Eva Kalšek

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 · 0 min read

DewesoftX 2024.1 Released - Hydrogen Engine Analysis, ASAM ODS ATFX File Import, and More

We are excited to introduce DewesoftX 2024.1, our latest release packed with exciting updates. In this version, we've focused on enhancing Automotive functionalities, particularly in CEA and TestBed plugins for hydrogen engine analysis. We've also introduced advanced Counters with expanded math capabilities. We have upgraded communication protocols like OPC-UA Client and Server to reduce network traffic. Now, you can import ATFX files for analysis in DewesoftX and integrate IP camera data with DewesoftX for improved visualization and analysis.

Remember to explore the What's New section for a comprehensive look at all new beneficial upgrades and features we have included in the DewesoftX 2024.1 version.

  • CEA updated for hydrogen engine analysis

  • TestBed Plugin Improvements

  • Extended Math Functionalities in Counters

  • OPC-UA Server and Client Improvements

  • ASAM ODS ATFX File Import

  • What else is new?


CEA updates for hydrogen engine analysis

Knocking is part of the DewesoftX CEA module and detects knocking events over specific operation windows of an engine. The update allows you to add multiple knocking events with different event criteria, enabling the detection of various severities.

CEA module - adding multiple knocking events

The knock event criteria automatically increase with each added knocking instance. Additionally, the CEA update includes default displays prepared for each cylinder in the knocking module.

New predefined displays for multiple knocking events

Misfire detection has also been added to the CEA module, allowing you to identify misfires with tracking of IMEP net value. 

Misfire and multiple knocking instance detection are essential for working with future fuels. These functionalities enable you to monitor the engine operation for safety, with options to cut fuel supply to prevent potential damage using digital and analog outputs. You can configure the misfire detection for active cylinders within the MEP setup.

Misfire event settings

You can also define the accepted variation in percentage, with equation results yielding 1 for a Misfire event and 0 for no Misfire.

TestBed module improvements

The TestBed Module is ideal for communicating with 3rd-party systems while DewesoftX runs in the background. The control PC for the engine test cell can also manage DewesoftX, sending commands for loading setup, starting storage, exporting, and requesting live data from DewesoftX.  

In this version, we’ve enhanced the module by increasing the maximum channel transfer to 1000 channels. This module also allows sending values based on specified conditions - these you will find under the Transfer Conditions tab. This functionality, coupled with Misfire detection from the CEA module, prevents transferring specified values when misfires occur.

Furthermore, we have modernized the Module’s user interface to improve your overall experience.

TestBed Plugin settings

Extended counter math functionality

In the previous version, DewesoftX 2023.6, we released the Counter Math module

In this release, we have enabled the Counter Math module to be used directly within the Counter module. In this way, you can apply the best of both worlds. The SuperCounter® processing done on the hardware devices provides the channels called ‘Raw count’ and ‘Raw edge separation’ to the Counter module. The Counter math then uses those two channels and performs the angle and speed determinations with increased precision and abilities. 

New Counter (“2.0”) setup

The new Counter module provides a large set of parameters to specify and determine angle and speed data, which can improve the data quality. 

The module now also supports rotation data recalculation to correct and optimize used parameter settings after a completed measurement campaign. 

New Counter math structure

OPC-UA client and server improvements

The OPC-UA communication standard for Industry 4.0 and IoT provides standardized access to industrial machines and devices. 

The maximum and actual sampling rate of a signal in an OPC-UA server depends on the client settings and the server's capabilities. In version 4.0 of both Client and Server modules, we introduced the support of monitored item or subscription functionality, which minimizes network traffic and improves system efficiency. 

When the OPC-UA client subscribes to a monitored item, it requests the server to monitor a specific data item for changes. The server continuously monitors the value, sending notifications and associated information, like timestamps, to the client when changes occur. The OPC-UA Server now displays the theoretical maximum sample rate for each channel. In the OPC-UA client, you can define the desired sampling and set it to the maximum with a right-click. 

Setting max sample rate on OPC-UA client

Additionally, the client offers you the option to choose between local time (DewesoftX) and server time for data timestamps. We only recommend the server time if you have ensured synchronization between the server and the client.

Selecting time source in OPC-UA Client

ASAM ODS ATFX file import

ASAM ODS ATFX is the standardized data file format commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and railway industries, where simulation, testing, and validation are integral parts of the product development lifecycle. 

ASAM ODS import module allows importing *.atfx data files containing scalar and single value vector channels into DewesoftX software. Once imported, you can further analyze your measured data using all available DewesoftX functionalities. However, accessing the full functionality of the import module requires an additional license. 

ASAM ODS import plugin

What else is new? 

You will find additional details about all features listed below on Dewesoft’s Engineering support Portal:

  • Sequencer supports exporting data to *.dxd file type, providing an option to select a custom data region.

  • Resizing the input control widget will also change the size of the next and previous buttons. 

  • The channel legend widget can now be automatically hidden directly from the settings.

  • Recorder time axis display in milliseconds.

  • User-defined notice messages are now stored and presented in a dropdown menu.

  • The FFT Analyzer module now extends its support to the Kaiser-Bessel window, allowing you to customize the beta coefficient.

  • FFT Analyzer Setup UI with pages for Basic and Advanced parameters.

  • Orbit Analysis with, e.g., DC gap shown in volts, Runout compensation data as channels, display template updates, and other improvements.

  • File exported with our ASAM ODS export option is now compatible with PAK software. 

  • A new DATX export option.

  • ENI Export module now includes support for additional IOLITE devices and SIRIUS HS.

  • The FlexRay module has an updated user interface for easier usage.

  • USB 3.0 Communication is now fully supported for SIRIUS-XHS Counter channels. 

  • Software support up to 40 kS/s on IOLITE 4xHV module within DewesoftX and RT.

  • Connection detection for IOLITE Modular Multi and IOLITE Gate, accompanied by a warning message if the modules are incorrectly connected.

DewesoftX 2024.1 is a free upgrade for all Dewesoft customers and is compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download the upgrade from our download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.