We’ve got you on our radar. We are looking for promising talent by establishing cooperation with specific universities in Slovenia. At the moment we are working with FERI university in Maribor and FRI university in Ljubljana.

Great talent should be discovered and nurtured through the entire educational process. We believe that it is important to get on the job experience as a way to nourish your educational knowledge. In our program, students spend their summer working on exciting projects that reinforce their classroom knowledge at Dewesoft.

Dewesoft Summer School

All the high school students that would like to spend summer vacations actively pursuing their career goals and gain new knowledge can join Dewesoft summer school.

The main purpose of our summer school is having fun, networking and gaining new knowledge. We provide high quality lecturers and equipment, the most exciting challenges, educational excursions and most of all an unforgettable experience for life.