Life at Dewesoft

Become part of a dynamic, culturally diverse, and rapidly growing international organization that is changing the field of test and measurement in a big way.

Life at dewesoft

’’You can do anything, as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.’’ — Sabrina Bryan

Diversity Fuels Creativity.

Creativity Fuels Progress.

We believe that a great team produces results that are much greater than the sum of its individuals - and idea, or performance intangible to a single person. Teams are about personalities, not just skills. At Dewesoft we appreciate each individual and his contribution to the team spirit producing unique ideas and solutions under the same ideology - taking the next step in the field of test and measurement.

10 Reasons To Work For Dewesoft


Work with leading companies in different industries

Work with world class companies. You’ll interact on a daily basis with our valued customers from industry leading firms such as Nasa, Boeing, CAT, SpaceX, Ferrari, BMW, Lockheed Martin.


Become a part of Dewesoft family

Became part of Dewesoft® family. Become a part of something more than just a paycheck. Work with people you like and grow a network of like-minded professionals.


Start a successful career

Start a successful career. Dream big. We constantly offer you opportunities to grow through progressive training or stimulating conference held by industry thought leaders.


Learn from the best

Learn from the best. Upgrade your existing knowledge. Acquire in-depth knowledge and experience from some of the top innovators in the industry.


Let your work be rewarded

We never forget outstanding performance, including both individuals achievements and extraordinary contributions to the overall company.


Join an international team

Join an international team. Experience collaboration at its best. Connecting all the parts into one unified team across the world makes amazing things happen.


Work with the latest technology

Ride on the cutting edge. We offer a modern work environment that includes latest technology - computers, work equipment, test instruments and progressive programmes.


We value your ideas and suggestions

Liberate your genius. Innovation is encouraged. We have developed a work environment that promotes out of the box thinking.


Be yourself and fit into the team

Be accepted. Diversity makes us strong. We do not support uniformity but encourage unique perspectives that enrich our culture and deepen our mission.


Just have fun!

Have fun! Relax and enjoy the journey with us and you’ll reap higher rewards than you ever imagined.

People Are Dewesoft

Dewesoft employs over 200 people on all five continents in more than 50 countries around the globe. If you are a motivated team player who is ready for a professional and personal journey that will reward you in more ways than you imagine, please submit your application below.

Las Vegas Dewesoft Team
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Dewesoft at NASA's KSC
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Dewesoft Team Building Julian Alps
Dewesoft football match
Dewesoft Climb to the tallest chimney in EU
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Dewesoft Team Building in the mountains
Dewesoft at Lotus F1
Dewesoft team building

We Take Care of Our Own.

At Dewesoft Each Person Matters.

Each team member counts! We all have different roles, but every single role is extremely important.
We all share positive values and strive of relaxed and productive atmosphere, open and honest communication and sense of humor.

We believe in a healthy lifestyle, creative environment, and honest relationships. Our guidance is well being and health of our team members and their loved ones. We take care of all that surrounds us -  team members, families, partners, customers, and the environment.

We Are What We Eat

We make sure to serve high-quality and healthy food prepared by our local restaurants and made out of locally grown ingredients that come from local farmers.

There is always a vegetarian option on the menu and we collect feedback regularly to make sure we meet all our employees' needs.

We Are What We Eat

Sport Is Connecting People

For those who feel that physical exercise is essential, we say – for sure!

Throughout the whole year, we make sure that there are plenty of activities to attend if you need to burn that extra energy -fitness programs, basketball, volleyball, and regular mountain hikes are just among some of the activities on regular basis.

We could do all of this on our own, but as a team, we motivate and encourage each other. And that brings the results. The sport needs to be fun... and we make sure that it is.

Sport Is Connecting People

We Clear Our Minds

We encourage our employees to constantly improve and think outside of the box. But we also encourage them to always take a break to clear their minds when needed.

At Dewesoft you can find break rooms everywhere. They offer you a quiet place to have a talk with colleagues, play games, or just relax. Giving our employees time to relax and refresh is one of the best things we did.

We Clear Our Minds

We Love the Place Where We Work and Live

We take care of the environment and the local people. We like to be involved and attend the local shows and activities that are organized.

We like to participate at the traditional local goulash festival, "grenedirmarš" festival, different marathons, race with oldtimers, and hikes on nearby hills.

Whatever is happening - people can count on our support.

We Love the Place Where We Work and Live

Continuous Learning

It is the key to the ongoing success of team members and therefore entire organization. The field of test and measurement is a fast-changing field of science and business. Staying on top of the game it is essential to keep up with all the innovations so we attend all of the major events through all the year. We encourage people to get on board and start visiting and helping on trade shows around the globe, visiting seminars, and training on several topics that are not just useful but also interesting for them. 

Continuous Learning

Join Our Family

When talking business we take care of highly professional relationships. Out of this professional respect, we’ve developed good friendships that will last a lifetime.

We build our interpersonal bonds on our regular family picnics and other “come and have fun” activities. Our families support us, so we like to give them something back as a team - and what can be more precious than sharing unforgettable moments.

Join Our Family

People are dewesoft