Eva Kalšek

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 · 0 min read

DewesoftX 2023.4 Released - Condition-Based Channel Limits and More

We are excited to announce the release of DewesoftX 2023.4. The new version brings a bunch of new functionalities to the software that will enhance and expand usability: From the new conditional-based channel limits that allow you to check different limits in various measurement states to the CTRL+ALT shortcut bringing much faster axis scaling. 

We are also further expanding the automotive applications by adding Lin Plugin Master Transmit option. 

Don't forget to check out the What's New section for all the other exciting upgrades and features we’ve added. We are sure you will find DewesoftX 2023.4 even more powerful and versatile.

  • Condition-based Channel Limits

  • Change Graph Axis Values in Multiple Widgets at Once

  • PCAP (Packet Capture) export

  • Lin Master Transmit

  • What else is new?

Condition-based channel limits

To monitor channel values in your measurements, you can set different warning and critical channel limits, which trigger a visual warning notification when exceeded. In more complex applications, it may be necessary to monitor different channel values depending on the unit’s state under test. Within the Alarm module, you can now easily set different channel limits for different conditions.

Dynamic channel limit settings inside the Alarm module

To define various measurement states, you assign a condition channel, which must be discrete. Its discrete values indicate different measurement states, such as the idle or running state of the engine operation. Additionally, the configuration of channel limits you can export and customize using 3rd party tools like Microsoft Excel. You can also import your customized configuration back into the system later.

When utilizing dynamic channel limits, the recorder widget will provide an additional label to inform you about the current measurement condition. The software also displays the condition label on the Digital meter and Overload indicator widgets. The visualization will dynamically adjust to reflect the updated state as the conditions change.

Visualization of dynamic limits on different widgets

Change graph axis values in multiple widgets at once

For most measurements, the measured data is displayed on multiple widgets to offer a clear overview. As a result, it is crucial to have a quick and easy method for adjusting the scaling of widget axes. With our latest update, you can adjust the value of the axis in a single step, not just for channels assigned to a single widget but for all channels assigned to the entire widget group. 

To adjust the Y-axis to the assigned channels’ highest and lowest current values, simply hold down the CTRL and ALT buttons and left-click on the Y-axis. Alternatively, using the same combination with a right-click will adjust the axis values to the default minimum and maximum values defined for each assigned channel. 

Furthermore,  you have the flexibility to set a custom minimum or maximum value for all Y-axis in the complete widget group. Just press the CTRL and ALT buttons while opening the corresponding combo box.

Scaling the Y-axis with the new CTRL+ALT option on the recorder widget

PCAP (Packet Capture) export

We have added a new PCAP (Packet capture) export to our already broad range of export types. And as always, the new export option is free of charge for all DewesoftX users. With the PCAP export, you can conveniently export captured network packet data, making it an excellent complement to our Ethernet receiver module. 

When exporting data to the PCAP format, you must use the Telemetry UTC absolute time in DewesoftX’s settings to ensure the accuracy of the data’s timestamps.

New PCAP export 

LIN master transmit

Until now, the LIN Module has been designed solely for data acquisition of LIN networks. However, due to the growing demand for Automotive component testing, we have recognized the need to expand its functionality by incorporating master capabilities. These enable DewesoftX to control the LIN components under test, eliminating the need for an additional external LIN master. 

Different types of LIN nodes connected to a network

With the new module, DewesoftX can assume the role of a LIN master. It periodically requests defined LIN frames from other connected slave nodes. Furthermore, it can package and transmit data from any DewesoftX channel onto the network. Please refer to our LIN Bus manual for detailed instructions and further information.

What else is new? 

You will find additional details about all features listed below on Dewesoft’s Customer Support Portal:

  • Changing measurement properties on multi-channel EtherCAT devices is now significantly faster due to the support of multi-threaded commands.

  • Additional FFT overall maximum channel is now available in FFT analysis Module.

  • Support for reducing the upper frequency in FFT- and OT modules.

  • The latest version of the rotor balancing widget includes adjustable correction masses, switching between different units of mass, clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) rotation, and calculation of the reference position from the trial weight or the key phasor position.

  • Drawing node direction arrows for current measured DOF groups in Modal geometry.

  • Adding multiple upper or lower limits in Vector Reference Curve Math.

  • Using single value channels as dynamic limits in Array Statistics Math.

  • ASAM ODS export is now extended with the NVH application module based on the ASAM standard.

  • Chapter 10 Module can convert non-decoded raw CAN messages to the CH10 data stream.

  • When the DS Battery Pack is connected its connection status and FW version are now presented in DewesoftX.

  • You can now easily set the channel to discrete type and specify its discrete values directly in the channel setup.

  • DewesoftX’s display screens can now be easily transferred to report screens and vice versa.

  • Historian Importer is now available for use with MQTT-based Historian server deployments (Historian Importer itself uses HTTPS protocol for communication with the database)

DewesoftX 2023.4 is a free upgrade for all Dewesoft customers and is compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download it from our download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.