Eva Kalšek

Monday, June 24, 2024 · 0 min read

DewesoftX 2024.3 Released - Improved Navigation in the Sequencer, Polygon, Modal Geometry, GigE PTP Sync, and LIN Improvements

We are excited to announce DewesoftX 2024.3, our latest release packed with exciting updates and new features. Improved navigation and block manipulation in Sequencer makes your automation tasks quicker and more efficient. Enjoy more straightforward, detailed geometry settings and additional calculation options inside the Polygon module. Check out the new intuitive features in our Modal Geometry that simplify shape creation. Additionally, you can now synchronize GigE cameras with PTP synchronization.

Remember to explore the What's New section and dive deep into other updates in the DewesoftX 2024.3 version.

Improved navigation in the sequencer

The Sequencer is a powerful tool that allows you to automate test and measurement flows without programming knowledge by creating ordered sequences with different blocks of commands. Recent improvements have made navigation and block manipulation throughout the sequence significantly easier. 

You can navigate the sequence vertically with a mouse scroll or horizontally by scrolling while pressing the Ctrl button. We have expanded the workspace to accommodate even more complex automation. With a simple drag-and-drop selection, you can select and move multiple sequence blocks simultaneously. Standard keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V)  support easy copy/paste operations. To deselect a block, press the Ctrl key while clicking on it.

Additionally, finding the desired action block is much faster with the new search field, allowing you to search by the action block name or any of its parameters.

Sequencer workspace

Polygon improvements

The Polygon module, a tool for measuring distances between objects using GNSS data, offers enhanced accuracy, flexibility, and simplicity - crucial improvements for automotive field applications.

The Polygon module now offers separate geometry and visualization tabs, making navigation smoother and more intuitive. In the Geometry section, we now provide "Edit mode," a powerful tool that allows you to easily define point geometries such as polylines, polygons, and standard points. When combined with bitmap import, this feature saves time and enhances accuracy.

Geometry tab inside the Polygon module

Under the Calculation tab, we now offer new time-related calculations. You can add multiple custom calculations to calculate sector time and lap time. Additionally, we provide a calculation to count all completed laps easily. These new capabilities are crucial for vehicle performance testing. 

New Calculation options inside Polygon
Lap counting and timing calculation in vehicle performance testing with Polygon Module

Modal geometry improvements

We have enhanced the Modal Geometry widget with a handful of features that make creating your geometry easier and faster.

Geometry nodes that are not connected are now colored orange, making them more noticeable to the user.

Showing missing node connections

You can copy and paste geometry node information from third-party software tools such as Google Sheets, MS Excel, or any other tool via the clipboard directly into the Modal geometry editor.

Import from clipboard

In the widget properties - animation export section, we implemented options to include a legend, frequency information, and inverted background color for whiteboard presentations in exported videos.

More presentation settings

The coordinate system now offers thicker arrows, making avoiding the optical illusion of a left-to-right coordinate system easier. 

You can now use a filter to find lines in the Lines Table. Your clicking on the line will appear in the geometry animation.

Link between line in animation and table

Lastly, you can now also export geometries with node coordinates relating to both a global coordinate system and local part coordinate systems:

Select to export node coordinates to a local or global coordinate system

GigE cameras PTP synchronization

In DewesoftX 2024.3, we added support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronization of GigE cameras. You can synchronize a system of multiple GigE cameras or a mix of cameras and other measurement devices. The camera can serve as a time source or synchronize with another PTP provider.

From our portfolio, the DS-CAM-640c and DS-CAM-1100 GigE cameras support PTP synchronization with a profile compatible with SIRIUS XHS and OBSIDIAN devices.

GigE camera settings

LIN improvements

Since the latest release of the LIN plugin, we have gathered excellent user feedback on use cases and workflows applying the LIN transmit feature. That is why the primary focus of this release was enhancing the user experience.

We have made the initial setup easier by importing the transmit schedule from the LDF file. We also added the option to manually define periodic and triggered transmit schedules for advanced use cases.

The most significant improvement is the new frame setup interface, which is now more intuitive and user-friendly.

LIN settings

What else is new? 

You will find additional details about all features listed below on Dewesoft’s Engineering Support Portal:

  • The power Analysis module now supports line-to-line and line-to-neutral period symmetrical components.

  • Rotor balancer initial mass and angle improvements

  • Factor 1000 is in Decimator math

  • Improved search algorithm for Math, Widgets, and Setup modules

  • XY widget now supports a new single y-axis graph type - in addition to assigning up to 16 channels.

  • Unwrap phase option for complex channels presenting phase values on the 2D graph

  • The Dewesoft NET configuration overview has been improved and includes a new option to delete files on MU from the Client.  

  • Constant transmit for CAN RT output module on OBSIDIAN device

  • The modal geometry widget now supports trace lines exported in both .unv dataset format 2416 and 82, and distance unit information is exported in dataset 164. 

DewesoftX 2024.3 is a free upgrade for all Dewesoft customers and is compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download the upgrade from our download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.