Jaka Ogorevc

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 · 0 min read

Introducing Next Generation Data Acquisition: IOLITE® X

Dewesoft is pleased to announce a bold step forward in data acquisition: IOLITE® X. IOLITE X offers exceptional speed, reliability, ease of use, connectivity, synchronization, compatibility, and performance.

Fast, reliable, user-friendly with flexible connectivity

Enhanced speed and performance

IOLITE X is fast, with sample rates up to 200 kS/s per channel. The sample rate is software-selectable per input channel. With 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs and anti-aliasing filters on each analog channel, we achieve ≤160 dB dynamic range.


IOLITE X is built for industrial environments. Its fanless aluminum chassis ensures reliable (and quiet!) performance in any setting. Its DIN-rail design allows seamless integration into industrial racks and cabinets, making it the ideal solution for industrial and production applications.

User-friendly setup

Using the graphical and intuitive DewesoftX software, you can easily set up IOLITE X. Even as a new user, you can collect data within minutes.

Flexible connectivity

IOLITE X provides flexible connectivity via GLAN with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with RJ45 connectors, supporting active Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2) synchronization. PoE means you just need a single cable for power, data transfer, and synchronization. You can easily daisy-chain multiple IOLITE X devices using active PoE, which includes a built-in power injector to prevent voltage drops and an additional power output connector.

IOLITE X top connectors

Open source compatibility

IOLITE X is fully compatible with the openDAQ™ software standard. openDAQ is an open-source data acquisition SDK (software development kit). So, while every IOLITE X device includes DewesoftX DAQ software, it can also be integrated into other systems.

This SDK means virtually any programming environment and computer hardware (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) can discover, configure, and receive data from openDAQ-compatible sensors, devices, and instruments like IOLITE X and SIRIUS X.

IOLITE X connectors

Advanced signal conditioning

IOLITE X includes high-end signal conditioning, ensuring precise and accurate data collection. Supported conditioning amplifiers include:

  • IOLITE X 8xACC for sound and vibration measurements

  • IOLITE X 8xLVe for high-channel-count industrial applications (with sensor power)

  • IOLITE X 16xLV for the maximum number of low-voltage inputs

IOLITE X conditioning amplifiers currently available

Distributed modular design

IOLITE X modules are easily distributable via ethernet. Signal quality is uncompromised because analog sensor cables are kept short, and signals are digitized close to the source.

Built for the future

We designed IOLITE X for today and the future. It’s versatile and well-suited for measurements of all kinds, from vibration and condition monitoring to structural dynamics, industrial and process monitoring and control, and more. The 7-year warranty is included.

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